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My name's Westen. We make videos and have fun doing so.


10:10The Cummins Mustang is Ready to Race
The Cummins Mustang is Ready to Racevisningar 982tnDag sedan
10:06We Start Work on the 4x4 Off-Road Hellcat
8:28My Garage Got Broken In and Robbed
My Garage Got Broken In and Robbedvisningar 1,2mn22 dagar sedan
10:30We Fire Up the 1400HP AWD Police Car (ITS ALIVE)
10:13Building a 1400hp AWD Police Car
Building a 1400hp AWD Police Carvisningar 783tnMånad sedan
13:52I got a 1400HP Engine for the Police Car
I got a 1400HP Engine for the Police Carvisningar 1,1mnMånad sedan
8:31I bought a School Bus for Science Project
I bought a School Bus for Science Projectvisningar 917tn2 månader sedan
8:08I Hit Something with My New Truck
I Hit Something with My New Truckvisningar 840tn2 månader sedan
10:24The Cummins Mustang is DONE
The Cummins Mustang is DONEvisningar 2,4mn2 månader sedan
10:29I Bought My First New Truck! (New Towing Beast)
11:11How Tough is our Tracked Raptor?
How Tough is our Tracked Raptor?visningar 468tn3 månader sedan
10:08I Bought a 2020 Polaris RZR....And it Hates Me
I Bought a 2020 Polaris RZR....And it Hates Mevisningar 485tn3 månader sedan
10:58We Broke the Tracked Raptor
We Broke the Tracked Raptorvisningar 829tn4 månader sedan
10:26I Put Tracks on My Ford Raptor
I Put Tracks on My Ford Raptorvisningar 1,1mn4 månader sedan
10:06Driving a 6x6 Army Truck Over Cars!
Driving a 6x6 Army Truck Over Cars!visningar 533tn4 månader sedan
10:13Most Broken Truck I Ever Bought is Finished
Most Broken Truck I Ever Bought is Finishedvisningar 591tn5 månader sedan
10:23Finally...Cummins Mustang Body is Finished
Finally...Cummins Mustang Body is Finishedvisningar 1,5mn5 månader sedan
11:34I Put Nitrous on my Police Car
I Put Nitrous on my Police Carvisningar 747tn5 månader sedan
11:21Can Cummins Mustang Take All The BOOST?
Can Cummins Mustang Take All The BOOST?visningar 920tn6 månader sedan
11:45I Bought a Police Car...Next Project
I Bought a Police Car...Next Projectvisningar 1,7mn6 månader sedan
10:10At last...The Cummins Mustang Returns!!
At last...The Cummins Mustang Returns!!visningar 1,1mn6 månader sedan
4:43I Had an Accident.
I Had an Accident.visningar 792tn6 månader sedan
11:00Finally..The Cummins Mustang Gets a GT500 Body
Finally..The Cummins Mustang Gets a GT500 Bodyvisningar 2,1mn8 månader sedan
12:52First Big Tear in CUMMINS Swapped Mustang
First Big Tear in CUMMINS Swapped Mustangvisningar 1,1mn8 månader sedan
12:08Working out Smoke-Stangs Problems..( Its A Beast)
14:47We Take Smoke-Stang for First Drive..and it Broke
10:23So What happened to Ford Raptor?
So What happened to Ford Raptor?visningar 738tn8 månader sedan
14:41Smoke-Stang Moves from Cummins Power for First Time!


  • Westen you should really invest in getting some burglar bars that go over all your window, don't want history repeating its self buddy

  • 5:26 You know it's got power when it blows the stack off 😂😂

  • Put a spoiler / wing on it

  • Those drag slicks won’t last long on that rig

  • Hey buddy, looks like ur loosin weight. Proud of ya, expertly catalog that weight off of ya🤙🏼

  • Get over yourself man.

  • That is 'some Car'.......

  • It looks like a corvette stingray from the side. I don't like how much pollution it throws tho, is that what cummins is?

  • how much is this car worth?

  • I'm sure the EPA is going to love your video as evidence

  • I'm new to this car but has anyone suggested "Cumstang" yet?...just sayin...

  • Update on the fummins!

  • Westen buddy I was watching your mustang rebuilt while I was in Pakistan for family reunion. I have to say your mustang is a beast bro can’t wait to see on the runway zooming down. I would suggest you to get cameras installed, I thinks it’s best idea now. I hope you find the thief’s and prosecute them as well.

  • Love this on my play list you added. Love race cars!!

  • You should take the smokestang to drag week

  • Hey man I just came across your channel and I must say your some funny guy. I wish other channels were a enthusiastic person like you. Aloha from Hawaii brother

  • Have you done anything with cleetus yet if not you need to ASAP

  • If I could, I'd change it to an automatic 8 speed 👌🏻

  • 2021 update on this ford w 30 ? IT runs and sounds correct BUT an in frame overhaul will put the pep back in it's step. AT 10000 hrs. its due . You are so lucky .. when I buy old stuff it takes a lot of time and money BEFORE it will run. Great video , Bull dozer update ? Thanks

  • The definition of gay

  • This is the car to bring to Greta Thunberg’s climate accord party

  • If your running track throw a roll cage In that bitch it’ll save your life

  • You might be avle to find a wrecked trx that already has 4wd

  • the cumstang

  • I have said it before and I’ll say it again... You beautiful bastard.

  • Tell me if I'm wrong for this but hear me out... "Cumstang"

  • If that thing makes a 5 second pass on a quarter mile I'll buy a Ford lol 😂

  • Cumstang baby!

  • They were not as impressed as he expected

  • nice bonus is you get a free tinted windshield

  • lol gets an alignment, instantly switched out the wheels

  • Should call it the MustCum

  • Ufff🔥

  • Yo what about Frankenstang 🙃.

  • KID raceway! Set up a date with them to make some passes. Oh, let me know when I will help get some video for ya!

  • Hell fucking yeah! That's baaaad ass. Nice work man! Can't wait to her rip down the strip! 🤘🤘🤘

  • Cumstang?

  • Did anyone ells relies that he did this when he was working on the coo car lol

  • EPA!!!!!! Smh

  • 7:58 Painss

  • It may be ready to race but didnt...

  • I would have to call this car the cum in stain😂

  • Y’all should dyno it !!!😂😂

  • So nobodys gonna call it the cumstang?

  • you should put that thing on a dyno!

  • Sell me that ford mustang cummings.

  • I used this video when I went to the dealer to buy a ram eco diesel

  • "Fits like a glove" said Ace Ventura too once.

  • I still like the " cum-staing" better!!! Lol

  • "For some reason we had air in these tires, I don't know why. I mean this thing is almost as light as a feather...... Big ass feather"

  • Hear me out WhistlinDiesel and Westin.

  • Should've named it " the cum stang" or maybe "the must cum"

  • Diesel EcoBoost, EcoBoost diesel hmm doesn't go well together

  • Mustang + 12 valve= merica

  • He does not need anyone to do anywork to his car he knows how to do it all himself...

  • He should put a diesel in a ferrari and take it to the dealership and see if they shoot him

  • Police not gonna find them, u go find them and sht at them and let them bring ur stuff back as they where!

  • All that thing needs is just it's just a logo on the side of it to make it a real race car by the way I love your videos cool

  • Nice.

  • He changed shirts 🤣🥴

  • Bad ass bro 🤘🏼

  • Is it wierd that i drooled when he opened the stack

  • Still disappointed it wasn't named the cumstang

  • Greta Thunberfhdhdnscnds watching this video be like: o-o

  • You should’ve put a 7.3 power stroke instead

  • Appreciate your talent and skill to build this "thing", but cut the fuel back a little, it'll probably run even better.

  • So have we took a vote on what to actually name this?? I vote "the cumstang"

  • It's so cool seeing how far you've come. First video I've watch of yours was you talking about pulling your mom's porche with a 500 truck. To seeing you build the raptor and now seeing you have a 1400hp charger, hellcat and the smoke stang.

  • Love the videos🙏

  • 😎👍🏾 cool

  • That’s crazy you’re from Winfield! I was born in Wellington!!

  • Is this a smoke stang or a cum-stang?

  • cumstang

  • Pauseee ... the cumstang?

  • I’m SO pumped for the track video!

  • So whens the mcfarlin and weston line up going to happen between the smoke stang and the galaxy

  • You want truck its broke i am serious i wreck it you want i hit a tree i am in texas

  • Weld a small piece of metal on the outside of exhaust tip about a half inch or so from the edge. Now you can drop it in and when it try’s to blow out, it’ll catch that piece of metal on the hood and not go anywhere

  • you should sell it its a special edition 1 gear

  • Hate skum bags karmas a bitch tho