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and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less.

-Piet Hein

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8:06"GOOD USED" | DewClaw vs. Deutz Diesel
3:32#shart Balin' Wire trick
#shart Balin' Wire trickvisningar 235tnDag sedan
1:17#sharts Nylon Belt for naughty engineers
8:33Wood splitter, almost free.
Wood splitter, almost free.visningar 248tnDag sedan
1:01#sharts Old Mechanic's hydraulic trick
#sharts Old Mechanic's hydraulic trickvisningar 202tn8 dagar sedan
22:34Steel, wood, fire.
Steel, wood, fire.visningar 301tn8 dagar sedan
0:58Eazy way to trigger Youtube NUKE? #shart
Eazy way to trigger Youtube NUKE? #shartvisningar 224tn8 dagar sedan
17:20Thicc BBQ griddles are the best. EVER.
Thicc BBQ griddles are the best. EVER.visningar 355tn15 dagar sedan
14:47Axe from scrap rail
Axe from scrap railvisningar 277tn15 dagar sedan
12:30Making stuff from scrap rail.
Making stuff from scrap rail.visningar 503tnMånad sedan
14:23BOLTR: Ancient Cordless Craftsman
BOLTR: Ancient Cordless Craftsmanvisningar 303tnMånad sedan
4:53Revelstoke Winter Corn.
Revelstoke Winter Corn.visningar 118tnMånad sedan
10:32Milwaukee pump dies for no reason
Milwaukee pump dies for no reasonvisningar 293tnMånad sedan
9:23Are Japanese Tools Better? Yes.
Are Japanese Tools Better? Yes.visningar 804tnMånad sedan
6:26$35 Theragun? Amazon search results...
$35 Theragun? Amazon search results...visningar 236tn2 månader sedan
14:41Costco Boost Pack | Electrician vs. Truck Starter
1:08Theragun: most important question?
Theragun: most important question?visningar 194tn2 månader sedan
20:43BOLTR: Theragun
BOLTR: Theragunvisningar 526tn2 månader sedan
28:47BOLTR: Costco Boost Pack | Stupid Design
BOLTR: Costco Boost Pack | Stupid Designvisningar 371tn3 månader sedan
7:42the good book saves
the good book savesvisningar 318tn3 månader sedan
15:24Invention: goggles w/ electric defrost
Invention: goggles w/ electric defrostvisningar 284tn3 månader sedan
3:10Beautiful Japanese Box
Beautiful Japanese Boxvisningar 409tn3 månader sedan
9:21Only in Japan! Ridiculous cool jacket
Only in Japan! Ridiculous cool jacketvisningar 324tn4 månader sedan
6:11BOLTR: Kill-A-Twatt | Electric Smoke Theory
BOLTR: Kill-A-Twatt | Electric Smoke Theoryvisningar 249tn4 månader sedan
11:22BOLTR: Air Hawk
BOLTR: Air Hawkvisningar 393tn4 månader sedan
13:56BOLTR: Harbor Freight Tail Gator | Brine Tank Testing
9:24Forgotten knowledge: generator load testing
Forgotten knowledge: generator load testingvisningar 260tn4 månader sedan
9:12Will it shart?
Will it shart?visningar 296tn4 månader sedan


  • You've ea sports get ready for ea juice

  • Seems pretty simple, put it out back and wait until you find another one that has a working generator and a dickered engine!

  • That looks like white ash what we burn here in Ontario what for the emerald ash borer is killing them

  • Barbecued windings. That’s gonna taste like $hit!

  • Have you seen the price of Copper #2 or 1 lately?

  • Well THERE'S your problem.

  • I watched your video and continued on through my SEnewss feed. A couple videos later, I noticed that my mood had changed. I was having a very bad month. The kind that makes you think too much. Laughter is the best medicine, and watching you put that thing together wrong multiple times without bitchwhipping it against a wall, lol. I wanted to come back and thank you. Really, I mean it, thank you my guy. You affect a lot of people in a good way. I'd say your being is fully Justified at this point.

  • Rewind ??

  • I got a brand new Chinese 5.5 KVA generator and it did that with in 20 mins of running 3 light bulbs

  • 5:06 The Emperor Protects brother, just in the case of bunked diesel engines, I'd suggest the Mechanicum instead of Astartes

  • Don't they work better when the smoke is released 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I spent half a decade being battered, stranded, and sometimes asphyxiated, by an antique Gettman ANFO rig that was powered by a 5-cylinder Deutz... We use the 3-cylinder variant to power our fans... I've never seen a Deutz powered implement that didn't have at least one pair of vice grips, permanently rusted in place, as some substitute for the original control interface... I'd say that's your problem. Have the 'Claw donate the pair he likely liberated from you, and try it again.

  • Is this guy like Bro Team Pill's dad or something?

  • After years watching AvE vijayos, TIL: It's DewClaw, and not DOOCLAW. I wonder how much longer until I know what it means...

  • I appreciate you.

    • H.R. meeting done for the Season.

  • Is this the Red Green show?

  • Look... Magic smoke!

  • In the immortal words of Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, "We came THAT close!"

  • Now you can go and sell those fancy little copper balls to the jeweller

  • As a big fan of you vijeos and a long time elec-chicken, please do more adventures of dewclaw.

  • HAHAHAHAH the subtle sling blade reference!!!!" YES!!

  • 🍞

  • "Lichtmaschine" indeed.

  • need more interesting posts.

  • wasteful time.

  • Is that a fuckin' Gator? How many times have you had to replace the brake cable? Not yet? You will. Get used to it.


  • the windings c mo k, The Windings C Mo K, THE WINDINGS C MO K

  • Missed a spacer on install. No can dump…

  • "How dare you" ... assume my windings.

  • But the windings are good, right?

  • There may be a few that call 1:57 foreshadowing.

  • Call for dolly. Lol

  • "Stanley Kubrick can send a man to the Moon...", damn it, I died ; )

  • There may be an adjustment stop as well. And I would think the pressure compensator has a handle to adjust the system pressure by increasing/decreasing the spring tension.

  • I wonder how many subscribers ave has. Getting 200k views it’s gotta be at least half a million Nd maybe 700,000

  • in my country some not far ago it would be just case of rewind this copper and gtg, we still have some magicians able to perform such an rituals but aint many survived chinesium dioxide poisonin

  • Teach yourself, and us how to rewind a genny!!

  • Send it down to the states, I’ll rewind it for free, do a vidjayo on it, send er back to ya

  • Melt down the copper into ingots.

  • I think I used to date dewclaw back in the 90's when he hung out at the Luv Affaire in Vancouver. Good times...

  • 0:53 oooh man, you realise someone's (possibly) severed, and deeefinitely mummified, coaltarred head is stuck deep inside that there contraption, yeah? I mean, his left eye is lookin' right up past the camera eh? that's downright freaky there that is, whoa.

  • Need a fingie sticker...

  • Mustie1 is your pal...!

  • I don't know how you expected it to work using only a ground and a neutral.

  • maybe take the gen part off take out the bad bits rig it to run and slap it back together spank it on the ass and watch it go ... or not go who knows

  • I believe the operating temperature of hydraulic fluid/oil is around 135°F and for every 10 degrees above it's operating temp it's fluid life is cut in half.

  • Dewclaws back on the pipe

  • Every vijeo with the dewclaw has smoke in it...I'm seeing a pattern

  • Costs less to have the motor rewound than buying a gas harbor freight genny

  • "it cant auto-excite" you sound like my wife

  • Non-working farm equipment is handy to hoist up on the barn to keep the roof on during a big blow.

  • Can you get the field/arm side re-wound? I'm guessing thats become cost prohibitive in this day and age....

  • Not gonna lie thought you bought a German tractor.

  • Basically a cycled solenoid

  • A little butter before it’s pounded down wouldn’t kill ya I hivkuoppcha

  • It's working fine..... I'm amazed they didn't know it is a smoke machine....

  • I saw sharts out the bottom.

  • Yous twos are such a cute couple. When's the weddin?

  • Hey everyone, I just started a new SEnewss channel called “Engineering, I guess”. Thank you very much uncle bumblefork for the years of useful advice which have helped me to grow my skills, and continue to help me every day.

  • Been beating my head against a old AVR this week. Finally found the correct replacement diode. One of those crazy looking round “sentered glass” avalanche diodes. Always fun removing the potting compound and figuring out what went wrong

  • BigstackD would turn it into shiny bars of metal.

  • In the 90's a deutz salesman told me that the tractor's are air cooles because 20% of down time was coolant related.

  • really it's an alternator.not a generator (even though we all call it that). like your car. makes three phase a.c.,,you either rectify it or let her rip, for the Alternating current.

  • Why do I have this feeling that everything you own is half broken and a pain in the ass to borrow?

  • "As is where is, come after dark" on my way

  • Nice fake smoke mann!!!

  • Here in Argentina deutz engines are quite common in farming machinery. And i can confirm that they are amazingly well built. Poor things can be pissing oil and diesel from every crack but the just keep chooching like they were new.

  • It’s still called “ELECTRICAL THEORY” to this day for a reason.

  • I guess Canada uses different millimetres than the USA and Europe.

  • I noticed the exhaust valve moves slightly at top center compression

  • No chance of an outdoor Foufounnes Electrique themed rave..

  • Ran when parked.

  • Fricken funny. Just started noticing the location pins in the description.

  • Would be a lovey lawn alternator

  • If you close your eyes, Dewclaw sounds like Ricky from Trailer Park Boys.

  • Do the windings seem okay?

  • 2:42 The diode went full 10mm socket on ya.

  • “Some times you’re just the electrician who happens to be there.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

  • here before the algorithm gets this