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Looking for a new gaming keyboard? Want to build a gaming PC? How about some cool tech gadget's under $50? I gotchu.


10:05Cool Tech Under $50 - April!
Cool Tech Under $50 - April!visningar 432tn15 dagar sedan
9:04My Suuuuuuper Clean GMMK Pro Build!
My Suuuuuuper Clean GMMK Pro Build!visningar 182tn15 dagar sedan
7:22Lol so....I went back to the G502 again...
Lol so....I went back to the G502 again...visningar 176tn22 dagar sedan
22:15MASSIVE Unboxing of EVERY GMMK Pro Accessory!
11:17The ASUS ROG Falchion 65% Keyboard is CRAZY
The ASUS ROG Falchion 65% Keyboard is CRAZYvisningar 212tn29 dagar sedan
9:21Cool Tech Under $50 - March!
Cool Tech Under $50 - March!visningar 436tnMånad sedan
10:34My Favorite Keyboard Build Yet! Iced RAMA Kara
10:2410 Cool PC Tech Gadgets Under $50!
10 Cool PC Tech Gadgets Under $50!visningar 312tnMånad sedan
14:17My Favorite (\u0026 Crazy) Tech of the Month!
11:22NEW HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Keyboard Review!
10:04Room Tour Project 239 - Budget Setup Edition!
Room Tour Project 239 - Budget Setup Edition!visningar 179tn2 månader sedan
11:48My Minimal Home Office Desk Setup!
My Minimal Home Office Desk Setup!visningar 153tn2 månader sedan
9:09Cool Tech Under $50 - February!
Cool Tech Under $50 - February!visningar 580tn2 månader sedan
10:12Switch it Up: Custom Keyboards #6
Switch it Up: Custom Keyboards #6visningar 179tn2 månader sedan
10:36Room Tour Project 237 - Clean \u0026 Minimal Setups!
19:16Soooo my monitor literally melted...
Soooo my monitor literally melted...visningar 223tn2 månader sedan
9:48Cool Tech Under $50 - January!
Cool Tech Under $50 - January!visningar 721tn3 månader sedan
11:27Reviewing the PewDiePie x Ghost A1 Keyboard!
Reviewing the PewDiePie x Ghost A1 Keyboard!visningar 620tn3 månader sedan


  • U peaked my interest with kablecard, hdmi capture card n the head phones. Going to pick those babies up

  • Awesome vid. That GPU sag tho.

  • Did randomfrankp just say that AIO coolers are much better than Air? LMAO 10:55

  • 360° Face Tracking Mount, This is great for me to get videos of my grandchildren.

  • God damn that cable card looks really useful. I think I need to get one

  • 2:12 ayo?

  • back when you could actually buy pc parts

  • how do you get it to go from 1 icon on the device itself to the extras when you click it? like folders within folders

  • where is room tour project??! :D

  • Can u review the razer raptor 27

  • Why do you have the numerals 4/5/2020 on your arm?

  • My guy was sweating by the end

  • What kind of screwdriver are u using

  • I got the ultra custom

  • I only get pc building tips from the verge. I like to live life dangerously

  • Hamad was also in setup wars

  • This was considerably better than other pc build guides ive seen. well scripted and nice work with the camera.

  • These Setups Look So Sick 🔥

  • instructions unclear. house burnt down.

  • Yoooo that rgb rink light is fucking AWESOME! I'd love to have one!

  • I saw uπ vid *tapp*

  • step 1: Win a lotto.

  • For the next video, can u show us how to install windows, and anything we may need to do after the build?

  • I got all weights in lol

  • @thank9n

  • some times it dose not type

  • U got Intel build? (would be nice) Btw gr8 vid

  • can I have the keybord please I need a new keybord for school cause my keybord is rusty and some times it dose not tyme and I was going to bye a new keyborde but if I can get it I can save some money. I alsow subscrbed and like the video and chanel . can I have the keyborde

  • It truly is cheaper to buy a prebuilt now

  • I'd love that face tracker, specially since I've been recording some dynamic videos

  • I melted, but its 3200 $ to much in my pov.

  • Just so you know, you can save a bit of cash by going with a nice Noctua air cooler instead of that expensive AIO. Quieter, too!

  • Step one, save up 4x the price of your gpu because that how much its gonna be.

  • How much would it cost to fully built it yourself 🤣

  • Lets look at this in 2021. They go for half of the price nowadays, still really good quality. Accessories for it is abundant with quite a wide range of variety and price. If you get the XLR model, the M-Audio Solo interface is amazing for it as it will also power and control your headphones and speakers separately. Even with the interface, you're looking at under $85, and way cheaper if you're willing to go second hand. Quite the ideal for streaming on a budget

  • I'll keep this saved incase I ever have enough money for a pc

  • 0:49 R.I.P. the little bug on the orange speaker

  • The answer is dont

  • Step 1: realize GPUs have a $1k mark up Step 2: cry

  • What's with all these youtubers uploading How to's on Building Computers when there's an influx of it already?

  • When he said hundreds of little pins Me: only a little off buddy only just over a thousand pins off lul

  • Don't listen to this guy! He's just gear bashing. I have that headset and didn't even know, that you can twist em like this. Nor did I ever had such a bad sound quality from the mic. If you don't want to have such low quality just don't put the settings to "lowest quality". If I place the headset on the back of my head and lean backwards like him it falls of aswell... like every other headset does, that doesn't clamp my head like a monster crab claw until my head splashes into gory bits.

  • 8000 polling

  • roccat burst pro <3

  • I just want a wireless haste to go along with this

  • Why.... 64 gigs of RAM?

  • hey Frank are they still relevant for today?

  • Literally missed one of the largest user bases which is couch PC gaming. Steam Link is what sells these products.

  • I wish I lived in the us 😂

  • Also guys I highly recommend avoiding any kind of thermaltake products they aren’t very great I got an aio from them and it is hella loud compared to how the advertise and it doesn’t even cool very well

  • Wow this is probably one of the last things we needed

  • Step 1: look at your bank account Step 2: look at the prices of hardware Step 3: cry.

  • Minimal setups make me Zzz. Setups like 5:04 are much more my style. Cozy is a good way to describe it.

  • Compare to the verge. This is better. lmao

  • None

  • if you have enough money for a gpu ofcourse

  • Hey guys, im randomfrank and today, ill ne building something you cant buy 🤣

  • Nice

  • Sick

  • Cool

  • Here again watching things that I can't afford.

  • What we need is a guide on how to get those parts at MSRP

  • How about a tutorial for getting a graphics card for a decent price.

  • Great guide but i can't afford

  • Guys help, I have a problem with micropohne from this headset, its realy quiet when Im using it. Any sugestions ? ( I've already boosted it in Windows )

  • Ayy

  • Didn’t even know you knew how to build

  • The micro usb charging port puts me off

  • that last is top

  • This is literally the best most understandable guide lmao

  • Very nice pc with rx 6900 xt

  • when u talk dont be fully biased it will decrease the trust

  • He forgot to account for the months worth of time you'll spend trying to find any of this stuff in stock right now 😫

  • My guy has been working out huj

  • Respect for the hoodie

  • CLeaN

  • Why 17k dislikes?

  • Oof, there were some mistakes in this vid, hurting my inner pc nerd

  • I have an oculus and ist amazing for the price

  • its my brothers birthday in under 2 months and I wanna know if you could maybe donate a computer for him cuz he plays alot of fornite on just intel core i3 laptop and no gpu