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Follow my learning experience with all sorts of garage things


25:47We're swapping WHAT into Brian's BMW?!
16:38First modifications to the New Dyno set up!
20:21Installing my very own CHASSIS DYNO!!
Installing my very own CHASSIS DYNO!!visningar 124tn8 dagar sedan
24:32CRAZIEST purchase I’ve ever made..
CRAZIEST purchase I’ve ever made..visningar 163tn8 dagar sedan
18:06I sold my most expensive shop tool..
I sold my most expensive shop tool..visningar 120tn15 dagar sedan
20:24HUGE progress made on my M3 powered BMW E30!
WE GET THE KEYS TO OUR NEW SHOP!visningar 107tn22 dagar sedan
The STANKY ZENKI gets a NEW OWNER!visningar 107tn22 dagar sedan
MY E30 IS FINALLY GETTING REBUILT.visningar 117tn22 dagar sedan
25:04S13 coupe FULL kit mock up before paint!
S13 coupe FULL kit mock up before paint!visningar 132tn22 dagar sedan
17:46Cutting apart a brand new exhaust..
Cutting apart a brand new exhaust..visningar 128tnMånad sedan
25:14My S13 gets spoiled with my first OVAL Exhaust!
WE GOT ANOTHER SHOP!?visningar 133tnMånad sedan
24:33I have been DREADING this..
I have been DREADING this..visningar 138tnMånad sedan
24:53BOTH 1JZ Swapped Coupes RUN \u0026 DRIVE!
21:06Field find 240SX has some more NASTY surprises..
11:54Field find 240sx gets a whole new Drivetrain!
19:46My new car shows up and I instantly ruin it
17:32Deciding the fate of the ‘Field Find' 240sx!
25:26Power Washing a car that sat for a DECADE.
MY FLORIDA FIND S14 240SX FINALLY SHOWS UP!!visningar 160tn2 månader sedan
19:50JZ Coupe gets new wheels! COMPLETELY changes the car..
13:46Changes to come - SHOP UPDATE!
Changes to come - SHOP UPDATE!visningar 112tn2 månader sedan


  • so is that the sr20vet head then or sr20 neo diffrent

  • streets love dat

  • 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Mount some jacks under the ramps so you can jack the front end up.

  • Killin it as usual

  • Saw a Jimmy oaks video to watch it and I found out apparently i was insubcribed I was but now I know why I haven't seen any notifications uggh

  • Brian has the worst luck, feel bad for the guy

  • Look at TaylorDrifts. He has a lot of LS drift experience and has some good info on keeping oil pressure up.

  • When you showed the parts w music it’s reminded me of F&F 😭😂

  • Some needs to send you a pallet of kitty litter for the grease spills ✌🏽

  • Tragic

  • Love that 25min video <3 YES to longer videos :) (Thanks Jimbo for editing this at night)

  • Wait until you have all the parts, downtime sucks and kills projects. cam bearing fncked ..And that was the end of that project.. 😂

  • Damn that VVL was nice

  • How do you know the dyno is accurate. I wanna see donny and jr car on derricks I bet there's a difference

  • Downtime sucks when working on your build. So do what brian did and order everything. But immediately start working on it, you don't wanna be past the return dates if something ordered isnt right

  • My brother Ricky hangs out with dj at your shop all the time, I have my own landscaping construction company. I’ll help put the dyno in the ground even trade for one of the subies sitting in the back

  • You get kids like TJ & HUNTER 😂😂😂

  • Yeah... Im pretty sure there's an equally good LS cam for under 400$

  • Oil pan was fun!

  • Shoulda 2j swap that thang

  • Insane power on the S14 life goals

  • Cam bearings are easy if you buy the tool

  • This swap is awesome. I’m usually not a big LS Swap guy on a import but this really makes me want an LS lol

  • It’s like having a k series? Nothing compares to the k series hence why it last takes a beating and gets swapped in all types of vehicles k all the way. My 06’bom Rsx type s would redline 9200 rpm at least 10x a day lasted until 197k until a deer took out the car and the engine lived on can’t beat it. Cheers to all

  • So good to see you all together had such a great time. That sr was insane. Love the videos always. Keep up the great work

  • just the mention of slippin BFD in has the motor fightin

  • POG jp_s14

  • Lets go LS swapppp! Progress babyyy

  • Lol my trailblazer with a 5.3 looked like that for about half a month lol hydrolic lifters took forever to come in lol

  • Awesome!!.....Hey Jimmy have you thought about putting two bottle jacks under the ramps so u can just jack it up when needed?

  • Did the trans pan on my car the other day. Trans fluid shower. Thank FUCK it was freshish fluid and not old burnt shit.

  • Lol those VVL heads are everywhere here in nz haha I have about 4 customers with them and I work at a very small workshop so if u really get stuck they aren’t hard to find here in New Zealand

  • Burnouts and drifting out front of the shop (N)

  • Finally an SR that doesn't sound like a depressed 53 year old asthmatic dude yelling at you through a drink straw.

  • are yous going to upgrade the trunnion from the stock to a bras bush

  • Lmao b’s face “I value your opinion”

  • Just hinge the ramps by the dyno back the car up lift the ramps up so that shit is flat and you are gucci 👏

  • Can I ask why he went through so many engines

  • 21:14 Brian got me dead

  • Thank god you went bfd :]

  • Dont know anything about NeoVVL but I do know that there's a pro UK drifter that runs one.

  • Need a vid of all of Brian's car philosophy comments over the years

  • Jp the man

  • Will you dyne the mark 2

  • one head is always dirtier because of the pcv system, nothing to do with where the oil is filled

  • Jimmy's place is now a one stop shop with a hands on specialty team.

  • That S14 is insane he is gonna be a force to be reckoned with especially when he goes E85

  • I am putting this out there now. once this is done I want to see the battle of the LS's DJ vs Brian should be a fun race

  • now i need a neovvl idc if i’m 14 i’m saving up starting today i will get one by 18 hopefully 16 or 17

  • That's what happens when ya smoke bowls and Build LS lol

  • JP is legend in the east coast coming from a guy that is from the west coast 🙌


  • Would the air quick jacks work under the ramps, like the ones Taylor ray used a while ago?

  • “Never thought Id be so happy to be penetrated by BFD🤣🤣

  • Oh so no turbo rockets?

  • Hey look everybody. A bmw is finally gonna be reliable🤣🤣

  • The numbers keep getting higher and everyone keeps being surprised like they’re not expecting their build to make that Power.. imagine future video title “We have to explain...” and it’s the dyno not being calibrated right lol 😂

  • oh its got that Ni-tec

  • Jimmy with the pulp fiction music

  • I value your opinion very much! Straight face 😑

  • The parts reveal tune was spot on lol.

  • Put a quick jack under the ramps permanently

  • can we get the full ecu setup video and everything! im planning on doing this swap and would like the video as a guide


  • LS E46 is going to be rad as fuck! Dope come up.

  • The engine is on a stand. Just flip it upside down instead of using rods or brake line to hold the lifters up. Too bad about the cam bearing tho.

  • Maybe extend the back of it or someone might end up a sad boy 😂😂

  • 1:52 I just died 😭😂

  • Was not expecting to see a neo VVL sticker in the Oakes garage, surely get your hands on a G20 and SR20VE swap it at some point, you won’t regret it, I promise


  • I grew up in a Southern california shop doing the same. Good to see.

  • Fun

  • schrodingers cam bearings, they are neither alive nor dead until you observe them and collapse the wave function

  • Cool Vibrations

  • The death of LS engine is the oil system. It’s trash. Better oil pump necessary or dry dump for sure so it can last the beating for sure

  • Honestly one of your best videos yet!

  • 4g63 is the king of 4 bangers. Sorry.

  • BFD: Make your engine sing.