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We're going to sail the world. But first we have to fix our newly purchased, salvaged 2008 Beneteau 49!
It's going to be an long battle with fiberglass..... lol
Fortunately we really like working on projects together and we are super excited to be making this boat a home for all our expeditions to come.

-Brett and Jade Evans


20:33We Can't Step Our Mast... | Expedition Evans 36
28:34Sanding to find hidden DAMAGE | Expedition Evans 27
15:0824 HOUR Epoxy Scramble | Expedition Evans 18
24 HOUR Epoxy Scramble | Expedition Evans 18visningar 112tn4 månader sedan
13:41What a MESS... | Expedition Evans 14
What a MESS... | Expedition Evans 14visningar 106tn5 månader sedan
12:19They Demand MOOOORE! | Expedition Evans Bonus
They Demand MOOOORE! | Expedition Evans Bonusvisningar 101tn5 månader sedan
18:51It's Too Broken To Fix | Expedition Evans 13
It's Too Broken To Fix | Expedition Evans 13visningar 154tn5 månader sedan


  • What a blessing for the two of you (and your dogs, of course) to have each other and the enthusiasm that you enjoy. It is a pleasure to watch your interactions with each other. I look forward to each episode.

  • Congrats you two.... and a new chapter opens....

  • It's been a brilliant series of videos following your refurbishment of your beautiful boat . And may I say it's been great seeing two young perfectionists doing a superb job on your beautiful home. Congratulations on finishing her off and I'm really looking forward to following you both on your world 🌎 wide journey. Please be safe and well.

  • Omg where have you guys been doing all this work

  • Stepped the mast on my 20 footer on Saturday for the first time ... yes the boat is small (tiny!), yes i can do it by hand (well currently takes 2 people but still without cranes), but it is still nerve wrecking and the emotion of success is still the same as in the video .... yaaayyyyyyy

  • So exciting - well done Team Evans. A lot of sweat and some tears but your girl is whole once more.....did you place a coin or two under the mast by any chance? A much revered nautical tradition!

  • So so happy for you

  • THE SAME STORY - about women and dogs ...

    • Wait, there's another couple who bought a wrecked Beneteau 49 and fixed it themselves?!

  • Congratulations! Great to see the mast back on - but please, please wear lifejackets, especially when the water is so cold - cold water shock is a killer!

  • If you are going to use the air hose to get rid of dust get a 15 dollar box fan and have it in an ext door blowing out. All that air born dust goes outside. I do it with drywall dust, works fantastic. GOOD LUCK, NEW SUBSCRIBER‼️👍👍. Vinny 🇺🇸

  • Вы замечательная пара. Желаю Вам удачи и мне очень нравится как Вы нежно и с юмором относитесь друг к другу. Желаю Вам удачи. Английский язык изучал в начальной школе и иногда бывает не всё понятно, но идея нравится =))

  • Never quit because off those narrow minded people. I love watching you both do all that work. Deep respect for you! I hope that one day I have my own boat and I can do what you are already doing.

  • Totally impressive! Congratulations you guys on the success of this project. Fabulous work, detailed attention and a beautiful vessel.

  • You guys should be so proud of yourselves now the adventure begins

  • Next on Expedition Evans: GTFO

  • So glad to see the boat looking like a boat! Good work!

  • Godspeed

  • Looks like sailboat now.

  • You guys are so super cute. The cutest , nicest couple Eva!

  • I think i have power watched every episode from yesterday morning and im now subscribed

    • Wow!! That's a lot of us in a short amount of time. Glad you're here, welcome to the fam!

  • Congratulations guys! Lotz of love from your fans at facebook.com/groups/984932218324426/

  • What game are you playing at the very end of the video?

    • It's called Quoridor! We love it. It's great because the rounds are really short, 15 minutes or less. So we can play even when we don't have much time

  • There are no words to describe the excitement I have for y'all. Congratulations and love and peace ✌be with you both

  • Why do you need the radiant heaters, does the boats factory installed heater not work?

  • Congratulations and thanks for the video

  • No running on the dock!

  • You put in so much work and now this 60 foot crown on it is the perfect end and new beginning. Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🍰

  • unbelievable amount of work kids...GOOD JOB !........now, GO HAVE FUNZ !!! ... OnWard.....

  • Water proof PTZ cam at the top of the mast ? A fine ship you have, will be epic !

  • Congrats! Your hard work paid off! OK, partically paid off, on demand hotwater hearted up next! lol ;-) Seriously, great job and perseverance!

  • 15:17 And you should name your mast "Ma-tall-da"

  • At 12:25 did you say "Hull-elujah"? I really hope that was pun-intended

    • Haha with us, it's safe to assume that the pun is always intended

  • wow.wow.wow....Amazing

  • Your sailboat officially looks even bigger sitting in the water , great job you 2!!!

  • That is VERY EXCELLENT! I may have to go back and check to see if you have shared the total cost, minus your labor, but including the purchase price.

  • !!!!!!!

  • Take a look here: www.soundingsonline.com/news/qa-bridge-heights-on-the-icw. Fixed bridge height for the ICW is 65' + or - a little due to tides or high water. The article also mentions the one exception to this in Miami

  • That is a Magnificent boat you two have put back into seaworthiness. You should be very proud!

  • You two are like two kids in a candy store. :-) The boat looks great.

  • consider insulating the hot water pipes that feed the sinks and shower. Foam pipe insulation helps

  • Very happy for you both!! Very well done...hell of an achievement!!!! Congrats!

  • Dang! I'm getting goose bumps! That's so exciting! Can't wait to see the sales furled and you guys out on the open sea! Congratulations! :D

  • I’m the opposite, I need to take my mast down. What a milestone for you though your yacht is now a sailboat again !!!

  • Congratulations! Well done you both.

  • You guys did an awesome job on that beautiful ship congratulations, to clean and protect all plastic and polycarbonate and enclosure windows use PLEXUS it will make them look like new ,🍻 🥂

  • That is such a milestone - and it’s only just about to start getting so much better - I’m so envious. Your mast is exactly the same length as our narrow boat. I have been watching since the very beginning so calm seas and fair winds - you have most definitely earned them...

  • Dust, in your case fibreglass dust, isn’t the best for electrical connections. By the way why is the marina empty?

  • Now You can climb the mast and take stunning photos!! But most after all the work now you really can start sailing and enjoying your beautiful boat!! Fair wind!!!

  • Awesome! Glad you have the mast up. Now to tweak all of the little issues. Kiss the dogs for me.

  • So close to where I live. Been watching for months and didn’t realize. Congrats and looking forward to your journeys.

  • You guys are awesome!! I’ll be following you for some time!😎

  • Just wondering, is your dog Dingo a Black Mouth Cur? We have one and he looks very similar (ours is a bit bigger though)

  • Please don't have kids.

    • @Dirty Derds ah, don't stress it, you're good! We actually get this kind of comment/message a lot At the end of the day we are a family first and a yt channel second. We definitely plan on having kids but not for awhile yet. I don't know how the other yt sailing parents do it. They're rock stars for sure 🙃

    • @Expedition Evans Oh Not as a bad thing. I just see YT channels go down when they have kids and what not. Not saying that you guys wouldn't make great parents. I worded it bad. Sorry. Love watching you guys.

    • Why wouldn't we have kids?

  • Congratulations guys. You did what a lot of people would have thought was impossible! Enjoy sailing your beautiful boat, look forward to watching all your future adventures on the high seas.

  • Now the sails a breeze = Happiness , Fair-winds , Well done , Enjoyed all your posts . You can down load the sail plan for these yachts for the right angle of aft lean on the mast, Cant remember think it was 4% helps balance the boat - Life is not a rehearsal = ENJOY .

  • Ive owned over 20 boats, restored all of them., i know how this feels, congratulations you have a proper ship and she is gorgeous.!!!

  • Heh from NZ. your boat is now absolute class that anyone would be very proud to own. May you always have fair winds and following seas on you new adventures.

  • Happy to see it’s finally a sailboat! Did you tune your mast? Here’s a link to do so: support.seldenmast.com/files/595-540-E.pdf

  • Now it looks like a boat.

  • Wow. Great moment. So happy for you

  • Very happy for you both.

  • Congrats - you did it! Now set sails and let your boat fly.

  • Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the boat with a full set of sails.

  • So awesome to see the end of this chapter...can't wait for what's next. Fantastic job you two!

  • Well Done!!

  • Tums-up. Unbeliveble good work you both, lovely couple did. But these will be not only complementes. Title is instaling mast. And just on 50% min. 10 you starting to instal mast. Total video time. 20 min. Sorry not more following.

  • You guys are awesome! It's been a long road, but you're right, you're just at the start! Many adventures to come!

  • Great effort and very high quality work. Fair winds on your great adventure.

  • Congratulations!! I have been watching your journey and it is really inspiring! It makes me think of all the things people should be doing with thier time, energy, and technology connections! I hope you guys endorse 4oceans and sustainable greener measures for the world you have yet to discover. I mentioned that to Sailing Into Freedom because the Caribbean where they are located looks very murky to me. I live in Vermont and we are VERY health conscious, most of the pollition in our wsters these days comes from unbiodegradable trash and farming phosphorus water runoff. It is a shame no one takes the time to collectively source these issues. Check out Collective Evolution on fb they have some interesting articles and posts on this subject. It looks like your next step is to learn how to fish. I do believ 'snapper' baby bluefish season is upon us now ir very soon. Excellent as fish chips in just flour salt & pepper batter lightly fried and enjoyed! If you guys ever need cooking advice out on the water I have many cookbooks and would offer any advice needed! Have tons of fun out there!

  • Very exciting!!!

  • THANK YOU so much for the trigger warning you guys are awesome!

  • Beautiful job go Fair winds with following seas and many happy travels a sailboat yay. She is a beaut!

  • What is the length of your boat 49" or 37".It is a beautiful boat. Is the 37 your episode or feet , Boat is the big looking to be 37" but hard to tell in pictures

  • You are a yacht not a motorboat well done sails make a yacht nothing else.

  • Brett you can get a spray can of CRC electrical contact cleaner which will probably fix your connection problem. Also it might be good for you to carry a can on board when you start sailing good luck

  • You were looking for vents? www.defender.com/category.jsp?id=6880&path=-1 or beneteau.sailboatowners.com/ Hope it helps. Sure that you've already seen these... Thanks for the content!

  • Epic moment !! And now let’s go sailing!!

  • I own the exact same boat. I make sure I have at least 65 feet of clearance when going under any bridge. Great job guys!!!

    • @Expedition Evans only around the greater Palm Beach Fl area. I have a good friend that’s a captain and has a Beneteau 50 as well. He’s been doing the trip from Fl to Connecticut and back for 10 yrs. I’ll check with him and get back with guys. This I do know, always check your tide tables. I only go under fixed bridges at low tide. I use the app Tides Near Me but I’m sure there are many out there. Local knowledge is always helpful and the local SeaTow folks are most helpful. I use them for reliable info on inlet depths as well. You’ll find that there’s lots of skinny water on this coast. Stay safe!

    • Have you done any of the 65' ICW bridges? We're pretty dang close to 65' on the button 😬

  • Wonderful to see your elation and excitement at finally being there after all of that incredible effort. We share your excitement, and your joy. Congratulations -= your boat looks beautiful. You will love sailing her!

  • A truly inspiring adventure of a genuine partership, plus the dogs of course!