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Adam Savage’s Tested is a content platform and community playground for makers and curious minds. On, the highly- engaged Tested SEnewss channel, and at conventions and events, dynamic makers share ideas and inspire each other to build their obsessions. Led by Adam Savage, the Tested team explores the intersection of science, popular culture, and emerging technology, showing how we are all makers. Adam also takes viewers behind the scenes of films, TV shows, theater, and museums, shining a spotlight on the craftspeople and artists who make the magic we all enjoy.

Tested is also: Norman Chan, Joey Fameli, Gunther Kirsch, Ryan Kiser, Kishore Hari, Sean Charlesworth, Jeremy Williams, Kayte Sabicer, Bill Doran, Arial Waldman, Darrell Maloney and Kristen Lomasney.


4:28Adam Savage Tries on Puppet Mouth Masks!
Adam Savage Tries on Puppet Mouth Masks!visningar 68tn18 timmar sedan
7:08Ask Adam Savage: On Sharing Your Workshop
12:20Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Japanese Hand Saws!
6:59Ask Adam Savage: Shop Anchor Points
Ask Adam Savage: Shop Anchor Pointsvisningar 112tn14 dagar sedan
6:14Adam Savage Unboxes His James Bond Spectre Cane!
1:05:27Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Iron Man Armor Boots!
8:04Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Safe Rust Remover!
4:55Adam Savage's Van Gogh Painting Replica!
Adam Savage's Van Gogh Painting Replica!visningar 76tn14 dagar sedan


  • I remember seeing TONS of commercials for it leading up to it! Still liked it.

  • It looks reminds me Something somewhere in the game called fallout

  • My all time favorite “Failure is always and option”. “Something just touched me!!!” -Grant. “I really don’t want to know where he is” -Adam speaking on Jimmy Hoffa body.

  • John Walker says a big thanks

  • I get it from your perspective. At home it felt different. I remember being dissapointed. Might have been the hype, or, maybe: The "in and out in 17 minutes" part, is part of the problem. What did the Presidential bit add to the story and the myth? Nothing. I had anticipated a little more conversation and geeking out. Just reading lines was not what made Mythbusters great. If you divert from the format (adding presidents and High Schools) use it to do more, don just do the same with more difficulty. Have the president do part of the narration. Let the students submit their solutions and have the president judge. something. But hey. You did it and you did so much more. Achievement unlocked. :P

  • I seen 2 Adam videos today. He has way too much saw dust in his lungs. He needs to stick to a face mask religiously. He has a smoker's cough.

  • You should make a set of container type doors like you see when they are being pulled behind semi trucks.

  • I must have this kit. It took a bit of searching, Amazon not in stock, Zoomtool, not in stock. I FOUND ONE! I will get mine April 28th. About halfway through your build I was getting so excited to build one. I waiting until your video ended though, got to mind the algorithms. Thank you for my future excitement ❣️

  • 🤣🤣 John Walker watched this

  • I get really upset whenever someone says "a triangle is the strongest shape." A triangle is two-dimensional; it has no width; it can't support anything.

  • I need one of these kits! 🙃

  • 45:00 please leave the camera on the tripod.

  • I still have Zoob!

  • Thank goodness there are people out there doing what we do that can blow us away. Modesty is a good quality. Envy is not. The greats are the gold standard to which we should all hold our ambitions to.

  • As I understand what Adam is saying here. There is reality as we can observe test and understand it, this is the understanding of what is possible, what can happen and why it does happen. Science is the process of controlled observation and testing that understanding, we observe, hypothesize, test and establish the boundaries of what is possible and real by using the tool of science. Something does not have "no basis in science", instead it has no basis in our current understanding of reality as we observe it and science is the method we use to test those observations and confirm if that is true. Science is the method by which we can logically reject another's reality and substitute our own (or confirm what previously existed).

  • What a thoughtful answer! Great video. I do creative work, too, and I've always lived by (or tried to live by) what Johnny Carson once said- "Talent pleases ITSELF." If the work you're doing pleases YOU, you're on the right track. It's when we try to second-guess what we think our audience wants is when we get into trouble. This is what happens when someone makes derivative work. It's one thing to be influenced, but skipping the internalization part and going straight to imitation is DEATH.

  • Chasing perfect is a great life goal but it is important that it is your personal perfect and not someone else's opinion. Also to note, chasing perfect for an individual project usually leads to disappointment, missing recognizing when it is "good enough for this here and now" and can ultimately lead to missed deadlines. Accepting good enough but not perfect is not a failure but a realization that every project is a step on a bigger journey, not a destination in itself. Carry the learning to the next project and make that better and repeat.

  • Whenever Adam introduces himself and then adjusts the camera, you need to take a shot!

  • Funny, was about to strip and re-season a carbon steel pan that developed a rust issue. Was planning on using oven cleaner, but this stuff seems way nicer to work with. Thanks Mr.Savage!

  • I'm 37 waiting on my first car. Late teens u say?

  • Love the masks. They make you look like one of Jim Hensons Muppets !

  • Don't forget Captain Lou as Mario in "The Super Mario Brothers Super Show"

  • The 66 people that disliked are the Hyperdodecahedron parts that wanted to be fixed quickly

  • You lied to me boston dinamics

  • This is by far my favorite segment you do. Love hearing responses to interesting questions. You always have a way of turning what one would expect to be a quick, simple answer into an interesting little story and reminder for people to take it easy on themselves.

  • One of the most handy items you'll need whether in repairs or building things.

  • Adam. love your insight.....But your Videos are too long.......break them up so my broken mind can process it in smaller chunks.

  • I’ve always known them as “lock wire pliers”. But very valuable tool.

  • I've given up on hoping Adam will learn how pronouns work.

  • I'm sorry! I still don't understand what the purpose of the ring was.

  • 05:36 He's a boy! And Santa Claus is white! Sorry, what? I'm fired? ok. I see the two of them as Stiller and Meara, with the tall girl and her stubby guy...

  • But can he piss in a cup?

  • My dad q was an aircraft mechanic in the 90’s. He recently showed me you to use these while installing a steering box on our off road car. Thought it was awesome seeing you talk about them because I fascinated with them too.

  • 11:28 you just scared the crap out of me!

  • Be great in a ultrasonic cleaner

  • Thanks for this, I’ve been struggling so much with comparisons, I’m a graphic design major and it’s been really hard for me to see my peers successful projects and not feel discouraged. Been trying to refocus my thoughts towards feeling proud of my growth as a designer and my strengths.


  • Is adam a sneakerhead? This guy's rocking the tom sachs mars yard

  • I spent 40 years at Boeing, and used these often, we called them "Lock wire pliers" when I was first introduced to them, I thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Here's another tool I own and simply love, ClampTite.

  • john walker taking notes...

  • Wow, that went unexpected deep. Very appreciated!

  • Barack Obama doing an episode on a death ray, how appropriate.

  • viceception

  • Right after watching this I find a Kennedy rollaway "with a few tools" in it. Try 1400 pounds of machinist tools, omg! $400. Treasure trove of lathe and instruments, keyless chucks.

  • Adam, shame on you, the plane must screw through the air and the relationship to the ground. If the plane is not moving forward in relation to its ground speed there is zero air passing past the plane. The truck is driving on the sliding canvas forward in relation to the ground but air is creating lift on the planes wing even if it did not have an engine. A plane can take off with out moving forward if enough air such as a strong wind passing by will lift into the air but it will not move forward at all. The plane will not take off under its non moving relationship to the ground. THe truck moving over the sliding canvas is not the same. IMPOSSIBLE! Ray C. FLorida I hope you enjoyed that atlas you purchased from my company

  • I feel like Adam understands this 4-d shape much better than I do. Watching him build this 3-d model was still painful. Maybe I've just spent too much time with K'nex and Sonobe units...

  • I have been watching your channel for several years now. You have encouraged me to start my own SEnewss channel. It is coming along slowly but I am enjoying the journey. Thank you.

  • poo poopocalypse 1000% happened to my parents. most hilarious tragedy in to their home

  • It's a little appreciated fact that 80% of the creative process is spent staring at the work.

  • A cinematic reveal of this would be INCREDIBLE, that is a staggering amount of detail and work, and it deserves a good showing off!

  • The comparing mind is the heart of the scientific method. It is the heartbeat of science.

  • Press F for eletric drill

  • Awesome as usual

  • Make dogedechahedron next

  • So apparently that's a thing you do without the cig in your mouth huh? Wish I had known. Sure would have saved my eyebrows and eyelashes alot of trouble...

  • I've watched dozens of these shows, and noticed the swiss army knife plenty of times, but 3:30 is the first time I realized it moves

  • A lot of Mythbusters viewers were not fans of President Obama. Shocking as that may seem to those who live in San Francisco.

  • It's possible 75% of the mythbusters audience isnt a fan of Democrats.

  • He's def getting older haha

  • I would love a 1 hour video of adam just staring at a bunch of stuff on his work bench

  • I just get stuck in the pre-planning stage. My want to be different and stand out sets me on a path trying to reinvent the wheel so I feel like my project is somehow worthy.

  • Add nail clippers to the list mister man!

  • This was tremendously beneficial information to hear. Holy smokes. Thank you.

  • I'll use this if there's a nerf war.

  • I love how it's Diana/Physics girl and Simone but on Adam's channel

  • Thanks for the Bill Hicks quote, exactly what I needed to hear. My creations, photos and videos have been copied, stolen and infringed worldwide. So I have been working on presenting my personal approach to my work, so that perspective helps reassure I am on the right path.

  • who else was tripped out by the cub in the solid?

  • This young boy sounds like Aaron Fecter!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Would this work well for starting a twist of electrical residential wires to better allow a wire nut to accept them (and for grounds)?

  • Awesome question and answer, what’s good for the goose? Shit in one hand, might be heavier in another.

  • Learning that life isn't a competition -- industry or work or whatever -- has been a lifesaver. Doing my own thing, in my own way, in ways that work for me (or for the situation I'm in) even if they're unconventional has helped so much. And Hicks is right: authenticity unlocks some wonderful rewards. If you let go of the fear of people judging you or not liking you, you'll feel so much better in yourself and in your work.

  • 0:00 Intro 9:52 Top Story 31:46 Pop Culture News 33:40 Spoiler Talk 44:55 End of Spoilers 51:02 Technology News 1:06:45 Outro

  • When I first heard the air powered reciprocating saw (5:26), I thought it sounded like the intro to Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys

  • I feel like Ian McCollum would enjoy some aspects of this

  • Heads up editor. Lights are too bright or ya need to bump up the contrast.

  • wow, I hope he considers donating that amazing project to a worthy museum or something like that after his passing.

  • every aircraft maintainers most and least favourite tool. i use them working on C130s as probably most any other acft mx dude in here on whatever other airframe. lol

  • If you are an Airframer, you know safety wire pliers!

  • 🙏❤️❤️