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0:18Affecting Gravity for 5 seconds #shorts
0:36What is your fortune?? #shorts
What is your fortune?? #shortsvisningar 123tnDag sedan
0:13How to climb walls like spiderman #shorts
0:35How to get a Diamond Play Button Fast #shorts
0:17What's wrong with this? #shorts
What's wrong with this? #shortsvisningar 9mnMånad sedan
0:24Home Run in the Kitchen #shorts
Home Run in the Kitchen #shortsvisningar 18mnMånad sedan
0:12Working from Home in the Future #shorts
Working from Home in the Future #shortsvisningar 4,5mnMånad sedan
0:18The Couch Monster #shorts
The Couch Monster #shortsvisningar 1,6mnMånad sedan
0:23Next time you miss the bus, try this! #shorts
5:22My best magic videos of 2021 so far - 2021
0:22Always win Jenga with this trick #shorts
Always win Jenga with this trick #shortsvisningar 4,2mnMånad sedan
0:13Who Stole the Donut? #shorts
Who Stole the Donut? #shortsvisningar 1,7mnMånad sedan
0:14This Dog can solve the Rubik's Cube #shorts
0:18Revealing how to do a money trick #shorts
0:13Never Clean Dirty Dishes Again #shorts
Never Clean Dirty Dishes Again #shortsvisningar 3,5mnMånad sedan
0:14A Grate Way to Make Some Spare Change #shorts
A Grate Way to Make Some Spare Change #shortsvisningar 60mn2 månader sedan
0:31The Most Magical Mirror #shorts
The Most Magical Mirror #shortsvisningar 3,9mn2 månader sedan
0:30How I made my ice fishing video #shorts
How I made my ice fishing video #shortsvisningar 6mn2 månader sedan
0:29The Endless Fruit Loop #shorts
The Endless Fruit Loop #shortsvisningar 655tn2 månader sedan
0:20Help me Spread Valentines Love! #shorts
Help me Spread Valentines Love! #shortsvisningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
0:19Ice Fishing From My Living Room #shorts
Ice Fishing From My Living Room #shortsvisningar 21mn2 månader sedan
0:15TikTok Filter in Real Life #shorts
TikTok Filter in Real Life #shortsvisningar 2,2mn3 månader sedan
0:15Beware of these farm photo opps! #shorts
Beware of these farm photo opps! #shortsvisningar 22mn3 månader sedan
0:25When ART imitates LIFE #shorts
When ART imitates LIFE #shortsvisningar 3,5mn3 månader sedan
0:10The best game for a single player #shorts
The best game for a single player #shortsvisningar 2,1mn3 månader sedan
0:24How to always avoid Traffic Jams! #shorts
How to always avoid Traffic Jams! #shortsvisningar 2,9mn3 månader sedan
0:11The House of Cards #shorts
The House of Cards #shortsvisningar 12mn3 månader sedan


  • Hay my last name is Gomez TO 🤯

  • "turn your phone around" *me who is watching on pc"

  • All are one big Ilution 😎

  • Android user: 😑

  • Everyone talking about his his magic trick and i just see the title says worste

  • Oh my gosh that I just tried that and then it worked it it actually turned into a cake I already know that you're faked it but it actually works for me

  • When you have a android lol

  • My eyes

  • Making gaming channel please🙏

  • Professor is mad skilled.

  • Jokes on you im using an android

  • Oops the ball bounces on his head

  • My eyes ⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️↗️⬅️↙️⬇️

  • I just got freakin’ shokkkkkkk

  • Seriously im androud

  • I often see looped videos on SEnewss.

  • I’m so confused my brain is hurting 😩

  • At least it went in 😒

  • This is how we would be if we defied gravity, and Zach is proving it by doing magic! I wish I had anti-gravity boots so I could move freely without having to walk, run or jog.

  • I still couldn’t get it

  • Lol, That's one of the funniest I've seen him do.

  • We all fans want a behind the scenes of this video. Please zack do this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ From india

  • I watch again and again cause im confuse

  • That mess is giving me anxiety

  • Where is the child???

  • I was about to click it then I remembered I’m actually human and use dark mode

  • 😋🍫🍫🍬🍭rico los dulces

  • People who still didint understand how they did it | V

  • Wow lol!

  • I didn't get fooled, i have an Android lool

  • Wtf!!!!

  • Buenarso

  • Is that a live hack

  • Everyone: Wow that's so cool! Me: He let go of the poster... WHY DIDNT IT FALL?!

  • What the fu*k

  • *me trying to figure out if that fall was planned or not*

  • Kaget banget

  • He gave the gravity control to us

  • *Take on me beat plays*

  • BrO He BeAt ThE SyStEm


  • When im acually at 5 percent lmao

  • What

  • Zach i really have no idea how you did that, it was mind blowing

  • Porque tiene mataste

  • Stop I thought I ACCIDENTLY pause but si the video! I keep pressing and pressing cause of the pause

  • When I saw this, I thought this was a blooper

  • The people that didn’t turn there phone upside down😳

  • I know how it’s fake

  • Ugh all of this videos are fake everyone dislike

  • OMG you need two hands to take any sweater

  • The cat is a great actor🤣

  • He realy a ghost now.

  • Cringe

  • On one thing you fail...her voice

  • Bro everyone talking about how good his vids are BUT THE WAY HE PASSED HIM WITH THE BALL

  • Wow cool collaboration


  • I like your videos but I hate when wasting food

  • 😱😱😱😱😱

  • now use the mirror in the black room 🗿🗿🗿

  • WOW 🤩😍😚🥰🍔

  • That's a ice idea lol

  • I thought my phone was a 5% lol xD

  • Dark mode uses rn 😐

  • What a cornball !!!

  • Genial, premio doble!!!!

  • How you wish lockdown would be :

  • 🤯🤩

  • 😲😲😱

  • How tf y'all make this edit omg Brilliant 👏🏾😍❤❤😜

  • The editing so good

  • Was it real tho

  • XDD i'm french and when he Say "bon appétit" its sooo funny the english accent in french 😂

  • Wen you have a Samsung

  • I was to lazy to do that :/

  • Uhhhh... what kind of witchcraft is this?

  • more.... not the cake.. im in pain... one day im going to wake up and i was sleeping in cake this whole time, then i find out my house was cake, my family isnt even real, theyre all cake, ive been an orphan for years, and then.... oh no... why is my blood sugar high??? why does my skin feel mushy, no, please, no

  • That’s so awesome

  • U son of a