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15:28Kallmekris Top Tiktok's Compilation | 2021
0:58When Karen knocks at Janets door #shorts
When Karen knocks at Janets door #shortsvisningar 421tn22 timmar sedan
15:32My Characters Rank International Snacks!
A CHAOTIC DAY IN MY LIFE!visningar 850tn7 dagar sedan
18:27My Characters Unbox my Fan Mail! AGAIN!
My Characters Unbox my Fan Mail! AGAIN!visningar 681tn14 dagar sedan
0:49When friends make fun of your siblings #shorts
24:23Kallmekris Top TikTok's Compilation! | 2021
Kallmekris Top TikTok's Compilation! | 2021visningar 3,4mn28 dagar sedan
13:33Secrets Revealed!
Secrets Revealed!visningar 360tnMånad sedan
0:54Katrina Vs Karen #shorts
Katrina Vs Karen #shortsvisningar 2,5mnMånad sedan
21:09My Characters try International Snacks!
My Characters try International Snacks!visningar 2,3mnMånad sedan
19:55Moving into the woods! | + Bungee Jumping!
20:43My Characters Unbox my Fan Mail!
My Characters Unbox my Fan Mail!visningar 3,3mn2 månader sedan
33:40Kallmekris Top TikTok's Compilation!
Kallmekris Top TikTok's Compilation!visningar 5mn3 månader sedan
22:23My Morning Routine | Skincare, Hair \u0026 Makeup!
7:43Phasmophobia Nightmare Fuel! | Stream Highlights
14:26Trying International Snacks! | Norwegian Snacks
21:04Building an EPIC FORT! | With Q\u0026A
Building an EPIC FORT! | With Q\u0026Avisningar 171tn4 månader sedan
25:07Fan Mail Unboxing! | Things went sideways!
Fan Mail Unboxing! | Things went sideways!visningar 692tn4 månader sedan
27:59Instagram controls my day!
Instagram controls my day!visningar 507tn5 månader sedan
22:09Kallmekris Top TikTok Compilation
Kallmekris Top TikTok Compilationvisningar 1,8mn5 månader sedan
17:54Baking Cookies with Tiny Hands!
Baking Cookies with Tiny Hands!visningar 194tn5 månader sedan
20:15Trying International Snacks | German \u0026 Dutch
13:23Doing my Boyfriends Makeup!
Doing my Boyfriends Makeup!visningar 86tn6 månader sedan
18:30Boyfriend does my Makeup!
Boyfriend does my Makeup!visningar 112tn6 månader sedan
17:16Fan Mail Unboxing!!
Fan Mail Unboxing!!visningar 170tn7 månader sedan
16:53Canadians try Australian Snacks!
Canadians try Australian Snacks!visningar 411tn7 månader sedan
18:27Boyfriend Tag | Q\u0026A
Boyfriend Tag | Q\u0026Avisningar 146tn7 månader sedan


  • I do not like your sister kris can you make her a little nice..?

  • She was so proud of the sarcasm

  • Should have just used her nose lol

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • *"oh reawy? Yah fink"*

  • OMG im too addicted to kris

  • Proud mom moment right there

  • Nona got so excited over the tea and biscuits that her inner Kris came out

  • I love the ending

  • Is it weird.. if I low key kinda ship Katrina and Janet?

  • New animation channel from Africa here😊😊

  • Make a British character pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssse

  • Hey my name is ryley

  • It's so like funny and Riley did like sarcasm another mom was just like so proud I could not stop laughing

  • I recently became an uncle, I’m using the cooking scene with the youngest child, cause I can make drinks and a frothed chokky milk on the rocks would be good

  • Ah yes, the lovely ship or misha and Riley very cute indeed but am I the only one who *kinda* ships janet and Katrina-?

  • Omg I feel your pain, the youngest will never feel the pain us middles do


  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀🔥🐺

  • Hunter 😭😭

  • Katrina calling Janet her girlfriend was so cute it made me so happy! 😊

  • 0:35 😩✨

  • Bruh she is legit so awesome 😁

  • That's mee oh really ya think

  • My favorite characters has to be riley and hunter

  • Lyrics from hunter: uhhhh hhhhhh

  • *me actually studying for the last exam... Kallmekris Uploads a video... *Me "I am fast as f**k boi" !!!!!!

  • Here comes karen appearing like a phantom to throw an adult tantrum

  • I love these so much

  • You should make a silly voice for Kevyn

  • Character ideas : misha and sieges long lost dad , Scottish guy , a girl that Walter falls in live with , a witch , an Italian monster , a restaurant chef , manager for Karen , and last but not least the rude librarian who always shushes you !

  • I love Riley so much like honestly I would die for her

  • She was like fuck the Karen sarcasm

  • These are ALL my FAVORITES!!! *squeals*


  • Proud mom

  • She really kicked the random kid


  • We all came to say riley and the russian kid

  • At the end "sarcasm" proud mom moment

  • I follow you on tik Tok

  • My mom would do the oppisit instead of helping me she gave me a spanking hahahah Jk

  • Can you make a character of me and my best friend and name them after us please our names are Phoenix and Addison

  • Lol

  • Riley may be stupid but she has Sass

  • 😂 😂 😂 Myghod Riley

  • Isnt he pwetty? Hunter: 😮ooh😮

  • Hunter is so adorable if I could I would take him as my own for KaReN

  • Wow hunter reminds me of a friend lmao, they act silly

  • Riley misha and sargei home alone


  • Otay

  • 17:35 tho 😂✨ beautiful

  • You have to do Karen watching Riley

  • My culture is ireland!!

  • You look like sabrina spelman

  • Riley:ya think? Her mom:ah wow sarcasm


  • My favorite cereal is corn puffs but the cereal I actually eat the most are cheerios. I'm a big fan, stay safe

  • Katrina’s picky😂

  • I am never watching your videos again because you say really bad words in here

  • This would be a good sitcom

  • I am thinking about Misha.

  • *Gasps* "Sarcasm!" Proud mumma there. LMFAO I felt the same about my daughter!!! Now she's 13 and has friends that she can literally have a full conversation with in a sarcastic tone. 🤣

  • The moment you see the most beautiful girl in your life be like wow...!

  • Love the ending..

  • Im late but تهانينا for one million subscribe

  • How do I get kallmekris merch

  • I just had this really weird thought that kris needs to do a tik Tok where she reveals Chad's eyes 😂

  • U haven’t been on my TikTok but you have been popping up on my SEnewss now 😂

  • 13:15 that hits way too close to home bro

  • I love this so much 😂😂😂 that would be my child 😭🤚

  • I’m the younger of two and I’m like a mix of the youngest and middle

  • My channel is @star wars for fun

  • I wonder what coffee is in that cup must be a espero roast

  • Lmfaooo that “deer in headlights or stunned possum” had me for like 5 minutes straight

  • Favorite cereal is probably either raisin bran, or this new Dunkin Donuts Mocha Latte cereal that I tried. I only reacently found you, but I am living your content, keep up the great work!

  • Eventually we could get a grown up version of all of the kid characters!

  • Omg that's great I'm dying 😂😂😂