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Grocery Run
Making Watcher
Puppet History
Social Distancing \u0026 Dungeons \u0026 Dragons
Spooky Small Talk
Too Many Spirits!
Top 5 Beatdown
Tourist Trapped
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29:51The Affair of the Poisons • Puppet History
33:05The War of the Golden Stool • Puppet History
27:26The Beast of Gevaudan • Puppet History
The Beast of Gevaudan • Puppet Historyvisningar 852tnMånad sedan
0:54Puppet History Season 3 • TRAILER
Puppet History Season 3 • TRAILERvisningar 185tnMånad sedan
24:19Travel Expert Ranks Top 5 US Cities • Top 5 Beatdown
25:56Pastry Chef Ranks Top 5 Candy Bars • Top 5 Beatdown
25:55Can I Make A $450 Taco For Ryan? • Dish Granted
30:35The Story of St. Nicholas • Puppet History
The Story of St. Nicholas • Puppet Historyvisningar 833tn3 månader sedan
17:52Are You Scared of the Holidays?
Are You Scared of the Holidays?visningar 583tn3 månader sedan
17:02Pro Chef Vs. Homemade Spam • Homemade
Pro Chef Vs. Homemade Spam • Homemadevisningar 319tn4 månader sedan
23:44Are You Scared of Being Hunted?
Are You Scared of Being Hunted?visningar 721tn4 månader sedan
26:15Are You Scared of Being Trapped?
Are You Scared of Being Trapped?visningar 698tn4 månader sedan
23:26Are You Scared of Charles the Bear?
Are You Scared of Charles the Bear?visningar 731tn5 månader sedan
22:09Are You Scared of Sleepwalking?
Are You Scared of Sleepwalking?visningar 751tn5 månader sedan


  • Love it

  • Hell yeah Joyce is back, we love the enthusiasm.

  • 0:58 lol the professor isn't actually being controlled by anybody, shane just eats a jellybean and turns into the professor before they start filming

  • “I would love to be on that red boat because I know I’m that b*tch” I lost it

  • God, I wish Shane would be a guest some day, I’m surprised he never has

  • The Flower Boat puppet is the thing of nightmares, but DAMMIT Professor do your guests have bangin' songs.

  • Professor calling Ryan a “Disney simp” is amazing

  • Love Joyce's hair in this episode and that she's back in a badass lady pirate episode after Ruining History. Captain That Bitch is back 😉 Captain Queef is good but she'll always be Captain That Bitch to me. Also, the art of Ching Shih kind of looks like Namaari...

  • This is the best song of this season so far!

  • The professors a horse girl

  • I was thinking that it was hard to imagine Shane as a demon with such a superb song as that one was... but then came time for the awards and he somehow made a puppet look murderous... so I kinda get it XD #BoogaraOnlyCauseIveSeenGhouls

  • the professor was a horse girl growing up.

  • We need a best of album for Puppet History

  • No Sea dogs! In the one ep about the sea!

  • I haven't watched the episode yet but I've loved the story of Ching Shih for years now so I'm so thrilled they're doing an episode on this she's such a cool person

  • calling it a "saloon" is a nice way of saying "a brothel where you could also get drinks"

  • Ryan Bergara, a Disney simp. FACT.

  • That song is such a bop wow

  • where's garrett????

  • Wait, Shane has THREE hands???

  • Theory: The beans are a transformation potion, not specifically human --> puppet. Obviously the Professor is immortal and timeless so he came first, but what if the Professor eats the jellybeans to turn human and developed a human persona over the years. A persona he called... Shane Madej

  • I lost it with the pictures of Joyce and the Professor in Reno

  • I bet I’m not the only one who really miss the old format, with mysteries, unsolved crimes and ghost exploring that you use to cover. This new channel is, I’m sad to say, just too...immature and way too straggly. It’s like you’re trying to please everyone and end up pleasing no one. Why did you gave up such a winning concept? I realize you can’t copy the Buzzfeed show due to legal issues, but in my humble opinion you should have changed the format a bit and continued the idea. That’s what the majority of your fan base came here to see, I imagine. I may be wrong, but I don’t think I am. Regardless, I wish you all good luck with the new channel. You’re worth it!

  • Still the best song in puppet history. Snitch on the rich, my friends.

  • I'm concerned by Ryan thinking queefs and farts are the same thing 🤔

  • Ryan: "The Scourge!" Me: *sweats in the Arcana*

  • The professor as the Jewel of the Whole Crew just added so much lore

  • Omg I just finished a research paper about pirate women and she was a big focus in itttt I’m so excited

  • Loved this!!!!!!!! The flower boat song was was really good!💖💖💖🌊🌊🌊🚢⛵🚢⛵

  • Did anyone actually count the points? This one is the most questionable loss for ryan so far

  • 3:52 the boat is named SS Phosphorus f*cked here and i love that little call back

  • you have all outdone yourselves yet again

  • That song needs so much love omg one of the best ones easy

  • Fun Fact: Ching Shih opened up a gambling den, and that's how she lived out her retirement.

  • @20 minutes: No mention of C dogs, on this, of all episodes?

  • When the horses wife came out WHERE DID THE THIRD ARM COME FROM???

  • Lol why that girl seems like she trying to hard in life...I wish I wrote my term paper on these people.

  • Ahoy, Ryan's expression here brings me free serotonin 7:42

  • I have said this since the hot daga, but Shane is such an effortlessly clever lyricist. I find it so impressive

  • How many arms does Shane have?!

  • this ep still has the best closing song out of any episode of ph. this is simply my correct opinion.

  • so garrett is next episode then?

  • Ngl that Ching Shih and prof song SLAPSSS

  • is no one going to talk about the absolute BANGER that was this episode's song?

  • that was the best song yet

  • I need Professor Pirate on a Hoochin and Smoochin Tee PLEASE!

  • The lyrics only get better

  • Are we not gunna talk about the professor and the 2 horses?.... You know.... 3... Puppets?

  • the song is amazing, and so is the boat puppet!!!

  • At this point everyone that comes on the show is a returning champ

  • Anyone else as excited for this ska song as me? No? Ok, I understand.

  • *in Shane's angriest yell* RYAN SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • That is my FAVORITE song by far of this entire series!!!

  • We love a boss bitch~

  • 6:07 C U R S E D

  • I’m about to leave my city life behind for piracy too if my rent gets any higher

  • Swally swoop!

  • I need "Slaughter Water" on a tshirt and a mug


  • One day, Ryan is going to win and he won't know wtf to do.

  • IDK if I would say that the Cheng Pao situation is *incestuous*. Like, that's her husband's ex, right? If Pao was I's lover, I say there's a chance it was something of a pirate triad thing going on.

  • One time I was called a cartoon villain for using the expression tickled pink, I'm glad I'm in good company here

  • Ah what the fuck!? Why have I just realised that the professor has actual hands and not just fluffy stubs - and why does that seem more disturbing!?

  • Did the horse's lip fall off?

  • Does anyone know the song playing in the background at 6:21? Thank u!

  • I know there's probably a 0% chance of you doing it but I recommend the Professor covering the Tennessee Children's Home Society scandal.

  • I've been waiting for this one

  • do you think these women effectively utilized girl power by poisoning all those people

  • I just don’t get how three puppets are being played by Shane at the same time 😂😂

  • You guys should do an episode on Bass Reeves!

  • So The Professor was Jewel of The Whole Crew, we must have a movie about him and all his past lives!

  • I was hoping they would cover this, i ran into this once while reading and its so not well known that i was HOPING this day would come. All Hail The Watcher indeed (but more importantly, the beloved professor)

  • I feel like he’s staring into my soul whenever the professor pauses to be mad at Ryan

  • Anything pirate related exists: Me: ATEEZ ATEEZ ATEEZ but this video was so awesome, thanks Shane, professor and all the watcher team

  • Can you guys do the story about the hammer fisted kung fu guy who singlehandedly beat 9 gangs?

  • You have to ask T-Pain if he wants to join you guys for an episode and expand from there. Choose and ask Celebs. Think of it as the Hot Ones from First We Feast in a history version with no food.

  • Whose third hand was that?

  • Fantastic song, and Joyce's hair game was on -point-! A well-deserved win!

  • Hold up how did shane do the 2 horses and the professor

  • 23:39 so no head?