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We are a couple of friends who build crazy cars and contraptions out of a small garage.

So far we have put a Honda dirt bike engine in a power wheels toy Ford Mustang Barbie car, chopped a dirt bike frame to build a snowmobile engine powered off road scooter, hotwired an abandoned Toyota Tacoma and turned it into a rock crawler / 4x4 offroader, turned an iconic BMW E36 coupe into a rally truck, did a rv/bus conversion and built a fully caged convertible BMW E46 drift car.

It only gets wilder from here so make sure to subscribe!

For business inquiries please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]


13:382JZ Lawn Mower Build - Haltech ECU Wiring and More!
21:41100HP Power Wheels 4WD Raw Time Lapse
100HP Power Wheels 4WD Raw Time Lapsevisningar 115tn22 dagar sedan
22:382JZ Lawn Mower Engine Rebuild + Racecar Parts!
20:1913B Rotary Drift Trike Custom Frame Build!
9:23100 HP Tracked Power Wheels Full Send!
100 HP Tracked Power Wheels Full Send!visningar 165tnMånad sedan
13:29Off Road 13b Rotary Drift Trike Build!
Off Road 13b Rotary Drift Trike Build!visningar 372tnMånad sedan
14:572JZ Lawn Mower Engine Teardown and Fabrication
13:15Worlds Smallest Snow Bike is Finished!
Worlds Smallest Snow Bike is Finished!visningar 220tn2 månader sedan
16:02Electric Chainsaw Powered Amazon Pocket Bike Build
15:52Super Charged Barbie Jeep Makes 15 PSI
Super Charged Barbie Jeep Makes 15 PSIvisningar 603tn2 månader sedan
12:48100HP 4x4 Power Wheels Gets Tracks!
100HP 4x4 Power Wheels Gets Tracks!visningar 592tn2 månader sedan
16:24Snow Quad VS Snow Bike! Idaho Mountains Full Send!
17:49We Built The Worlds Smallest Snow Bike!
We Built The Worlds Smallest Snow Bike!visningar 682tn2 månader sedan
17:21400HP Twin Turbo Diesel VW Beetle Hill Climb Monster!
22:11We Put A Snow Bike Kit on a Sport Quad!
We Put A Snow Bike Kit on a Sport Quad!visningar 649tn3 månader sedan
10:3775 MPH Go Kart Build Gets Lights, Siren and More!
19:112JZ Lawn Mower Build - Steering and Chassis EP 5
16:23We Bought A Fire Truck! Ultimate Toy Hauler Build?
17:322JZ Lawn Mower Build - Engine Mounts and Fabrication
11:19DIY Go Kart Series. EP 5 - Mounting the Body and More!
14:352JZ Lawn Mower Build - Rolling Chassis on 30's!
11:20100HP Power Wheels Epic Send at Night With Lights!


  • "the first production snow bike that you can actually buy" I don't think it's thru. I remember riding a dedicated snow bike at least 10 years ago called "the Snow Hawk" manufactured in Quebec Canada. And we bought two of those at the time. But hey! Only the legal language is deceptive. Not the legal statement... :D

  • The simple fact that it had enough torque to tow a much larger bike is worth a thumbs up for this little thing. Well done.

  • Man I love this channel! Makes my morning trying to make out what y’all were saying while riding, 😂 sounded like a happy review. No idea what was actually said. 😁 have a great day guys! 👍💪❤️🇺🇸

  • How much did the barbie kart cost to build ?

  • Just got this video from one of my friends, it was amazing build... Gudjob 👍🏼👍🏼💪🏽💥💥

  • I hope they gave you the bike , because that was better than any advertisement they could have done themselves .

  • Only one question remains, how much do they cost? There's no pricing on their website so maybe you guys can fill us in? Even if it's just a general idea, given how government lockdowns are screwing everything up.

  • Hows it do on sand? Might be good here in Arizona

  • Didn't read all 1600 replies(so far), but did anyone else catch the irony of Ethan talking about a functional cannon with his fly down? Stoked for the build dudes!

  • 700 bucks for the cvt version. not sure the price on the 190r. this thing is awesome and i think ill have a couple before next winter

  • Need a bit lower gears

  • I would love to buy one

  • You have to get some tracks for sure

  • You gotta get the evo kit so you can demo the 450 in one. This company is only an hour and 15 minutes from me. May have to take a gander.

  • Put your tongue on them battery’s see if there charged up

  • What tubing notched are you using?

  • Without the body the chassis looks like a crawler

  • Put a huge motor in it

  • Lembrei do crash team racing Ps1.

  • The flying video is improving rapidly! Goes great with the rest of your content. Great stuff fellas.

  • Can I buy this one

  • I know it is not the point of your videos, but .. the drone footage plays a really important part in your presence on SEnewss. Please do a special episode, at some point, featuring the drone and it's pilot.

  • When are you gonna paint the bike?

  • Did anyone find a price on it?

  • "First purpose built snow bike"? I thought I saw one (not a conversion, maybe smaller) from Honda decades ago.

    • Maybe it was the Chrysler Sno-Runner, but I was sure I remembered a Honda close to the same size.

  • He’s like “clearly I’m not trying hard enough” I was thinking 🤔 try jumping it, and he does it! Probably the only SEnewssrs that do the cool shit you want them to!

  • You should build the tank to use actual tracks and build your own tracks. Build the tracks to accommodate two of the Batteries inside the tracks. This way you will have more room for every thing else.

  • Lmk if you need someone to repair the roof, I’ll do it for free (depending on how far away lol)

  • This looks like plastic shit.

  • Damn guys, your Frankenstein projects are getting pretty advanced!

  • Epic!!!

  • wtf

  • Perfect for a Communist Chinese sympathizer

  • I see it has one of those super standard pit bike engines....soooo... 212cc daytona swap?

  • I looked it up and a 140 cc was 4,000$ that’s a little much for what the bike is I think

  • It’s a pit snow bike!! That’s so cool

  • Haha dead cells , electric cars are gunna be in auto shops more than an Audi from the 90s LMFAO

  • It looks like a 50. Might have to try this with my 178 stroker klx110 or maybe one of the other small bikes i have

  • You guys didn;t fuck around on this one! But, pretty lethal if you get pulled into the rear wheel.

  • Very cool! but , I believe Chrysler built the first ones 40ish years ago...

  • a 12min ad kewl

  • So how do they shift gear by foot or?

  • Hmm putting it to the test before you guys use it for something completely different and that it should never do with it or put it on something els 🤣 love you guys

  • Awesome skill set great job

  • Sno Rabbit was the first production-built snow bike. Just saying.

  • Ай молодец адский трицикл❕👍👍👍

  • That thing is sweet how much was it

  • Snow Grom 😲

  • 🤯

  • Looks like a fun little snowbike, but not sure I'd buy one beings that I'm 6'3"!

  • Sorry guys but the arctic cat SVX 450 was the first purpose built snowbike that you could actually buy. That was like 5 years ago. Granted, it was simply a marriage of a Camso kit on a Sherco bike, but it was sold as OEM arctic cat, ready to ride on the snow.

    • @robfn that's a toss-up. It's really more like a basic snowmobile with a single, large front ski. A matter of opinion and details, and a subject of possible argument.

    • 2007 snowhawk 800 h.o.

  • How long can Ethan keep from swapping on a 650+cc or will he just go straight to a Hellcat take out?

  • Put a 450 in it

  • Sweet machine.

  • cant wait for xgames freestyle and snow motoX

  • Smells like free bike ad.

  • How much do the cost

  • That floor... vinyl is extremely toxic for humans to breathe as it always will off-gas

  • Love the fpv drone shots and the partial crash into snow. 🤘🏽

  • And now you make it in to a dird bike?

  • Arcticcat made one factory built

  • I love this! You gotta do more of this..

  • soooooooo engine swap?

  • Looks like something you would get on amazon

  • So cool

  • Gotta make a frozen version for my daughter 😊

  • Perhaps you should do research before making statements about the first. While in reality it was really more a snow moped in 1979 Chrysler sold the Snowrunner.

  • Enough torque/power to pull a snowboarder? Looks like a yes Pulling the dead one. Long term health of engine from pulling is a good question though.

  • It needs the Daytona 190 motor that makes 24hp!!!!!

  • Ok let’s be real here, you guys can build a better one! Please do it!

  • Awesome project, excited to see it come to life! Just a thought, if you can't fit both motors why not have one with a differential and independant brakes on each track for steering? Having said that I'd love to see the full 450+hp in that thing 😂

  • Needs to be called the Leaf Blower 100% 😂

  • The website says that they are 0 dollars when you go to check out and you can't find the actual price of the thing.

  • My back hurts just watching that car take flight with its bounced landing


  • Swap

  • Turbo time

  • good afternoon, wouldn't you like to sell me a cart or make me one

  • Now just waiting for that 600 engine swap :)

  • Will it work on sand? Please advise.