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8:04James Charles SUED over this... (yikes)
8:03David Dobrik EXPOSED by Jeff Wittek...
David Dobrik EXPOSED by Jeff Wittek...visningar 594tn7 dagar sedan
8:02Jeffree Star SPEAKS OUT about car accident...
6:45James Charles SUING after Morphe dropped him...
8:46James Charles MIGHT get DROPPED by Morphe...
8:33The Ace Family EXPOSED by fans...
The Ace Family EXPOSED by fans...visningar 543tn28 dagar sedan
8:58Trisha Paytas DRAGS Nikita Dragun over this...
11:40The TRUTH about James Charles... (yikes)
The TRUTH about James Charles... (yikes)visningar 678tnMånad sedan
8:52Shane Dawson RETURNS to the internet...?
Shane Dawson RETURNS to the internet...?visningar 753tnMånad sedan
9:51Tana Mongeau EXPOSED these influencers...
10:47David Dobrik LEAVES the internet over this...
11:09Jeff Wittek just SPEAKS OUT on frenemies...
8:02Jeffree Star team QUIT on him...
Jeffree Star team QUIT on him...visningar 679tnMånad sedan
8:01Shane Dawson CALLED OUT by Tana Mongeau...


  • Shane is joking, and never did that....but james and his fans are did it

  • If James comes back and is like "I've changed so much in the past two weeks" I'm going to lose my mind

  • I wish Shane wasn't so problematic because he can be funny and seems to sometimes be genuine. It's hard seeing what is true and what is a lie or manipulation. I wish he was a better friend to Garrett,drew,Andrew, and Trisha didn't roast them about things that are known insecurities. Like I feel like he is a bad person who does good things. I just wish he was a good person who sometimes did bad things because I grew up watching him so I want to see him in a positive light, but it's hard to ignore everything brought into the light

  • For someone claiming to be focusing on his mental health and depression he sure has miraculously come out with some products and plans. He really is THAT dependent on putting out content that it blurred any sense out of him why people don't want him back.

  • idc imma be that person to spam all of james accounts with what he did if he ever has the gall to return. we shouldn't let a groomer come back at all

  • Honestly, I think Trisha has changed a lot so even if Gabbie were to come out with this “bad stuff” about Trish I think people would still take Trisha's side Gabbie hasn’t changed at all her whole career.

  • “We need to talk about the Ace family.” But like.... do we really though??

  • I dont even think this "beef" is about the definition of their friendship because it tends to take two people to agree they're friends to be ... friends? I think Gabbies views are low, so she's making a mockery of mental health, something trish has been very open about their journey in, consistently attacking anyone who disagrees with her about... literally anything, imaging cancelling someone over not liking your poetry or liking a tweet. She's completely lost in her own vortex of pathological lies and she simply can not keep up with all of them. She's abused her platform, broken boundaries multiple times with multiple people, has had her own sister expose her and say shes worse in private than in public, and meets all the basic traits of NPD. I'm not a professional so I won't say she has NPD, but she really just needs to take a break from social media and find a healthy way to stay relevant that isnt destructive to literally everyone around her.

  • I just feel for all the other influencers who have had his (James) back and he pull this shit again, how embarrassing.

  • I know james made a very big mistake but we dont have a right to judge someone 💖💖💖 and we should not push someone down....stop hate Amd we even dont know who’s telling the truth so we should not be quick to judge someone

  • I can't wait for shane to come back honestly without new content from shane my mental health hasn't been very good his videos actually got me through alot say what you want but i need shane back don't like him don't watch him simple

  • Not here for a Shane Dawson return. I have no idea how anyone can forgive him after watching the D’Angelo Wallace video. I feel like it’s easy to forgive when you learn about things throughout time. But seeing it all culminated together made me nauseous. How is James Charles a monster and Shane just made some mistakes. Kissing and asking minors to twerk?? Why is this something to brush off.

  • Cathrine be checking everyone but Austin. Every time there’s a cheating scandal she’s the first to hop on it and call bs. At this point Cathrine probably signed an NDA for Austin. How is every cheating scandal a lie? I know sometimes people do lie for clout but I don’t think that is the case. Every story about them is the same. There’s some truth to every lie. I get wanting to protect your family but girl you need to talk to Austin instead of coming for a news outlet just doing what news outlet get paid to do. But that’s just my opinion I could be wrong.

  • I’d sacrifice shane any day to get Jenna marbles back. He is vile.

  • GH looks SOOO STRANGE right now... no offense. She just looks... greasy... and desperate. If ANYTHING, TRISHA looks and IS, happy, And GH, is so jealous. Look at her life!? She doesn’t have a caring fiancé, a brand new home, with said fiancé, doing lovely videos, literally GLOWING... she’s BEEN happy since before Xmas, GH needs to get a grip on reality! 🧐🤨

  • With shane dawsons case- I never doubted he was out of his mind, he literally gives off the aura of mentally unstable for me- for the cat case- it's really disgusting but yeah- i expected shane to do something like that.. it's still 100% his fault tho- for black face, i believe that the internet was a VERY different time before- this was okay, and probably there were worst jokes being made, i don't want to talk more about this because i am not black and i do not have a say on how offensive this is, but still- for his pedophilia jokes- it's also sickening but again- the internet was different back then but this is still wrong yes, In the end- i do not support cancel culture, or leaving hate on anyone because what is shown on the internet is not the whole story. yes we consider that this is all shane dawsons fault 100% but we also need to consider that this was YEARS ago- there is no way in the world he hasn't changed. he also does not have a time machine so why are we acting like he could just NOT do it- it's been done, he regrets it, he's been sent many death threats about it, he has said sorry- it's all he can do

  • Guysssss!!!!!!!!!, focus on 5:52, the guy in the back wears gray T-shirts, grabs the woman's putttt!!! WTF????????????????????

  • Love Spill, for using “they” to refer to Trisha, as we’re not really sure what she’s identifying as now. I really appreciate the small touches that make this channel AMAZING, and keeps me coming back. Not been wrong about ANYTHING! Appreciate you!!!🌹

  • damn I missed a lot

  • Jesus... I miss Jenna

  • Question do i have to b vaccinated to enter America

  • Question do i have to b vaccinated to enter America

  • I mean if it wasn't really true, the ace family is rich. They can sue the girl for false claims. Why aren't they trying? 💀 The more I think it's real

  • No one : Me looking at the ✌ guy 6:47 wondering if he got noticed 🤣🤣🤣

  • I feel like james is a bit harder to forgive- this is the second time for heck sake, I do believe in growth and change but yeah, I want him to fully take responsibility of his actions with no excuses no shenanigans- prove to us he won't do it again and don't act like the victim because he obviously isn't, i don't support cancel culture, or insulting james at all- I'm not here to spread hate on james- just sharing my opinion

  • Shane has secret fans? Nah we here lol it ain't no secret hahaha

  • Okay so… @ the whole James Charles situation… I feel like Jeffree star paid that boy to talk to him, knowing James Would take the bait to get him canceled

  • i’m so glad shane may be coming back 😌

  • I am not a shane stan or something I just don’t understand why people want James back for stuff he did a month ago and hating shane for something he did years ago

  • Gabby is really damaged. Run Trisha

  • Why does James get to return and not Shane, they did the same thing?

  • i dont mind james charles coming back, shane dawson though can rot

  • Will Shane's RV have a "free candy" sign? 😂

  • James 😬

  • EW I know that rv will be nasty asf

  • I’m probably one of the few that don’t mind Shane coming back. The fan was right. We don’t get to dictate who gets to post whatever on social media. I mean if he becomes a van lifer and wants to change his content, why not let him? People be like “no, he should stay away.” Etc are the same people who are giving him attention. It’s on you to keep talking about him just like this channel.

  • Why does Shane keep acting like he’s been wronged he’s so delusional nobody wants him back it’s been so quiet without him and his boring problematic behaviour, having anxiety and depression doesn’t give you a pass to be a fucking predator

  • The mob mentality in the comments is real. Grabbing the pitchforks at any given moment. "Burn the witch!"

  • I mean excuse me should I feel sorry for James ? He’s old enough to knew what he’s doing and not to hang out with teenagers like Nikita and literally sexually manipulating kids to sexting with him “oh I asked twice if he’s 18” like that supposed to help ? Jeez I don’t wanna now what he will be doing in future when he’s going to be 30 he’s always gonna like younger omg 😷

  • Why is Noah famous like eww

  • Yikes 😬 James Charles take a break lol forever.

  • Why the fuck would she say that about Trisha? Like legit wth? What is wrong with her.

  • *don't come back* _none of ya_

  • Shane dawson , do you feel no shame dawson

  • Shane Dawson and James Charles should ✨disintegrate✨

  • This is what I have been saying CANCEL CULTURE IS NOT REAL no one can truly be “cancelled” look at Shane Jeffrey James Nikita literally no one have ever lost their platform and I hate this

  • I think it’s funny how Shane thinks his absence from social media was HIS choice and the break is about HIS mental state. It pisses me off when he does updates saying he’s been gone bc he’s been focusing on his health etc. No. You’re gone bc we finally made you take responsibility and you’re waiting for the storm to pass.

  • Bro not you saying “to do” and not even trying to pronounce “todo bien”. It’s a Spanish sentence.

  • ok but isnt it "todo bien" and not "to do"? lmao

  • It's because of her ✨bangs✨

  • Gabbie is wrong, cringy and unbearable

  • what did Shane even do like I can't remember

  • Shane is acting as if silence for a few months equates to being forgiven. Like you said he pops up sometimes to sell merch or say he's doing better w/o mentioning anything else. No accountability

  • i've also seen a lot of people on twitter recently on James' latest post there was a lot of people defending him and showing support

  • Idk why y'all freaking out about James like he hasn't attacked anyone physically and mostly it's the boys fault for wanting and continuing to text him 🙄 I might be a fan of any celeb but I don't go and text them it's like expecting something out of it that's what the boys are literally expecting.

  • 'i feel bad Noah Beck, he's so nice. I feel bad for his friends.' NO. Absolutely not. This whole group is problematic AF. This is the cliche problematic people hanging out together and covering up for each other.

  • Gabbie not respecting Trishas pronouns is another why I can’t take her serious. I mean like come on, it is not that hard to be respectful 🙄

  • I wouldn't put it past James Charles to pay his 'Friends' to say these nice things about him

  • idk bout ya'll, but i be BOPPIN' to the theme song of every videoo.....it's just SO GOOD.

  • Gabbie is the definition of delusional😟

  • Can we stop talking about Shane whenever he "comes back"? Bad publicity is still publicity.

  • Why do youtubers always find the need to come back - just go away we dont like you

  • Wrong tea spill voice. “Can you imagine”, that’s the key. You’re imagining. You don’t know. So stop.

  • I like how Gabbie purposely leaves out the fact she called Trisha unhappy and just said Trisha was mad she called her untalented.

  • Gabbie's tiktoks just make her look like she's on drugs lmfao

  • To clear things up, James is a Gemini. He knows how to convince and trick people.

  • I'm sorry but what shane did to Trisha is so fucked up he is actually disgusting and untill she gets a fucking apologies I will not be looking at a thing he did.

  • honestly i want shane to come back. i’m bored with out him

  • OMG, the Charli D'Amelio article title 😆

  • I'm actually sad and concerned for the people who still support James after everything he did...

  • My boyfriend knows the intro song lmao its so funny to hear him sing it Kisses from Belgium 🇧🇪 🤍

  • I truly don't think they understand the true underlying factors of why James Charles is under so much heat I don't understand peoples mind...it's always these brain-dead goldfish influencer's just laugh it off and brush it off like its nothing its so infuriating how these types of people get famous online no wonder why there following are so manipulated into glorifying these people man who would've thought someone with power and influence would use that to gain access to children and then be sexual with them and get away with it what kind of world do we live in honestly absolutely sickening oh but it's okay because it's James Charles ofc he'll come back and still make millions

  • Ppl are still hating on james for no reason like he is not manipulating his friends like omg ppl need to get lives

  • You said todo wrong lmao

  • Y'all James literally is 21 and dumb, he texted with 16yo teens and what about it, saying that he is a predator is insulting for the real victims that dealed with real predators. This isn't something to go to jail for, in most states 16 is the age of consent and the boys knew what they were doing. James' friends aren't dumb and obviously know this, he is not brainwashing anyone damn

  • Your voice is just like Charli Damelio and you talk like James Charles

  • I threw up a bit when u read the james comments people really be supporting predators/ just straight up disgusting people

  • It’s funny how you pronounce todo. It’s not to do but Spanish -> todo bien


  • I want Shane to come back. I don't care about James and whoever the Ace Family is.