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Hi! I'm a self-taught editor, SEnewssr and Twitch live streamer that mainly plays Rust.


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Rust - THE UNLUCKY LIFEvisningar 721tnDag sedan
50:50Rust - Unturned Stones
Rust - Unturned Stonesvisningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
1:17:11Rust - A GREAT RECOVERY to a HOPELESS Wipe (Movie)
2:24:49Rust - A Solo's Journey II (Movie)
Rust - A Solo's Journey II (Movie)visningar 3,3mn3 månader sedan
48:06Rust - OUTPLAYING a CLAN as a SOLO
Rust - OUTPLAYING a CLAN as a SOLOvisningar 1,5mn4 månader sedan
26:55Rust - SPEEDRUNNING in 3 HOURS (Solo Survival)
Rust - SPEEDRUNNING in 3 HOURS (Solo Survival)visningar 1,2mn4 månader sedan
1:11:37Rust - MY BEST WIPE EVER
Rust - MY BEST WIPE EVERvisningar 1,6mn4 månader sedan
48:04Rust - RAIDING THEM BACK (Duo Survival)
Rust - RAIDING THEM BACK (Duo Survival)visningar 1,6mn5 månader sedan
1:00:37Rust - THE SOLO LIFE V5
Rust - THE SOLO LIFE V5visningar 2,2mn5 månader sedan
1:02:21The Most UNIQUE and INSANE RUST Experience EVER!
54:04Rust - GOING DEEP for a BOX OF SULFUR  (Vanilla Rust)
45:44Rust - A SOLO's ENDGAME in ONE DAY (Vanilla Rust)
1:00:01Rust - THE SOLO LIFE V4
Rust - THE SOLO LIFE V4visningar 2,2mn8 månader sedan
1:03:04Rust - My LUCKIEST SOLO Run EVER (Movie)
Rust - My LUCKIEST SOLO Run EVER (Movie)visningar 3,5mn8 månader sedan
1:06:05Our DUO STRUGGLE for POWER in Rust - ft. Stevie
41:17Rust - GOING DEEP and RAIDING as a TRIO
Rust - GOING DEEP and RAIDING as a TRIOvisningar 1,9mn10 månader sedan
31:20Rust - TEAMING UP for a RAID (Rust Duo/Trio Survival)
35:02Rust - THE SOLO LIFE V3
Rust - THE SOLO LIFE V3visningar 2,2mn11 månader sedan


  • you should play with posty

  • Gotta love that secret 3rd teammate called bear

  • Looks like someone liked shroud’s thumbnail :/

  • 22:15 when people do “off camera mining”

  • bruh 45:44

  • how did spicy know there was 3 c4 🧐 he didnt even say 3 c4 he said "spicyee" kinda sus

  • Me wait for the new video for a month and upload me be like let me.just down load it and watch it over and over

  • i love how its pronounced 'voy-tek'

  • GG..

  • Dude I want More Vids with dB hes is so cool

  • That spineless sneak : GG bro i respect ... few seconds later fuck him he is an asshole. LOL

  • Loved it

  • 16:52 & 16:56 dm the guns are there braaaah

  • blooprint origin video

  • You know its good when they are in ak fight in 10 min

  • so scripted

  • Wally have max Luck stat.

  • As an adult who first learned about rust this year, having only watched the ‘family friendly content creator [insert name]’ more recent Rust content, I can honestly say watching your gameplay has me seriously considering refunding the console beta version. I just wanted to be a horse-riding, pumpkin and hemp farming sheriff for the nakeds and go to shoot and fight on wipe day. Got me out here getting wiped on farm day and farmed on wipe day 😂😂. Looking forward to your 2 million special!

  • handmade M2 kinda slaps 👀

  • 5:09 69% fuel :D

  • Can anyone tell me what door skin they use? The cherry blossom Japanese thypa vibe. I NEED IT!

  • *starts the video with a sad preview about grubs ruining everything* *immediately grubs a raid*

  • What if 5459 was their master code to all their doors...

  • GG

  • POV:Almost every1 in this comment section be mad XD

  • idk why but i cant join the EU Bloo Lagoon

  • Bloo big fannn pls answer me how can i buy rust game?

  • The thumbnail is like the poster for the movie Nobody. 😂

  • Fuck those guys

  • lmao I'm dead to 750,450 people.

  • on 31min i like that headshots tho

  • was this video filmed on rustoria barren?

  • I'm surprised that they didn't recognize that it was him they, were playing on his sever.

  • Idea get all ur subscribers on the server and tell all opf them just to throw rocks at them :D

  • Notice the "grub" has Bloo's custom SAR skin lol

  • So is it hard to break into someone's shelter if it's upgraded to stone? Obviously I'm a noob

  • I use mukbang to torture myself

  • Unfortunately there are a lot of noobs who leave doors open

  • would it be like you put a caption in english do Brazil?

  • These youtubers are so hypocritical. The very essence of snowballing is grubbing.

  • 9:35 just leaving this here for myself

  • sponge


  • I remember when garage door was tier 1

  • POV your waiting for cargo to come to rust console beta

  • love the wids dont stop ur my favorite youtuber!!!

  • topape mo

  • 06:08 "Porta de metal" Are you learning to speak Portuguese BR?

  • Bro i spit my food out when yah got killed by a bow lmfaooo. you really fcked them up dou gg

  • but srsly ur Chad Nice job

  • Why u have to be mad it`s only game ! if isn`t why alonetokyo isn`t mad ?

  • That was a great video. Everyone go hit the like button

  • U ever gonna add blue lagoon on console

  • the end with amanda are the best parts ^^

  • so fucking many man... maaany many many men

  • love you how he complains about a grub in the beginning and then grubs😹

  • Dude it hurts to wat hhhhh

  • 1 or all of those guys had ESP confirmed

  • The painting inspired by nobody's movie is amazing , so cool wonderful bro just so creative i love it nice job bloo

  • "I was down bad"

  • de ce faci asta incearca aia te rog este mai usor sa intelegi nu mai face asa ca nu e bine altfel vin alieni imi pare rau pt deranjare

  • 24:11 hemorrhoids

  • this shit will get you canceled now adays LOL

  • Quality content.

  • Cheated death "How to beat final dinstation(mispelling) 2 and 3 maybe 1

  • I've been so bored with Rust this month but now I want to fire it back up and play

  • Play the beta 3 days built up and was offline raided lol trash 🗑🤣 no kind of turrets nothing to stop people how stupid. Ark is alot more fun.

  • 32:00 build up hurt so bad like got damn there was a hot air balloon there they probably werent even geared

  • lul the pov is every fight i have or I just get obliterated before I had a chance to shoot

  • 30:27 - 30:30 bro on point im fucking dead broo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣......he was like ima bird 🐦🐦😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  • 26:30 hurt so bad

  • Ahahahahaha

  • These guys seem pretty bad gets beamed

  • ive never seen anyone take hele with a sar lmfao

  • I like how he takes some time to renovate his 1 by 2

  • 3:09 Maybe i am a grub

  • Get shit on 😂😂😂 had that meme replaying in my mind

  • 33:12 best intro

  • Don’t talk if u don’t vibe on oil on force wipe