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Spearfishing \u0026 freediving

I'm from NYC, but currently live in Bali, Indonesia


1:00(serious video)
(serious video)visningar 212tn7 dagar sedan
3:44why spearfishing is difficult (almost drowned)
0:57is spearfishing worse than alien abduction?
is spearfishing worse than alien abduction?visningar 350tn14 dagar sedan
0:44still tasted good
still tasted good visningar 622tn14 dagar sedan
0:50spearfishing mackerel (almost got TWO)
spearfishing mackerel (almost got TWO)visningar 420tn14 dagar sedan
1:00gollum dreams of sushi (spearfishing wahoo)
gollum dreams of sushi (spearfishing wahoo)visningar 204tn14 dagar sedan
0:59a true story about me littering in the ocean
0:59DEAR KARENS: this ones for you
DEAR KARENS: this ones for youvisningar 2,8mn14 dagar sedan
1:00something went wrong
something went wrongvisningar 4mn21 dag sedan
0:59what happens when i dont catch any fish
what happens when i dont catch any fishvisningar 848tn21 dag sedan
1:00spearfishing spanish mackerel (rather large)
0:59what EXACTLY does spearfishing entail???
what EXACTLY does spearfishing entail???visningar 380tn21 dag sedan
1:00sad story of a stupid fish (no offense)
sad story of a stupid fish (no offense)visningar 1,3mn21 dag sedan
0:59speared a big fish for my birthday party
speared a big fish for my birthday partyvisningar 843tn28 dagar sedan
0:52spearing fish \u0026 eating them raw
spearing fish \u0026 eating them raw visningar 360tnM疇nad sedan
0:57my kitten is NOT vegan (spearfishing cat food)
0:55day in the life
day in the lifevisningar 909tnM疇nad sedan
0:35SPOILER ALERT: it did not survive
SPOILER ALERT: it did not survivevisningar 386tnM疇nad sedan
0:55worlds biggest speargun
worlds biggest speargunvisningar 1mnM疇nad sedan
1:00why people are offended by fishing videos????


  • Thats how you get parasites... definitely not something I would eat!

  • Can someone please explain how this kind of fishing is any more sustainable than commercial fishing? Keep in mind that he's only feeding himself, and commercial fishing feeds hundreds of people in a single trip.

  • This shows how intelligent as humans are

  • The new chubbyemu video is looking good

  • If aliens were to wipe out humanity? I'd honestly want it to be that way, I mean, would there be a more metal death?

  • Man I wanna do what this guy is doing.

  • Hey mate from your videos it sounds like you have a very fish heavy oriented diet. Are you worried at all about plastic consumption build up from fish? Is the area near the beach quite clean聶

  • Do you know the definition of insanity? Might want to try a different school.

  • Humans are omnivores. Animal flesh tastes delicious.

  • "If you don't like spear fishing maybe you should try it first" ... Okay dude, good to know it's just that easy

  • Why does this guy wear camo under water

  • Or that humans are a rare species because it's attempted genocide of a people/race frogs,horses not even killer whales are capable of doing that and that 1 in 300 people is a murderer as in they've killed someone in the past and that generally humans are not morally or socially aware of the poor or homeless or to anyone we view as different and weird gets hit with subjugation and bias that in 100 years americans are still gonna be rascist oh and another fun fact practically every other countey hates america mostly because we: invaded them,started a coup,tried to invade,went to war with,dropped 2 nukes on,made various slurs specifically for other countries and america made drugs like crack and lsd while purchasing cocaine using weapons and ammo and basically armed the middle east(think afghanistan) and flooded america with cocaine which then meant a surplus of drug flow into other countries via american tourists and that kids is why everyone hates america in the short term like and don't even get me started on the vatican and it's "holy" war it was basically nothing but rape and murder literally in that order ya got raped and either as the christian paladin was climaxing or had already climaxed the thing they had forced to the ground got killed and I say thing cause them christian bois raped women,men,children,live stock and pets and basically anything with a pulse got fucked then killed no joke shits twisted and people think christians are good like they about as good as hitler and his 3rd Reich like sorry to the current pope but no matter how much peace ya bring I know that the minute the holy grail is foubd to be real I know you would be tempted to say get a private army say your religious followers and train them into hyper armed modern day crusaders of the vatican and send them out to basically do another "holy" war also don't let a christian into your survival group in a post apocolyptic world they start thinking that they're a modern day messiah because they've survived this long and will quickly try and usurp power of your settlement/camp and turn the people you helped against you and kick/kill you from the group but most likely they'd kill you because you know their location and long story short that's how ya get cannibals that quote the bible let a christian into the group like the walking dead shows a priest dude and how he can't handle zombies but I think that's just because the man's a cannibal he sees meat but he knows it's tainted he had his old congress taste the meat before him and he watched as they turned like I could see that being a part of the show because christians are borderline satanish in their beliefs this has been real hardcore facts people tldr

  • they dont get offended when they buy meat and fish from a supermarket

  • You mean pescatarian. vegans just eat Fruit and veggies

  • What if you put some fishing line on it?

  • Thumbs up for the school shooting joke

  • Yep I did but did ya know that ignorant people are the cause of 100% of car crashes

  • Same do my parents like crack pipes and they also use it every day

  • Every time I watch one of your videos I get nostalgic for the three years I lived in Panama. I live in Florida, but its not the same. Living out of country is an experience everyone should have. Coming back to the US was culture shock. The level of hyperbolic advertising, mental dichotomy and tribal nonsense is staggering in the US. My VA benefits pay me $2,000 a month, and I can barely make rent in Florida. I could live in style where you live, but my wife wont even consider it. PS: My wife also teaches English to Chinese students. 儭

  • Bro stop doing these videos ok! What if a fish sees them?! That would really make it offended!

  • I wouldn't wanna watch someone spear a fish just like I wouldn't wanna watch someone kick a dog. They're both different, true, but they'd both be proof of someone wanting to share a video of violence towards an animal on a social sharing platform that does, in fact, have guidelines on violence.

  • Low key that fish looks hella good

  • Its so sad seeing all the bits of plastic floating around...

  • Remember that story in the Bible little boy with the 3 fish and 2 bread Jesus ate fish im 10000000 IQ GOD AMNIL ON EARTH TO USE NOT TO HAVE FIRNEDS d I vidoe this plz

  • Ass face, that one is too beautiful to kill and does not even taste that good

  • Holy fuck that's the LIFE though

  • Never understood how people can be vegan but somehow fish is ok to eat.

  • Keep calm And Keep on Fishing

  • Thanks, i now have a lot more things to be scared of.

  • That beat

  • Oof

  • That's amazing

  • Imagine this video gets taken down

  • Im offended because I cant get offended

  • 55 feet later

  • Bro. I would literally give anything to have his life

  • Trump didn't give you anything, it wasn't his money.

  • Seems like the life

  • WOW

  • How do you deal with the bends? Do you ever have to resurface carefully?

  • Your "friend"? Right...

  • Yeah, fuck the fishing, boy. you better buy some cow grown up in captivity in inhuman condition. It's not like u re helping the planet not buying anymore meat from factoryes.

  • Happy late birthday

  • I kill our dear then I skin gut then smoke, grill, sometimes fry it with my dad. Is that considered good


  • Happy Birthday!!

  • I wouldve given him ten bucks!

  • "Are those same people offended of an eagle catching a rabbit?" You'd be surprised. These people turn their dogs vegan lmao

  • You sound angry

  • Like dodo bird

  • I thought it was a dolphin at first

  • It's not that helpless let it go free and it will survive until an owl or hawk or eagle make it dinner like the fish was

  • Nothing wrong with speerfishing. But wy always wanting the biggest catch? You take out the oportunity for a species to reproduce when you only catch the bigger ones who are able to reproduce more often. So wy not catching them in a regulated sice when they reproduce offspring not so often and in a smaller amount? Just pointing out an scientific fact.

  • How did it taste? Just wondering since it would be sketchy to buy fish that's being cut on the side of the road.

  • At Indonesia you can get lot of food from nature with easy

  • Remember folks. If your racist against while people then ur not a racist. -2nd Tenet of the cult of Woke

  • Is that a question or a statement?

  • Imagine if he speared 2 fish with one harpoon

  • I wish I could do this but I dont like fish

  • Not even gonna lie, it would have been badass if you speared the shark

  • I can only hold my breath for about 1:30 minutes.

  • Tripletail is best blackened with lemon butter sauce IMHO

  • Fish can give cats kidney stones, js.

  • These fish have same metal capacity as red snapper living in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Watch out it might get taken down

  • white Americans: Go back to your country! If you dont like it here then leave! also white Americans: haha Im moving to your country now to evade taxes and live an easy life

  • Did you guys hear that that lady changed her name to "that holocaust teacher"? God she is dumb

  • I love fishing

  • It's only "sustainable" because not many people do it. If literally everyone that wanted to eat fish did it, it would be just as big of a problem as commercial fishing.

    • Also humans aren't successful because we eat other animals. We're successful because we learned to cook our food, make tools, and the devolvement of agriculture. Factory farming is a pretty new thing. For most of human history eating meat was actually pretty rare and usually only for the wealthy. Hunting was never a viable way to feed a city of people and still isn't. Sustainable isn't spear fishing. Sustainable is limiting factory farming, cycling crops, and limiting meat intake in general. Nature is cruel, animals eat other animals. Humans are omnivores and animals. Its entirely natural and normal to eat meat. What separates us from the other animals is our ability to think and plan and understand. We are smart enough to know that what we are currently doing is not sustainable. Telling everyone to go hunt if they want meat won't solve anything. Most people just genuinely don't care and the convenience of being able to pick up meat that was prepared with health standards in mind is just how humanity rolls. We genuinely eat way too much meat and its very unhealthy for the population as a whole. I'm much more worried about all of the pandemics that start from us doing meat processing the way we do.

  • No no no its ok man

  • Damn your definition of arch nemesis is a bit skewed. If all it takes for something to be your arch nemesis is for it to be difficult for you to murder it then there might be something wrong with you.

  • Oooh yeah. Love me some speared fishies

  • Wat

  • Are you implying that only creatures that need to eat meat to survive should consume meat? Arent you implying you shouldnt eat fish because you dont need to?

  • Why dont you get 2 fish everyday sell one and eat one. 襤m sorry if im stupid.

  • That grilled fish is motivating my Croatian genes in a good way.

  • So if a person were offended by the fast food fish buyer throwing away seafood, then youre fine with them being offended by your videos? Because that seems to be what your implying. Also, does the fast food fish buyer contribute to overfishing? If yes, shouldnt we tell people about it?

  • Dude no ones offended your just trying to stir controversy yourself for views chill out dweeb