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Building a 74ft steel origami junk rigged motorsailer in our front yard. ...and living the dream.


10:37Lazy Jack Boom Modification
Lazy Jack Boom Modificationvisningar 42tn22 timmar sedan
21:05Compressed Air System
Compressed Air Systemvisningar 63tn7 dagar sedan
11:10Hydraulics - Part 4
Hydraulics - Part 4visningar 55tn7 dagar sedan
24:46Rudder Installation and Other Boat Work
Rudder Installation and Other Boat Workvisningar 69tn14 dagar sedan
19:41Engine Exhaust
Engine Exhaustvisningar 65tnMånad sedan
51:20SV Seeker Open House
SV Seeker Open Housevisningar 30tn2 månader sedan
8:47Pilothouse Fitout - Part 4 - Lighting
Pilothouse Fitout - Part 4 - Lightingvisningar 57tn2 månader sedan
26:28Home Elevator to Davit Winch
Home Elevator to Davit Winchvisningar 80tn2 månader sedan
25:28Deck Crane Rebuild - Part 2
Deck Crane Rebuild - Part 2visningar 85tn3 månader sedan
3:09The Hobo Song by Francis Estrella
The Hobo Song by Francis Estrellavisningar 8tn3 månader sedan
10:29Pilothouse Fitout - Part 3 - Electrical and more
4:26Replacing Trailer Bearings
Replacing Trailer Bearingsvisningar 27tn3 månader sedan
5:00Deportee by Francis Estrella
Deportee by Francis Estrellavisningar 18tn3 månader sedan
12:23Pilothouse Fitout - Part 2 - Cabinets
Pilothouse Fitout - Part 2 - Cabinetsvisningar 79tn3 månader sedan
29:20Propeller Drive Train
Propeller Drive Trainvisningar 149tn3 månader sedan
24:54DIY Boat Propeller - Part 10 - Tested at 600 rpm
20:41Engine Room  - Paint/Pumps/Coolant/Fuel/Mounts
Engine Room - Paint/Pumps/Coolant/Fuel/Mountsvisningar 87tn4 månader sedan
26:14Main Hatch Drive Mechanism - Mark II
Main Hatch Drive Mechanism - Mark IIvisningar 121tn4 månader sedan
15:02Engine Coolant
Engine Coolantvisningar 42tn4 månader sedan


  • Even 19/32 OSB which is junk sheathing is $44. This is plain greed. The plants that make this stuff was only shut twice for two weeks. Can't blame it on supply and demand.

  • Arrgh Matey! Thar be some fine welds over thar.

  • A property like that would sell for no less than $350,000 on Long Island NY

  • the port holes hinge up so you can escape easier if the boat capsizes

  • The Dutch check in ....that's good Karma right there...words of wisdom he speaks at the end of this video....I would love to be there to watch the ships birth into the water.

  • what a time machine. idk why but youtube figured i wanted to go back 10/11 years to see the origin story and im sucked back in like i was all those years ago. I hope you can find the time to make a mega compilation from the beginning. Excellent wok, Doug. Wont be able to make the launch in person due to this damn virus and my employer, but i will be watching the live stream. Cheers!

  • First Scientific voyage: Search for lost civilizations buried in water after the last ice age!!! Atlantis baby!!!!

  • I'm a 25 year constructive and carpentry professional in Texas. I'd like to volunteer myself and my expertise for 3 to 4 weeks. Please contact me, I'm in central TX with an RV.

  • Dean's link took me to a Japanese website?

  • Wonder if the welds will still look good 😋

  • Filling that 1/2” gap isn’t as easy as he made it look with building up the weld. Duty cycle on that little smaller welder must be good.

  • Here’s what one mans desire can achieve, behind every good man there’s an even better woman. He’s done it, having only recently started watching Ive found myself constantly asking “how did he do that?” reverting back to the previous episodes “how he got the bow plate straight”etc.

  • They're called Sampson posts, as in Sampson and Delilah, because they are supposed to be the strongest part of the boat. I'm worried the tube wall is too thin!

    • Thanks, and it's sounds like you need something to worry about so there ya go. : )

  • my dad just had that and he said its amazing how much of a difference it made the freezer what yellow now its white lol

  • WOW! of course you'd get a pirate eye patch. wear it with pride. EDIT: only a pirate could call me a loser...

  • Spent 33 years on that stuff and had enough. Good luck.

  • so for the bolts holding down the pilot house, put a washer on the bolts so you dont put it throught the plastic specifically a fender washer to spread the load out as much as possible

  • I made lunch today

  • The tube on the propane tank is a 10% fill valve. You fill the tank until it comes out that valve. That way there is room for expansion with the heat and cold.

  • I love your channel. You are building so much more than a boat.

  • Run a strip of rubber under the aluminum contacting the steel hull and epoxy the hole and drill and place bolts 🔩 👌

  • The persuader became The eraser.

  • I work occasionally with the cruise liner Queen Mary 2 when they visit the US. I talked with the 2nd asst. Engineer about the corrosion where the aluminum topsides meet the steel hull- a weight saving thing for stability. Where the isolation is maintained, it's pristine after more than 10 years. Where the isolation failed, the body rot is extensive. Red Hand is not structural. Worth remembering.

  • The doctor told me not to pick up more than 20 pounds. When I learned that I could remove three cans of beer from a case and then move the rest of the case to the frig. With a will there's a way.

  • I would think you shouldn't be welding either Doug, careful!

  • Don't over do it!!!!! Be sure to follow the post op instructions closely.....have seen people overdue it and have had more procedures to fix things due to not resting.......sorry had to say it.......coming from a surgical nurse that works in eye specialties. LOL....take care and thanks for the amazing process and videos to watch

  • Thank you ,I viewed you video and you saved me from buying parts that imdid not need, a piece of plastic was stuck,in the valve just like yours, cleaned it out and is as good as new now. Thank you

  • Great work

  • Skip Novak is reefed all the time as he sails in the Southern Ocean. I wonder if the added weight on the boom and hassle of steel lazyjacks is worth it for normal sailing. Might be better off sticking to regular rope lazyjacks.

  • Nice job! Helping out a friend, even better.

  • I had also cataract surgery on both eyes. I chose one lens far, and one lens near. Took me a year, but I finally adjusted to using the computer with no glasses. And now no corrective lenses needed for driving. I only use prescription lenses for close or detail work (like finish grinding). I also got UVEX prescription safety glasses, both in clear, and as dark sunglasses. They may be a little hard to find, but well worth it. And they work great on the motorcycle, or in windy and wet conditions on the boat. As someone else said, I also wear sunglasses more often now (usually just the cheaper plain UVEX sunglasses).

  • Not sure how resent this video is, but if it's current, you might want to consider getting MONO vision, one distant lens and one close up lens, I did it and you never need glasses again. WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!

  • Hey Doug. I’m thinking about doing Exactly the same type of eye surgery lens replacement, w/ pre-glaucoma treatment, have starting cataracts, stigmas mess with clarity. can not see up close or far away. And see slightly double at all distances. + high eye pressure, onset of glaucoma ( in family, on mother’s- mother side. Grand ma, her dad and his dad were blinded by It) so thinking about risk of surgery? Is it helping you?

  • I was half expecting doug, when explaining the eye situation, to say he’s going to give it 2 days rest or something lol


  • No have Cadillac, have Lincoln!

  • The infamous pirate one eye weldy lesser known brother to one eye willy from the goonies.

  • Wow your so close to be done very motivating Iv been watching you build you vessel great job

  • Hi from Australia. I had both eyes done over 10 years ago. You won't look back...

    • He’s gonna be able to look back better than ever! ;)

  • Doug, I know you know the real reason for eye patches, but for those of you who don't; In the old wooden ship days before adequate lighting below decks one had to have a eye ready for the dark during battle. Get below deck, flip up the eye patch and have an eye ready for battle in the dark. So Doug, you are ready for battle below deck.

  • FWIW: Selling it to your neighbors even if they're a bit low compared to other offers seems like the right thing to do. After all it seems like you've made enough off the property, and they put up with a boat yard next to their house for multiple years.

  • Smashing

  • un ubot

  • It really is hard not to do little things we just don't even think about then get told you can't do that for a week. Like lifting something.

  • Reminds me of that “Action Man” toy from the 70s that had a special eye with a long lens 👁

  • ARGH, great video

  • ERMUHGOSH - a TRACTOR part for the helm? The damn things gonna sink now. :) See you on the water! It's looking awesome. When I walked on the rusty shell in 2014 I could see your vision. This is just fantastic. Great project from great people!

  • Will be interesting to hear your comments down the road following the replacement of your second lens. Like many others here, I had both lenses replaced and opted for distance settings like you, and with the same reasoning in-mind. It only took me a week to regret my choice. Even at sea and in the mountains most of our actual work is close at hand. Not being able to read my instruments or my watch without putting on glasses (bifocals) is a major PITA.

    • No. I made the right choice for me. I don't mind wearing glasses for close up work when needed. Distance is fantastic for driving and I think boating.

  • Love the ‘welding area’ sticker. Did that come from AvE?

  • Still need a parrot - consult with old Jimmy Buffett fans on wearable unit.

  • Can taste the saltwater in the air already

  • 6:04 lmao! Nice shot!

    • Until he pulled away it was then it went all crazy hairy

  • 65K! we have homes here with no parking and 1000sq/ft on 30 x50ft lots listed at 400k with bidding wars pushing to 600k.

  • As always Great Show Denny from Minnesota

  • Eye aye cap’n

  • Haha eye surgery is really fun I have so much fun I've had to go over twenty times

  • Cataract surgery is awesome makes the blind see lol had both eyes done a few years back

  • Out of cuiosity, why didn't you make the V shape (for strenght) using the boom as a centre piece. Just like the one in the original video? but added those uprights instead. Good luck with the eye! I hope all goes well.

  • Did You Know The eye patch could be used to prepare one eye to see in the dark, so when they would go below deck they could swap the eye patch from one eye to the other and see with the eye that has already adjusted to low light conditions.

  • DON'T drop your ideas in the comments, lest doug replies... it never goes well.

  • Please keep the eye patch even after your eye is healed Doug. Embrace your inner pirate.

  • Regular delivery of restoring faith in humanity, received! Your volunteers are amazing. August approaches, exciting . . .

  • my gosh. where i live the only property you can buy for 65k is literally a parking spot down town. its 1.5 million for a 3 bed 2 bath house

    • Oregon is booming too I paid 171k for a foreclosure two years ago its worth almost 500k now. If I was finished with the projects that is 😅.

    • Here in Montana that property would fetch at least 300k. People flocking here offering cash in hand for houses.

  • ”Park Avenue” Extremely wide (1.2 m) and flat boom of Enterprise, the J-class defender and winner of 1930 America’s Cup was nicknamed Park Avenue because 2 men could easily walk on it. It wasn't designed to attach lazy jacks but to aerodynamically shape the main thank to transversal cursors.

  • DOUG - "My brand new BIONIC EYE ..." ROFL

  • I thought for a second Roy Orbison had stopped by the shed, until I noticed no lady's about. You will have the house sold before you move the boat, get working double time. 👍👍👍

  • Been there and done that cataract surgery, it is worth it, now far sighted. Only need glasses for "fine print."

  • My wife and I plan on buying acreage in Arkansas to build a home away from Texas shack. We plan on learning alot, in the mean time I'm gathering to tools and equipment we'll need to take up there.