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18:15The SHIELD SWORD! Pop-culture weapons INVENTED!
24:37The ULTIMATE back scabbard / shabbard
The ULTIMATE back scabbard / shabbardvisningar 210tn14 dagar sedan
14:43How well can a medieval BATTLEAXE chop wood?
13:43Underappreciated Historical Weapons: the SPIKED PAVISE
25:52WOW! Wonder Woman RAAAPED A GUY!!
WOW! Wonder Woman RAAAPED A GUY!!visningar 448tn3 månader sedan
6:45Shad's new channel: GAME KNIGHT
Shad's new channel: GAME KNIGHTvisningar 104tn3 månader sedan
32:42PROOF! Perfect ARROW flight with the IMPOSSIBLE DRAW!!


  • "A GOOD OLD FASHIONED STICK!" lol 😆 THE time tested weapon of choice

  • Inb4 the fascism comments

  • Thumbnail is grate lol

  • you are so pissed and i love it

  • Quenching and tempering steel properly decreases chance of penetration almost as much as commenting on SEnewss videos does

  • “Have you seen those Centaur warriors? They’ve got curved swords. CURVED. SWORDS.”

  • If my opponent takes a shot every time Shad says nunchucks are garbage, I won't have to fight him at all.

  • Wow, the Bec de Corbin is friggin' AWESOME

  • The fraze is going comando

  • 7:30 - 7:47 I've never seen shad get this mad before lmao Also i just want to make a point about self defense against knives I don't think especially for more unhealthy people that running would _always_ be the best option There's a good chance you could leave yourself open, and if the assailant is faster than you, that pretty much means you'd be screwed Also, i'm surprised that yelling out for help is never mentioned in any discussion of self defense You never know if there's someone around the corner who's capable of helping in some way And on a last note There are exceptions to everything, there are times when running is better than fighting and there are times when calling out for help might actually be detrimental or otherwise a bad idea But i'm just sayin' what i think Awesome video, Shad

  • Carry a stick hidden in your belt and tell me how useful it is. Nunchuks are hidden weapons, the fair comparison is to a dagger, and while the dagger is more deadly, trying to defend yourself from a group with a dagger isn't going to go down well... but a Nunchuk threatens enough people surrounding you that you might get a chance to run away; yeah it's less likely to stop someone if it hits, but it's less likely someone will advance into range if it might, and even if it bounces back against a group it has a chance hit a different opponent. Of course using a long staff as a walking stick would be better, but also means you've got to carry around a stick at all times and are showing the world you have a weapon and probably a reason to have it which is a danger in itself. Don't get me wrong, the sword cane is far superior to nunchucks for purpose, but we're talking other sides of the planet, in very different cultures, and century apart, for different social classes, and with much more easily available materials. Over appreciated, sure, since they are mostly a threat so you can escape a group not to beat up bad guys with your ninja turtle bros... but as a thing to scare groups of assailants it's probably only gotten more effective as a result of it's pop cultural overemphasis, so I can't call it stupid.

    • Dude you're not scaring anyone with Nunchucks, you're ass is gonna get beat by 8 people lmfao

  • There is also the sanitation of having an army of women on their period. There is a reason Deuteronomy gives instructions for that in civilian life. Disease spreads with poor sanitation, especially when your army is sedentary.

  • What do u think about the kusarigama?

  • The long-handled peasant flail seems to have been a common weapon in the 15th-17th century Central Europe. It was used by peasant armies and by armored knights alike. This flail was a farming implement used for threshing grain, and was used unmodified or with studs or spikes attached to the striking end. The mace-and-chain flail, or ball-and-chain flail, that you discuss seems to have been a rare weapon used by knights. I agree with your assessment of this latter kind of mace that it seems inferior to a mace or sword.

  • The entire Bat'leth design is supposed to work with your body, basically you extend from your forearm, not your wrist. Practically using your skeletons strength to extend your stability. The weird antler design also stems from the purpose of specifically catching swords. The Klingons have simple swords as well as the long knife form, the Mek'leth that also has a blade catch. The whole dance with the Bat'leth is swinging diagonally with it laying on one forearm having the other holes to quickly grab it and go for another strike. As for your argument on the historical origin you'd have to realise that one Klingon Faction overtook the others in battle and that is how the first empire came to be. The first emperor using basically one of the first Bat'leth(s?). What I am saying is you should watch the creators video (think it was Probert) on why and how this thing is used and do some research cause you thinking of using something as a sword that specifically is not used in that fashion.

  • He’s Miyamoto Musahi

  • I now have a good weapon idea in case I ever get isekai'd in RWBY

  • You forgot that weapons were forbidden and this way they were concealed. Nunchaku are very fast for a surprise hit and you can try to strangle someone using a stick :D Same things with Flails, if you have been farmer all your time and were forced to fight and have no money to get a sword then you use a flail... just because it is better than using nothing.

  • It should also be pointed out that nunchaku are absolutely GARBAGE at DEFENSE. A bō has no challenge blocking 'chucks. The other way round? Good luck with that. Regarding the "farming implements" counterargument: a HUGE number of medieval weapons were derived from farming implements.

  • Easier to conceal than a stick more than twice it's length. Difficult to predict and block odd angles of attack and judge sticking distance when defending. You haven't adequately disproven those 2 arguments..... at a minimum.

  • One important question you're forgetting to ask: Would both ends of nunchucks be considered a pommel?

  • D&D just hates gambeson- Why dose it have a sneak disadvantage if leather, studded, and fucking *chain shirt* doesn’t? Even if gambeson sounded like very squeaky jackets, *CHAIN-FUCKING-SHIRTS* WOULD’VE SOUNDED LOUDER AND MORE OBVIOUS. So ye, i just make gambeson not have a stealth disadvantage; it’s dumb overall because the game doesn’t even play by it’s own logic. Overall a positive change at tables.

  • by bending over the handle you coud get a simple shield.

  • Does it make a difference that in the comics Wolverines claws don't pop from between his fingers. They unsheath from the backside/outside of his hands. It's only in the Fox movies that his claws come out from between the fingers

  • Absolutely incorporating this into dnd next time I play. Can definitely think of some basic improvements that could be made, but for what it is, it's very simple yet very effective. Also, as willed by Shad, patron saint of machicolations, boob armor, and carrying weapons on the back: Dinglehopper.

  • I'm sure, this also plays a big part in the misconception that, ancient Italian is not a form of, Latin. I figure that there would be, a problem with text books, in Spanish with people back in that point. Except with the, Spanish speaking countries. Like most of South America and most of Mexico, at the time.

  • So, now we know where the inspiration for the beam on the shield of Char's Sazabi from Mobile Suit Gundam came from.

  • imagine Thanos snap is less deadly than this


  • I know this isn't related to this video but if you look at ReMonster you'll see goblins in a different way yet similar to goblin slayer

  • I belive there isn't a "Right" way to do something. Correctet spelling

  • sword+shield=shword LOL

  • Please watch RWBY's Qrow or Ruby fights they are super interesting

  • Technically he doesn’t need the shield to hurt someone he has super strength the shield just amplifies his defensive ability’s and it increases range

  • um, I can duel wield nunchucks with efficiency and there is no chance of me hitting myself, you don't use them to block although you can there's no need, you dodge then deliver devastating blows, you also only swing them around to disorient your opponent and make it difficult to predict your angle of attack again not necessary I tend to rest the end on my forearm, dodge attacks and counter with head or knee strikes. If an opponent has armour though your fucked that being said you can just run away from them since they're weighed down and your not, although in that situation you could just use a flail instead, dodge then counter with head blow, helmets can only do so much. If I was going into a battle I'd definitely prefer a sword and shield with probably a hand axe as a side weapon however in a one on one fight I could confidently face someone with a sword and at least fight on par with them if not completely overwhelm them, not many people know what to do when facing unconventional weapons since most training is done against common weaponry such as swords, axes, polearms, spears, etc.

  • As soon as you brought up the hover board sword idea I immediately thought of a character that does exactly that. The Herrscher of Sentience, from Honkai 3rd Impact, uses her weapon case that’s also a giant sword as a surfboard. In the same thought I started thinking about the whole weapon case thing. How in various media there’s weaponized sheaths or weapons concealed in other weapons. What do you think about the idea of weaponized sheaths?

  • Iron man said to Spider-Man to go for caps legs. That’s why you yes Spider-Man going for his legs

  • This was very informative. The feast looks like a lot of fun!!

  • I think it can be an effective face smasher

    • I think it could smash someone's chest but that won't happen would it.......right?

  • Make a video on the Tuskegee raider ballistas in mandolorain

  • I went to one of those jousting restaurants once on a trip to Spain. I don't know how accurate it was, but the wine was vinegar.

  • 4th time watching this. Not only is this my favourite scene in Star Wars, but there are 100 videos out there trying to compare the Throne Room fight scene from TLJ to Obi-wan vs Anakin - and that’s not ok.

  • Lmao that holy grail reference for the ad promo

  • In school they wouldn't let me wear my glasses when I was doing archery because of "safety reasons" but in actuality I think they just only had one left handed bow... I tried out without glasses on and didn't make the team.

  • So who is going to challenge him to a nunchuck stick duel? Excited to see that duel

  • Whil the point on obi wan being able to end the fight by easily killing anakin in taht or the other moment makes sense, remember: he wanted to stop anakin and bring him back, anakin is like a brother to him, he DOESN'T want to kill him, even at the end he doesn't know what to do anymore with him, so i would say that these are easily excusable from a lore point of view

  • All I really got from this is that the Rurouni Kenshin blade is a thematic masterpiece (the blade itself corrects to blunt attacks and discourages against killing when used on the sharp edge).

  • Medieval guns were so heavy, their legs apparently buckled from the weight and actually got smaller..

  • Do Harrenhal next!!

  • So... why did General Tullius hold out in castle Dour instead of the palace when Ulfric storm cloak attacked

  • When deployed the worst order to hear was fix bayonets... never had to use it but it definitely had a pucker factor

  • “The best defence is a swift and decisive offence” - Obes Kenobes

  • My vote is for Shadwood

  • Shad: Quite striking Us: Haha

  • If I remember correctly, in the comics the Amazons of Paradise regularly left the island to rape men and then discard the babies if they were male. Probably explains why Wonder Woman was naturally okay with Trevor stealing someone else's body.

  • The reason the reaper has a scythe is to mimick a farmer "harvesting the chaff"

  • nice 2D pepper

  • Finally started Shadow of the Conqueror, and now I can't put it down. Excellent writing Shad.

  • GURPS does a good job of this. Sword has a range advantage. Dagger is C and sword is 1 or 2

  • i asked to put this in a larp, took like 5 min's for it to get banned too good lol

  • Shad: "(...) or a blacksmith" **puts a screenshot of a blacksmith in Skyrim** Me: **grins profusely**

  • Spoiler Why am I getting recommended this after Walker just committed a murder with it?

  • this feels like it would be a good video but it's so unorganized

  • So Baraka wins?😂

  • damage done by a blunt weapon is less about force and more to do with impulse and pressure. take an egg it can withstand a tremendous amount of force but drop it from even a low height and it can crack. I am not going to argue that the nunchucks are good weapons. Any weapon that potentially harms the user as much if not more than the opponent is fundamentally a bad weapon. But force does not equal damage.

  • I guess we know where the word Dungeon came from. “Donjon”. So I guess it woulg really be “Donjons” and “dragons”

  • applying magic to throw an overweight weapon to fly... is that not how Thor"s hammer works?

  • In the lotr books Gandalf had chain mail beneath his cloak but it was silver or white so it was a similar look

  • I guess that was a thing, 🤔 No sir I Don’t like it. Dude be pretty silly fighting a revolver wielding assailant.

  • You should have been deemed unworthy for that pun regarding Mjǫllnir

  • Mjolnir

  • It took me 3wks to master it by myself at the age of 13.

  • Love the B&W segment!

  • I believe the word your looking for is recoil. Recoil is almost 100% for nunchucks since it's not on a fixed plane

  • Meanwhile the ancient torches in Skyrim dungeons last forever

  • I agree with Shad 100%

  • I see the new weapon in monster hunter

  • so you think u know how to chuck and u dont understand how to rebound them, and no shit they are a shit weapon they are improvised from a hammer so its less conspicuous jesus ur new to them

  • The guy with a beret and two maces looks kinda sick

  • Maxi made it look so cool