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"Drama Time" Reports social interactions and every day drama!


0:15Pranking Addison Rae! 😨 #shorts
Pranking Addison Rae! 😨 #shortsvisningar 12tn14 dagar sedan
0:27$1,000 Money Ball! #shorts
$1,000 Money Ball! #shortsvisningar 8tn14 dagar sedan
0:23Smoothest Moments Caught on Camera! #shorts
0:16Kid runs out in front of semi 😨 #shorts
0:17My TikTok went Viral 😱 #shorts
My TikTok went Viral 😱 #shortsvisningar 16tnMånad sedan
0:21Try Not to look away 😨 #shorts
Try Not to look away 😨 #shortsvisningar 8tnMånad sedan
0:10Eating All This in 60 seconds #shorts
Eating All This in 60 seconds #shortsvisningar 9tnMånad sedan
1:00One Punch Man Workout in real life! #shorts
0:21Try not to Laugh Part 1 #shorts
Try not to Laugh Part 1 #shortsvisningar 5tnMånad sedan
0:25Craziest Coke and Mentos Explosion! #shorts
0:23This TikTok made me Famous 🥺 #shorts
This TikTok made me Famous 🥺 #shortsvisningar 10tnMånad sedan
0:08Guess a number to Win $100 #shorts
Guess a number to Win $100 #shortsvisningar 3,6tnMånad sedan
0:17Pass the phone to the simp! #shorts
Pass the phone to the simp! #shortsvisningar 4,8tnMånad sedan
0:08Send this to ur crush❤️ #shorts
Send this to ur crush❤️ #shortsvisningar 4,5tn2 månader sedan
0:29Win a IPhone 12! #shorts
Win a IPhone 12! #shortsvisningar 4,4tn2 månader sedan
0:48Mind blowing Life Hack! #shorts
Mind blowing Life Hack! #shortsvisningar 4,3tn2 månader sedan
0:23How old were you? #shorts
How old were you? #shortsvisningar 4tn2 månader sedan
0:11Prank Gone Wrong! #shorts
Prank Gone Wrong! #shortsvisningar 4,3tn2 månader sedan
0:25Funniest Prank on Friends #shorts
Funniest Prank on Friends #shortsvisningar 6tn2 månader sedan
0:22Worlds Best Wedgie! #shorts
Worlds Best Wedgie! #shortsvisningar 6tn2 månader sedan
0:24Prank on Addison Rae #shorts
Prank on Addison Rae #shortsvisningar 4,4tn2 månader sedan
0:21Why are you so #shorts
Why are you so #shortsvisningar 3tn2 månader sedan
11:16Try Not To Laugh TikTok Prank Compilation part 2
5:17Funny Prank TikTok Compilation 1
Funny Prank TikTok Compilation 1visningar 90tnÅr sedan
10:02I Said Yes to REACTION TIME For 24 Hours


  • He's the kind of Guy That kisses himself in the mirror

  • Is a plastic

  • Trying using a real Plate next time

  • Fake weights🤣🤣☝🏽smart one

  • ..........y

  • Stupid

  • This is a fake wait

  • Fake Anthony not that strong to throw 45 pounds that high 🤣

  • Fake

  • Sure ╭∩╮(ಠ_ಠ)╭∩╮

  • That is 0.1 KG🖕🏻

  • He’s the type of guy to use a fake weight

  • Fake weight 🙄

  • *sudden hear attack*

  • The weight is not real I thing🤔

  • That kid that ran out in front of that lorry had fuckin 0.00000000000000000000001 brain cells my guy that’s proof you should look both ways

  • Are u mad 😲

  • 😄😄😄😄😄

  • It was a thermacol

  • He's the type of guy that mows the lawn for the real owner of that Lamborghini.

  • He is the type of guy to eat Alphabet crackers in alphabetical order

  • That better be your own one..

  • He’s the type of guy that would try to dry off with a wet towel

  • He’s the type of guy to pour his milk before the cereal

  • It's fake....plastic plate ( not real weight plate)

  • If that was so heavy at first place how come he can throw in air … wow dumb idiot get real

  • Well done for giving us pure content with bad reactions You are great 😌👍

  • Thats a fake weight

  • Keep Destroying 👍

  • Dumb. Fake.

  • Fake

  • Fake weights

  • it is fake

  • 100% plastic

  • Bruh when I saw him on reaction time I thought he was just acting dumb, turns out...

  • Fun fact: they aren't lucky, they were just stupid putting his life just for a video

  • Fake

  • fake weight

  • Nice stirafome wieght

  • Styrofoam

  • 🔥

  • He’s the type of guy who claims he wouldn’t wanna look like Arnold Arnold : would reply don’t worry u never will ….

  • Это фейк в конце оно бы разбилось

  • All these comments explaining what type of guy he is have me dead ☠️🤣😂

  • Kakkaa

  • He's the type of guy to use green screen and special effects to make a video

  • Fake!

  • It is foam.

  • Fake plate

  • Lol fake weights


  • How are they lucky? Like oh you nearly got run over lucky! no

  • This is so fake bro

  • He's the type of guy that would water plants under the rain while carrying an umbrella.

  • He's the type of guy to put the milk before the cereal

  • 가짜다 저거

  • Now go and throw this plastic plate and try to catch it dog

  • You are crazy

  • That ain’t no street that’s a driveway

  • Joe bartozzi cricic that on tiktok

  • So it's fake

  • 🙄

  • Albañil moderno 🇨🇱

  • I am lucky because l was vs a car and blooded super much

  • Sala fake hai,,,

  • He is rubber

  • I think it is made up of thermocol....😑😑

  • Why all the type of guy comments holyshit

  • *I am very worried that SEnewss is slowly transforming to a degenerate cringy tiktok platform please help me spread this word*

  • He needs therapy

  • Nice obviously real plates

  • Yeah he's the type ....

  • He is the type of guy told his sister “don’t tell Ma”.


  • His the type of guy to take the hat off with a bald crown around the back of his head

  • He’s the type of guy that goes to the toilet to Far and flushes it.