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I do nerdy experiments with Lego bricks :)

Q:Where do you buy your Lego from?
Q:Can you give me the building instructions for X?
A:No, sorry. The video description may contain a list of parts.
Q:I see Finnish products in your videos. Are you from Finland?
A:Yes. Kyllä, olen suomalainen.


3:20Making Lego Car CLIMB Slopes
Making Lego Car CLIMB Slopesvisningar 1,6mn15 dagar sedan
4:02Lego-generated Vortex 2
Lego-generated Vortex 2visningar 761tn29 dagar sedan
4:04Making the Longest 1:1 Lego Gear Train
10:22Making a Powerful Lego Hoist (re-edit)
Making a Powerful Lego Hoist (re-edit)visningar 864tnMånad sedan
5:52Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstacles
Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstaclesvisningar 38mn3 månader sedan
6:28Can Lego BREAK an Aluminum Beam?
Can Lego BREAK an Aluminum Beam?visningar 7mn4 månader sedan
4:21Stealing a Key Ring with Teleoperated Lego
Stealing a Key Ring with Teleoperated Legovisningar 990tn4 månader sedan
3:36Spinning Mini-Camera and Lego Benny
Spinning Mini-Camera and Lego Bennyvisningar 4,5mn5 månader sedan
2:47Creating a BIG Vortex with Lego Motors
Creating a BIG Vortex with Lego Motorsvisningar 28mn7 månader sedan
5:26Building a Lego Tank (no music, no filters)
Building a Lego Tank (no music, no filters)visningar 11mn7 månader sedan
4:55Building a Lego Tank that Shoots Lego Soccer Balls
9:59Making a GOOGOL:1 Reduction with Lego Gears
Making a GOOGOL:1 Reduction with Lego Gearsvisningar 25mn11 månader sedan
5:25Can Lego BREAK a Steel Axle?
Can Lego BREAK a Steel Axle?visningar 26mnÅr sedan
3:44Playing Card Lego Gun
Playing Card Lego Gunvisningar 3,4mnÅr sedan
4:41100 Wheel Lego Vehicle
100 Wheel Lego Vehiclevisningar 21mnÅr sedan
7:31Shredding Paper with Lego Gears
Shredding Paper with Lego Gearsvisningar 17mnÅr sedan
3:58How To Make a Lego Man Fly
How To Make a Lego Man Flyvisningar 1,1mnÅr sedan
10:23Spinning Lego Propellers
Spinning Lego Propellersvisningar 10mn2 år sedan
4:44Testing Lego in Cold and Hot Temperature
6:17Testing a Lego-compatible Steel Axle
Testing a Lego-compatible Steel Axlevisningar 9mn2 år sedan
4:26All 19 Lego Breaking Moments So Far
All 19 Lego Breaking Moments So Farvisningar 1,1mn2 år sedan
3:11Cheap the Lego Wheel Spins ALMOST TOO FAST
4:18Lego Press vs Barbie Head and Other Things
6:13Building and Testing a Lego Press
Building and Testing a Lego Pressvisningar 9mn2 år sedan
5:03Spinning Contest with 10 Lego Wheels
Spinning Contest with 10 Lego Wheelsvisningar 3,3mn2 år sedan