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P Money

One of UKs well known mc's official youtube channel for music videos, content and Gaming


2:51P Money x Silencer - Trouble
P Money x Silencer - Troublevisningar 99tn2 månader sedan
9:44P Money - While We Wait EP
P Money - While We Wait EPvisningar 271tn7 månader sedan
3:35P Money - You Get Me (Prod. by Silencer)
3:11P Money - Shook
P Money - Shookvisningar 1,7mn2 år sedan
2:49P Money - No One
P Money - No Onevisningar 801tn2 år sedan
6:07P Money -  Shut Up Blud (Dot Rotten Diss)
6:19P Money -  Did You Notice? (Dot Rotten Diss)
5:41P Money - Real Talk (Dot Rotten Diss)
P Money - Real Talk (Dot Rotten Diss)visningar 1,1mn3 år sedan
2:48P Money - Gunfingers ft. JME \u0026 Wiley
1:41P Money @ Reading BBC 1XTRA STAGE
P Money @ Reading BBC 1XTRA STAGEvisningar 12tn7 år sedan
4:36P Money \u0026 Blacks - Hater
P Money \u0026 Blacks - Hatervisningar 1,1mn9 år sedan


  • P money is a G

  • This sounds 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Tobi's verse is lit

  • I love sitting in the car listening to his lyrics gets me thinking deep sometimes.

  • Boom big tune.. Hold on where's his lens.

  • tobi carries this song but it is an overall great song

  • I’m sorry tobi jus too nice like even if the song was shit (which it isn’t) you jus gonna have to love it

  • Generous of Tobi to have these features

  • Wearing illvzn🥶

  • Ps sick but giggs abso bunk 😂😂

  • I disliked this shit ages ago but youtube.cock still suggests it whenever I try put Dot Rotten on 🤔 pagans

  • this track is sooo underrated

  • Who came from the other video

  • big up pmoney and my guy tobi

  • Plz I need the name of that intro song pliiiiiz

    • I dont think its an actual song since there arent any lyric matches

  • Who's hear for Tobi?

  • 😳😵😵😵🤕

  • Tobi just came only 20 seconds

  • 🔥

  • We have to get it to 1 mil views before the end of April

  • We need a tobi single track and needs to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tobi needs to make more music like damn why you gotta pop off on us like that🥵🥵

  • 🥶 cold

  • Don't think people realise how many layers them left-wing politics bars had, P been cold for the longest 🔥🔥🔥

  • what a monster

  • tobi is a king so is p money

  • Love From The US

  • Love from Florida

  • Tobi had more verses on the song he was featuring in than jj in his own song😂😂😂

  • What's the intro music

  • This reminds me of when Dave sang Thiago Silva with that kid

  • In the beginning is that another song playin? What is it called

  • i used to mistaken Tobi as 21savage

  • Tobi looks like he's explaining his verse via presentation

  • I thought this would have 2 mil + by now

  • Sheesh🥶

  • Fire bruvvvv

  • its a shame p money black listed me we could be making bangers now!

  • P Money's drip tho


  • Already better than jj

  • this is wayy too cold

  • if this is an add, bit of a madness 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • What is the song at the beginning

  • Is that jizzle yeh

  • TBJZL 😍😍😍

  • whats the song at the beginning

  • 1:00 wenger not being able to fit his hands in his coat vibes

  • 0:54 is that a illvzn coat jeeez tobi out here advertising his clothing line in a mainstream song big up

  • what was the song at the beginning

  • 2:11

  • tobi deserves a apple juice factory after this

  • Way too few views

  • This is grime🤌

  • Tobi cold. He should release a song. Great tune

  • Back in 2k21 and still coldin

  • Bro someone please tell me what the song at the beginning is

  • Rewind ⏪ this song 🔥 🥶 🔥 🥶🔥🥶🔥🥶

  • This song is madness... MADNESS!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • 757,769 views only for Tobi! Change my mind!

  • Name of the song in the intro?

  • Tobi come through with his own slow flow on grime, muad, and p just done his thing, levels are set

  • Tobi is hard still I never knew he had flows like that 👀👀

  • P money is the most awkward man I’ve ever seen in a music video I swear

  • JJ ft tobi need a song together

  • I Just Hope Tobi meant the top of this years Charts With some more Tobi ICE bangers

  • Yes tobiiiiiii

  • I hate p money’s verses, tobi killed it

  • tobi spiting those barss cheesssseee

  • this deserves to be on fifa 22 what a banger!!!!

  • Nine years l8te and makes a song with tobijizzle .wow

  • Best believe this will be in GTA 6

  • most improved artist goes to tobi

  • Tobi should make more music his bars were fire 🔥

  • This is biggggg

  • Shit song 😪

  • What's the song at the very beginning lol

  • Just noticed they were reppi'n ILLVZN as well 💀🔥

  • damn tobi is the Goat