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I'm KairosTime, and it's TIME to BRAWL! I Freaking LOVE Brawl Stars and I want to share my love for the game with YOU! Come join the fun and check out my content!

Brawl Stars is an EXTREMELY entertaining game! It requires fast reflexes, solid strategy, and a love for fun! If you have these things, you're definitely going to want to play Brawl Stars!

Here is some of my Brawl Stars Content:
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If you're ready to Brawl, the Time is now!

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14:27Brawl Theory: The Origin of EVERY Brawler!
28:59The most important video I'll make in 2021
The most important video I'll make in 2021visningar 202tn14 dagar sedan
16:13I was SO WRONG!
I was SO WRONG!visningar 323tn28 dagar sedan


  • Race olympics?

  • me who mains colt : my time has come

  • Frank- Why bully me? Kairos- 6:30

  • KT when is the guide coming?

  • Brawl stars Olympics(April 2021):- Range test: Jacky and Edgar- 46th place Bibi and Primo- 44th place Rosa- 43rd place Bull- 42nd place Mortis- 41st place Darryl- 40th place Frank and Sandy- 38th place Nita- 37th place Emz and Poco- 35th place Tara, Stu, and Carl- 32th place Gale, Max, and Dynamike- 29th place Amber and crow- 27th place Pam, Surge, Collete, and Bo- 24th place Barley and Lou- 21st place Leon- 20th place Colt and 8 bit- 19th place Sprout, Ruffs, Bea, Byron- 14th place Belle, Shelly and MrP- 11th place Rico- 10th place Brock- 9th place Gene- 8th place Tick and Nani- 6th place Spike- 5th place Piper- 4th place Penny- 3rd place Jessie- 2nd place (New brawler)Squeak- 1st place!🎉

  • "8:19" Happy to get a lot of *Gems* from *BS4.XYZ*

  • Either this test is not accurate or my hitbox is a mile because Rosa .


  • Where is 8bit

  • dude... u dint include barley'd super which has a longer tile range

  • Kairos: Jessie’s shot can bounce Belle: am I a joke to you?

  • Somehow I got lucky and got them all

  • him: sandy. you definitely don’t want to sleep on this guy me:......................... are you sure you are for kids

  • Since I'm a f2p and content creator codes don't work for me, I didn't skip the ad for u Kairos❤️

  • I opened 50 boxes today and got a lot of gadits star power and then I got sandy the legit after that box I got amber finishing the legendary brawlers LETS GO

  • Power League is a really good concept but there are a lot of issues. I know you started from gold 3 but I know how it feels for players from silver 2 to gold 2 . I started from gold 1 and the players in these leagues are just dumb and Don't pick good brawlers . I think a chat feature is needed to strategize and discuss about picking Brawlers . Plus I think there should be more time in between matches and chat feature so we can talk about the mistakes . One more thing I think Is needed is more clarity on the progression system . Like they say that you get progression based on the enemies . But how do you determine of they are better or worse than me ?? They need to tell us. Because a lot of times I've lost to people on same league as mine but just lost a little progression. But sometimes there were one or two players on higher rank than mine but I got just a little progression .

  • Kairios! Belle is colts mom!

  • Kairios! Colts is bells son!

  • Oi

  • Ok

  • Best - Sandy Worst - All the girls Cringe - Mortis

  • Kairos u must talk about a new system to make matchmaking in ladder more fair i am a new player and am facing power 10 brawlers in 100 trophies! This is making the game pay to win! I have and idea to make it more fair. A new system must be introduced where u can oly upgrade a bralwler only when u reach a certain amount of trophies so until u r not 400 trophies u cannot make ur brawlers power seven. And for the maxed players suppose if ur brawler is already power 10 but is rank 17 ur brawler will only be have abilities of a power six brawler. Only when u reach rank 21 ur brawler will get its full ability. Hope u will talk about this subject cuz gemmers are spoiling game experience for free to play players

  • When u did Primo's RRRRRRRR you sounded like Frank

  • I'm glad you are promoting skin care products, you are very cool for doing that!

  • With squeak if uses the gadget and hits max with super wouldn’t the effective range be increased?

  • Extra Credits "8-BIT's next attack has the number of projectiles increased to 18

  • Extra Credits "8-BIT's next attack has the number of projectiles increased to 18

  • Extra Credits "8-BIT's next attack has the number of projectiles increased to 18

  • 8 bit

  • Can we get a updated dive test pls like so he sees

  • We want super range test

  • I love the miniature ♥ ️🤩😍

  • We were expecting championship guide please kairos....


  • You won't believe it but I've played with Kairos wow pog :D

  • Quickdraw Edgar more like mexican Edgar

  • 2:22 I bet that gold is chocolate

  • Disclamer: No Franks were harmed during the making of this video (probably)

  • "they tie with each other for thirty firth place" -Kairos 3:30

  • #KairosForever

  • There’s no squick

  • Imagine eating cactus's until you get spike

  • Kairos I’m very curious in canada

  • Jacky's range could be increased with her starpower

  • Yo

  • Lou

  • I think crow is a mutated crow

  • I think Belle is Colts mother because the mother is a robber, while colt is a sheriff and in one of Belles line it says ”This is for you son,Just kiddin' ” they fight VS together?

  • da winner is hands down squeak his gadget is to op supercell pls nerf it

  • Dudei just finished rare and super rare brawlers and i was hoping to get epic but i got chromatic brawler colwtte

  • Here, after Colt's mother was released


  • Super range Olympics plz

  • I knew it was squeak but i like the content so i watched it.

  • Can we get a projectile speed olympics??

  • I love the excimer lol

  • You didn’t do belle...

  • Please play smash legends

  • Imagine you are playing minecart madness and you are low health with randoms and sprout bounces the attack and kills all of you

  • brawl stars photo on emz in love with poco in the party me:staring at mortis stealing emz's drink

  • My guess is barley,Carl, and Rosa

  • Penny Jessie and squeak

  • Hello!

  • Yes I predicted squeak and Jessie for top 3

  • make a super range olympics

  • Is the planthis real or juste spicy in the game

  • How do Jacky and Edgar place 46th if there is 47 brawlers?

  • I would like to see a super range test but hope it won't be a big work for you

  • You bo not all the skins the ta

  • Mr. P’s name sounds like Mr. P from piggy

  • Hearing kairos say ‘bad-a’ is so weird for some reason

  • No he looks like frankensteins monster

  • I was like it's SQUEACK and it was it I knew it

  • I got it all corrcet even the bonus ones I m dabing so much)

  • #kairosforever

  • Maybe you could do a jump range test?