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3:07AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Audio)
4:19AC/DC - Love Hungry Man (Audio)
AC/DC - Love Hungry Man (Audio)visningar 532tnÅr sedan
6:30AC/DC - Night Prowler (Audio)
AC/DC - Night Prowler (Audio)visningar 1,9mnÅr sedan
3:58AC/DC - Beating Around the Bush (Audio)
2:37AC/DC - Get It Hot (Audio)
AC/DC - Get It Hot (Audio)visningar 186tnÅr sedan
5:20AC/DC - The Jack (from Countdown, 1979)
6:09AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Official Video)
6:38AC/DC - The Jack (Live at Donington, 8/17/91)
1:31AC/DC - Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes
AC/DC - Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenesvisningar 363tn5 år sedan
1:50AC/DC - Rock or Bust (Behind the Scenes)
3:10AC/DC - Rock or Bust (Official Video)
AC/DC - Rock or Bust (Official Video)visningar 45mn6 år sedan
1:43AC/DC - The Fans
AC/DC - The Fansvisningar 589tn6 år sedan
3:05AC/DC - Rock or Bust (Audio)
AC/DC - Rock or Bust (Audio)visningar 9mn6 år sedan
2:49AC/DC - Play Ball (Official Video)
AC/DC - Play Ball (Official Video)visningar 20mn6 år sedan
2:01AC/DC - Play Ball (Behind the Scenes)
AC/DC - Play Ball (Behind the Scenes)visningar 743tn6 år sedan
2:49AC/DC - Play Ball (Audio)
AC/DC - Play Ball (Audio)visningar 6mn6 år sedan
4:27AC/DC - Big Gun (Official Video)
AC/DC - Big Gun (Official Video)visningar 30mn7 år sedan
3:30AC/DC - T.N.T. (Live at Donington, 8/17/91)


  • I LOVE this song. Just saying.

  • Anyone here from Ironman scene ??? ⬇️

  • Long live AC/DC! Amazing that they are back with almost original line up! Malcolm Young would be happy! May him rest in peace

  • Too many women and too many pills. Got it bushlicker

  • This goes to show that 2020 isn’t all bad.

  • This sounds extremely similar to Rock N Roll Train

  • ✨💓

  • AC/DC ain’t no ‘Rock’ band. This is Rock N ROLL, pure n simple. Big difference.

  • I miss concerts so fn much

  • AC⚡DC is back!!!!! Wooooohoooooo 😀🎉😎👌❤️

  • Aquí está el comentario en español que buscabas.Dale like crack suerte🍀

  • That was a once in a life time experience

  • Richard Ramirez brought me here

  • 0:06

  • Thailand listen. lll

  • Salam from indonesia yeaach fantastic

  • Greatest Band

  • One of the best songs they ever recorded. Though, as always, better live!

  • Best line in the movie. You know me. I'm that guy. Arnold Brownswagger.

  • Ngl, the singer looks like Danny Devito

  • Literally thunder - superb

  • AC/DC back in action! Good song! Vintage AC/DC sound. 1000 times better then any of the current garbage they play on the radio.

  • Some great songs on this album, but the pervasive vocal reverb, turned down bass, and arena-style drums hurt it badly. I can only understand Brian's vocals because I've heard it so, so many times. I imagine it was an attempt to sound edgy and modern, considering that at the time they were losing ground to bands like Van Halen. But it really just turned off those who liked what they already sounded like. I'll bet it would sound way better re-recorded today. Maybe AC/DC could benefit from the Iron Maiden model - release an album, do a tour in support of it (like they've always done), but then do a second tour after, comprised of classics long since dropped from their live repertoire. Give us Guns for Hire, Riff Raff, If You Want Blood, Who Made Who, Shake Your Foundations, That's the Way I Wanna Rock and Roll, etc. When I saw Maiden last July, they had songs they haven't played live in 15-20 years in their set. It was awesome.

  • This is so good and Chris Slade , yep , fkn awesome 👍👍👍😀😀

  • Finally, we have a new album, good job guys.

  • I was 11 when Bon died so I'm glad I was old enough to enjoy their video clips on ABC's Countdown a few times.

  • That voice pure Power

  • Great voice Brian, a Bon Scott fan since childhood since 1980

  • I love these songs my friends

  • I played this song on my new SG guitar. Well it’s still an SG what do you expect

  • Says I gotta pay cause I failed the grade last year, not made! Why would you have to pay if you made the grade?

  • I heard this HOLY song with beer after finishing my job everyday evening. damn it so cool and exciting!!!

  • Everybody gangsta until the mcqueen starts killing himself

  • AC⚡DC😈

  • Only came by Cobra Kai from like Ai

  • the live rock

  • They are back and better oh so much better

  • how do you sing like that at 50 years old, Brian is amazing

  • Bro... this is 1f1 Ac/Dc comes back but eddie van halen left this world

    • Both Malcom Young and Eddie Van Halen will be jamming in heaven together, between the 2 of them the will be loading the power grid that the lights in heaven will dim, windows will rattle and the dead will wake

  • Супер! как я рада ,боже :3

  • 2020 was coming down fast, and AC/DC is here to slow it down!

  • This is what actual badass music is, not those guys with colourful hair dancing with chains

  • wow

  • Never Die..!!!


  • Игорь Кужель

  • Any മലയാളീസ് here🤔

  • 6:07 No need to thank me

  • 5:20 You are welcome everyone

  • It’s time to see the truth of life: Google “Global Truth Project”.

  • Rest in peace Bon Scott🙏

  • 660 million people heard his voice prob more in movies

  • This is one of the best ACDC songs and it only has 36mil views

  • team edge

  • They're returned!

  • Always listening in 2020

  • el mejor recital que vi en mi vida cuanto fuego en ese infierno espectacular¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Jojo look what uve done to me

  • Born 1956 and saw them when they were doing pub gigs in Melbourne early '70's. Saw Bon Scott perform with his previous band The Valentines, late '60's very pink and sedate. This is the best song for me, followed closely by Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution. Brian Johnson is the better singer, but hey that's my opinion. Just like I thought Sammy Hagar was way better than David Lee Roth.

  • Չչչպխ

  • O ac/dc (não) muda o rock novamente. kkkk

  • What the fuck old songs are magnificent

  • Rap is cRAP, this is good.

  • Dojyaan!!!!!

  • temazo :3

  • I am stoked boys. This is classic AC/DC fckn stoked A SHOT IN THE DARK wooohoooo

  • The greatest band we've ever known.

  • É fora de série, muito louco, toca muito

  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 AC/DC <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • t series

  • 🤘

  • Fabulous sound!!!!!!!!!! Love this 💜

  • MEG

  • Outstanding this is at the Apollo 🤘

  • Bon Scott!!!

  • 3:16

  • If she has the Jack how did he pump his tyres up?

  • hello from malaysia

  • hey jaystation 1:28

  • Is there gonna be an official vid for this, if so get your fingers out and drop it 👍🏼