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I am a mom, a wife, and a farmer. In that order (most days).
This channel is all about wading the waters of these three versions of me... Learning new things each day, and sharing them with you.
Authentically, sheepishly me.


23:48I've NEVER seen this before!  Vlog 421
I've NEVER seen this before! Vlog 421visningar 109tnMånad sedan
I'VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS!!! Vlog 420visningar 114tnMånad sedan
0:31#shorts | Sheepishly Me SHORTS | OH CANADA!
23:26This was NOT supposed to happen😍  Vlog 419
24:06WE EXPANDED THE SHEEP FLOCK! (sorta.) Vlog 418


  • Oh No Not white wine. Happy B day

  • Life side sleeper

  • That's funny one sounds like a cow. 🤣🤣

  • Indonesia Hadir

  • I loved this one the most I think Sandi. Your smile is so beautiful, I love you hair here. Your lambs are growing so fast. Ive only been here about a month. Learning so much. Thanks for sharing so much

  • Isn’t it exciting to find garden produce that you have grown 🥰

  • Are all of the ewes not getting sheared before mating?

  • That thing is a death trap waiting to happen

  • i will never gift you an INVESTMENT

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  • 🥰

  • Gee you think you would of worked it out on a dummy rather use the sheep for your learning curve. How cruel for the sheep. They do have feelings you know. They could of cut a leg off in that thing.

  • tried! Didn't you? have to do the right thing.

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  • What a shame someone didn't have a spare 100,000 grand (plus) to sink into this beautiful old girl. At least the brickwork on the outside is holding up. Racoons in the attic and groundhog under the veranda, at least they are coexisting well. Thanks for going up the stairs, walking over poop and going through spider webs 😬 I hate spiders too so no way on earth i would have gone up there. 🌸🐨🌸

  • I just found your channel. I’m in love. This is so fascinating.


  • I really feel for you. Take care. Hope you received my recent e-mail too. 🥰


  • Do you think it might help the Moms who are engorged if you took a pail of very warm water and soaked their utters in the pail it might help? Or what about the Moms who’s milk hasn’t come down? Sandi, you’re the best!

  • Lol my dad calls the escaping cows the “road cow” cause they are always on the road, he says you can tell which ones are the “road cows” cause they have scratches on their T!ts from going through fences 😂😂😂😂

  • Having grown up on two different ranches, I am loving your sheep farm life. My brothers had 4H sheep and I LOVE lambs. I went away to school, taught school, became a principal and retired. I love my little garden and yard around my house, but I dearly love those who are making a living farming in today's world. i retired to the Willamette Valley in Oregon to be near to successful agriculture. It's healing to me. Bless you! Keep the faith! Hang tight! I love your blog!

  • Sandi, this is great! Thank you so much for telling us how you grew up and started sheep farming. What was your degree? Dairy farming? Why did you not want to do dairy again? I think that sheep are more loving than chickens. That's probably what you missed. My husband was raised the same way in Iowa. Chores came first. My father in law bought tractors and things on credit, like many farmers. President Carter had the Russia embargo, so farmers couldn't sell their crop. My father in law had to sell everything and go work at the grain elevator. It was very depressing for him. He was drinking whiskey. My husband's parents got divorced about the same time. My father in law died young. My husband felt lost, too. He never used his Ag degree. After all, what is a farmer without a farm? Many family farms have gone out of business. My husband's grandfather was a farmer and his great grandfather, and so on. We have encouraged our children to learn about farming, but we live in a mining town in Montana now.

  • Sorry im late

  • If you have a ewe who brings forth lambs in this way, why breed them again?

  • So sad to see sick animals cuz they can't tell you where and what 'hurts'. Kind of like when you have a sick baby that you know it is sick but not what is going on. Before I went on disability, I was an RN and for us ORIF meant open reduction internal fixation for a broken bone, but every time I hear you say ORF my brain bounces back. Insomnia is something that I have had all my life. My mom was an early bird that had 5 night owls and she seem to think she could program us into being early birds as well-HA! So I would got to bed at my bed time and toss and turn for several hours and it got me set up for that as an adult. I am now 65 and still a night owl - 3 am as I write this. Now I have really bad rheumatoid arthritis which means pain, and the minute I go to bed, even places that didn't seem to hurt before bed are suddenly aching and it is hard to go to sleep. I have found that I have slept like a log the last couple nights after watching your sheep. Not boring, just calming to me to see the little lambs especially and it shows so much how you love your sheep as well. Thank you.

  • Watching this well after you posted. QUESTION.....why do you not get paid for wool???? Wool clothing is so should make something!! From Montgomery al USA 🇺🇸.

  • When we had a ewe that rejected her babies, we would put a skiff of mentholatum on their nose where they can't lick it off, but it would mask the ability for her to catch the scent. It was how we got our big momma ewe to adopt a baby on occasion as well.

  • Do you have a special market for the pied wool? its so interesting!

  • Since it’s your vacation and not ours, I really appreciate the bits and pieces we get to see on your trip. Any more than what you show, would only ruin the time off your getting. You really deserve time off!

  • Don’t doubt yourself. Every video shows me something new. I am amazed at your physical stamina and your knowledge. Keep up the great work. It is a privilege to get a glimpse into farm life.

  • That respirator is amazing! It was funny to see the little tongue pop out! Shout out for Keen boots! They are great!

  • We used to stand with our arms out while our mothers, grandmother's rolled the yarns.

  • Mark makes the same distaining face that Jess makes. Hehehehe

  • I love your realness, much support from Brooklyn New York

  • Doggie at min 11:24😍😍

  • Congratulations you are an inspiration to me.I luv what you are doing.Enjoy your award you deserve ❤it.

  • So, I have been binge watching likely NOT your primary reason for Vlogging...but rather your work is simply fascinating, the videos are wholesome (a refreshing contrast to much of SEnewss) and, as an animal lover, your nature and presentation reinforces all that. NOW for the reason you prompted my comment - you mentioned ‘utter balm’ in this vid...I’m suspecting it’s the same thing as ‘’bag balm’...but honestly that could be an older term. ANYWAY...back in the day before so many choices for chapstick, when trumpet players (or any brass players) were forced to play outdoors in the winter they actually bought that for their own lips as a treatment since their instrument’ s mouthpieces are metal. Now that you have a hint of my pre-retirement work life, I really enjoy your choice of music (PD or original for SEnewss’s sake) particularly during time lapse’s always intuitive and adds another compelling dimension. Finally, i first tripped on your channel with a thumbnail that was a screen shot of your face....let it be know that you have a doppelgänger or twin here in Fort Lauderdale, FL....she’s an OT at a hospital. I’m thinking your work is similar to her’s only with ‘baa-ing’ quasi-human patients.

  • A triplet cup ! 😍

  • You are amazing! I love learning about your work.

  • I'm not sure why this channel is so addictive.

  • Which brings a question have contacted anyone to do a farm to spinner. Maybe find a local mater spinner to do specialty wools. Like your gray black. It might be worth it and then again maybe not.

  • I was wondering there was a lamb in the last load or next to the last load that look just like Billy I was wondering why you weren't keeping it

  • why do you have to keep black wool separate?

  • Any time that you can show these little darlings running please do! They are too cute for words. Its like lamb kindergarten. Me too, me too!!!

  • Your awesome and I just happened to come across your videos. My family used to farm but both my parents have passed and thanks for sharing ( I'm crying) brings back such wonderful memories.

  • how do you spread the fertilizer? hope you make a video about it.

  • M daughter was born on the same day!

  • You are all Amazing, I’ve never seen women work so hard on a farm🥰

  • Beautiful old house 🏚❤🤗 GBY BOTH ALWAYS 🙏❤💙🤗✝️

  • I enjoyed your sharing of your sheep farm. You do alot of work. Thanks for sharing.

  • Did you get the sheep that had been in the wrong pen that wasn’t sheered before lambing?

  • So darling especially little Billy!

  • Jess is a wonderful worker, and so sweet and beautiful 🥰 Please keep the little lamb 😍

  • I really enjoy watching you with your babies. They're so very,very sweet and adorable. I would love to feed the babies. Please don't give up, you're doing a really,really great job and I really enjoy listening to what you say. It's very interesting and educational to watch. God bless you and your family . You have a heart of gold and it's very refreshing to see someone who really cares what they are doing .

  • "Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness." "The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer." "A good farmer is nothing more nor less than a handy man with a sense of humus."

  • I’ve been on the QEW on Holliday it’s crazier then Michigan!!! 90-100 miles per hour. I have a heavy foot but those cars are scary!! LOL and you took your life in your hands going across with tractors.

  • I just love watching your dog always on the job. Thank you for sharing your gift of 🐑 herding.

  • Have you tried a wet/dry shop vac to suck up the water on the floor?

  • If you got a few vicuña which are not much bigger than sheep, they could maybe help you with your costs, as 2 pounds of unprocessed wool from them goes for 500 dollars......just a thought, or even angora goats or sheep as the wool is sooooooo soft!

  • The lamb being to large to be delivered isn’t your fault just a freak accident

  • Happy very belated birthday. You and my son share a birthday. That is so cool! 🤸🤸🤗

  • Hi, You're just down the road. I'm from Bruce county from a town with a great beach! Not a farmer but enjoying your site,very informative! You have a great personality and I enjoy your love of these creatures. Also have a family cottage 8 mi. by water in Parry Sound just south of French river. In fact my ancestors helped settle the area!

  • Sandi, have you ever checked your feed for mycotoxin report? I had a necropsy done on one of my goats when she passed . I found out her liver was struggling with a slow poisoning. The lab said more likely mycotoxins from their feed. Which surprised me since I pay for a premium feed. I also had there set of still born which can also be from mycotoxins....just a thought.....all the best!

  • I will watch a 10 minute ad for you and only you.

  • I saw Charlie changed his shoes before he started.. can you tell me why he needed to wear those shoes? Just wondering. Loved this vlog! :D

  • The first pancakes is always burnt it doesn't mean that are not cooking it right

  • Wow

  • You are doing so well at being more patient with the lambing!

  • So cute to watch lambs prancing about!

  • You should Google ladies that loom!!!! I love watching Goat she's funny to watch.

  • I study the way you use the Gallagher. That is why I came back to videos that I miss.

  • Caption this: "Mmmm, any food in there?".

  • Lambing against a wall...could that mean..."BRACE YOURSELF". HAHAHA.

  • I have spent my whole life trying to understand death. As humans we are given the capacity to love, but that love can be taken away in an instant, whether it is for a human or an animal. Where is God then? I keep hearing that it is ‘to make us better as humans’. Really? That precious lamb . . .

  • I love how Kinsey is just making out with the mama's in the background😂😂😂

  • Where is Kinsey to help move the sheep ?

  • All that beautiful woodwork! And I love the antique fittings on those doors!

  • 🤗 it’s a decision that you make with 💕 love. She can now go back to the Spirit World where there is no more illness and pain. 😊 Thank you lovely lady.