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0:42The Several Benefits Of Marriage Tiktok: countrydoc
0:53Happy East Coast Snow Day lil chef mil
Happy East Coast Snow Day lil chef milvisningar 180tn7 dagar sedan
0:49Candle Cutting tiktok charlotte martel
Candle Cutting tiktok charlotte martelvisningar 365tn7 dagar sedan
0:35The Longest Handshake Ever tiktok dion nyc1
The Longest Handshake Ever tiktok dion nyc1visningar 293tn14 dagar sedan
0:33Baby's First Rave tiktok mama_bee_kay
Baby's First Rave tiktok mama_bee_kayvisningar 129tn14 dagar sedan
1:00New Redbull Combo tiktok cassie ray11
New Redbull Combo tiktok cassie ray11visningar 731tn14 dagar sedan
0:31When Brakes Have Disabled tiktok immabotcg


  • To hide the fact they stole the youtubers hard work could have been saying some of the highest trash in countries instead of showing the youtubers work

  • It depends on how you look at it

  • Robber still gets the money mission failed successfully

  • College the other word for, prison 🤔

  • Not toxic. Necessary with these hos these days.

  • Well if you want I can eat the trash.

  • Your a knob

  • This is realistic as the more trash u hv the shitter the country is, so ofc china, usa and india r up there lmao

  • This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen Once you get a persons hopes up for stealing your 💩. They’re going to get it. Don’t tempt thieves. You’ll be the one that loses. I say this as a locksmith.

  • They do something useful and interesting at least lol.

  • I don't think anyone here cares

  • Probably a jacuzzi, which is why it's so small

  • How does he move his hand like a razor and eats the hair

  • Shes a bad ass

  • Lol

  • Permanently keep the gothic make up on

  • Now do countries according to trash they dump in the ocean.

  • dill weed???

  • Cringe...

  • Man just made an ad to rob him

  • Yeah why does anyone want to be a doctor any longer is beyond me. Once you do all that stuff to get licensed you have to strictly follow insurance protocols to avoid malpractice meaning you're just an automaton in the end.

  • Holy shit this is the story of my life every day wana pass out after work

  • People start holding their breath till they die

  • She ate that salad. 🥗

  • So. You dress someone up. Have them walk past your cameras acting fishy and it goes viral... I hold no hope for our future

  • Cringe

  • I’m confused, why does his race matter???

  • He wanted a midnight snack.

  • Get this garbage off youtube and back to tic tac.

  • Let's all just quit jobs and sell real estate to each other !!

  • I don't have any hair

  • I've had this happen in my neighborhood they were looking for someone and instead of coming into the neighborhood with a bunch of cop cars they will walk a neighborhood to hunt someone

  • Hey that’s me

  • I’m all of a sudden interested in Seychelles

  • Malaysia?

  • Could've just took a shit......

  • Pretty obvious that the cop was searching for someone who was fleeing the scene and was looking around the neighborhood.

  • How do we have more than india that whole place is a dump

  • You know what makes the difference ? The world actually needs doctors and lawyers , u are the one that easily replaceable.

  • It's good you have a dog, to met you know someone is their. And you all have cameras. He's watching you and your mother. Please be careful going in and out.

  • Are you Tokyo from money heist??🤔

  • Song?

  • Sooo toxic as in illegal?

  • WHAT !!!! I shaved my hair last january and my hair’s as long as the 10 month mark WTFFFFF

  • So.. adding 2 cans of energy drink + bunch of sugar in it and you call it recipes? Oh no :)

  • When yours has the most 👁👄👁

  • Hes at "169696 likes...

  • Where is Greece?

  • The fact the the difference between China and the US is 50 million is insane

  • Did not see barbados

  • Beware there are cops protecting us and I'm going to act like it is a problem because of msm


  • weirdo

  • To be fair to China, don't they have like... a billion people? America is second and we've only got around 300-400 million

  • Entitled policemen

  • This guy is definitely a 3 time offender. However, I feel like unless he killed, raped someone, or abused a child, a life sentence is a bit much. No?

  • More like fur

  • That shit was some wild cop trying break into people homes lol

  • i’ve been doing this since i was 10-

  • Put ISIS flags outside your home for free 24/7 security

  • This isnt toxic its smart as fuuuck

  • he just ate8 pounds of food

  • Not toxic at all just covering your bases making sure everything is as you think it is because finding out she's fooling around could quite traumatic if you have been lead to believe otherwise.

  • Its a special super power we males have that wemon have not unlocked yet

  • Clown to clown communication

  • You missed Bulgaria

  • Lil Peep ?

  • not a real cop

  • Sweden?

  • That's not every country lmao dummy

  • Can someone tell what else went on in the robbery was there a firearm involved was someone injured?

  • Ok mind if I share mine? You know when a friend insults your other friend? A normal person would stand up for them right? No I say “truth hurts” this is why my friends need to be able to handle toxicity

  • Or just teach them to use it responsibly lmao

  • I love this

  • I don't know why I like this, but I do

  • 9 months and 11 months lookin good gurlll

  • You still almost bald

  • All you gotta do now is make a stupid ass video on tiktok you don’t need any talent just copy what everyone else is doing and you will make money

  • I'm over here laughing and asking myself wtf is a "compaint" don't they have spell check anymore 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DAAAAAAAAM...China. I'm so glad my country ain't part of this scale. Tabo tabo tabo.