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My PC:
Case: Define S2 Vision Blackout
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
CPU Cooling: Iron Tundra Hardline [CPU Only]
Motherboard: ASUS Prime x570-PRO
Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB 32GB
M.2 Storage: Gigabyte M.2 PCIe SSD 1TB
Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB HDD
Graphics Card: RTX 2080 Super
Power Supply: Corsair RM850x 850 Watt 80 Plus GOld
Networking: Standard Onboard Ethernet
System: Windows 10 64-Bit


17:49Minecraft, But Damage Makes You Shrink...
16:24Minecraft, But Crafting Gives OP Enchantments...
17:41Minecraft, But Chests Give OP Loot...
Minecraft, But Chests Give OP Loot...visningar 512tn8 dagar sedan
17:09Minecraft, But Every Item I Drop Randomizes!
17:26Minecraft, But Mobs Give OP Enchantments!
Minecraft, But Mobs Give OP Enchantments!visningar 425tn15 dagar sedan
17:59Minecraft, But All Mobs Are Hostile...
Minecraft, But All Mobs Are Hostile...visningar 310tn22 dagar sedan
20:10Minecraft, But Mobs Are Random Sizes...
Minecraft, But Mobs Are Random Sizes...visningar 364tn22 dagar sedan
16:53Minecraft, But Damage Gives You Random Effects...
14:38Minecraft But Every Item I Drop Multiplies!
Minecraft But Every Item I Drop Multiplies!visningar 524tn29 dagar sedan
18:19Minecraft But, The World is Shrinking!
Minecraft But, The World is Shrinking!visningar 541tnMånad sedan
19:02Minecraft Manhunt But, I Have KnockBack 1,000!
18:32Minecraft Hardcore But, I Have Looting 1,000!
19:19Minecraft But, I Get Every Block I Look At!
18:04Minecraft But Every Time You Jump, You Burn!
20:19Minecraft Manhunt, BUT I Can Use Creative Mode!
18:18Minecraft Hardcore, But I Have Knockback 1,000!


  • how do you get the seed

  • Jake wrote the script

  • These mans is a meme... I LOVE IT

  • "we don't have iron to move this" bruh they have a bucket in the chest

  • this vid came out at the same time as friday night funkin


  • He needs tree capitator and vein miner

  • Really underrated

  • I've watched paul for 1 year now, and I still can't figure out where tf the "not" in his name came from.

  • Santa toy horse

  • Hey paul, could you release the mods you use in the description? I understand some of them aren't public but they seem really fun to mess around with.

  • You should do a parasite mod multiplayer survival with scratch and cookie

  • Paul: I don’t have a water bucket! Water bucket: so I’m a lava bucket?

  • Fire the editor

  • datapack plz

  • Why is your skin flipped in the thumbnail

  • paul you should do a 100 days on this!

  • i subed to cookie and paul

  • how do i get this mod

  • paul has some CAKE

  • paul should put together some of these vids and beat minecraft with more than one of these modifiers

  • 😍😍😍

  • My favorite villager is by far the librarian

  • Skratch wrote the script

  • U know he is a canabul he ate fishes at the fish stik resarant

  • I love the swamp villager!

  • Slabs are cheaper

  • Ocean world 200 more days

  • If this would have happened in real life I would be so small

  • Wow



  • Youz bone meal on the dirt

  • /in beat boxing

  • Notpaulgg 1v1,s cod fish and wins EZ

  • Hi

  • :)

  • there is cursed water at 3:49

  • anyone still here who can tell me where to download thid map?

  • Youz bone meal

  • cause every video you get the stuff you need right away

  • sry but where do you find these seeds

  • In my experience when Paul freaks out he starts breaking random blocks🤣

  • Are you going to keep the ocean only series

  • Is there a download for the mod?

  • 10000 subs 10000 subs

  • .

  • .

  • Paul: Finds more stonks Me: noticing on the farm water is hovering 3:50

  • i love fletcher and cleric

  • Ninja games Villager News messages Linden

  • 1:37 is epic day 2?

  • I live in a tericodda/cobblestone and oak village. All the villagers got killed by pillars tho

  • i did this script with others.

  • Paul Is just unlucky i got 2 end cities with ships 300 blocks apart lol

  • Dream After seeing this: ez 1 min run >:)

  • What’s the mod for all structures?

  • All Jungle Villagers even though they aren’t kinda a thing Edit: The Editor Needs a Raise mans is really good

  • Okay hear me out 100 days of minecraft, but tiny?

  • Jesus Loves you

  • ooooooooooooh

  • ehm... only i noticed that water was floating?!

  • BRUH I GOT 3 iron

  • 3:50 idk i just noticed *what's up with the farm water??*

  • 6:33 the things people do for money