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9:59One Thing Because of Which Seals Hate Humans
One Thing Because of Which Seals Hate Humansvisningar 262tn23 timmar sedan
9:18This Fish Laughs At Death
This Fish Laughs At Deathvisningar 1,2mn23 timmar sedan
9:40Seals and Penguins Never Fight Only There
Seals and Penguins Never Fight Only Therevisningar 495tn23 timmar sedan
9:21The Most Protected Baby in the Animal World
11:23Proof That Animals Are Getting Smarter
Proof That Animals Are Getting Smartervisningar 570tn7 dagar sedan
10:24How to Tame Every Animal
How to Tame Every Animalvisningar 963tn7 dagar sedan
10:29Why Did Plants Begin Eating Animals?
Why Did Plants Begin Eating Animals?visningar 896tn14 dagar sedan
11:12This is Why We Don’t See Them
This is Why We Don’t See Themvisningar 738tn14 dagar sedan
10:35Proofs That Nature Is Getting Weird #2
Proofs That Nature Is Getting Weird #2visningar 593tn21 dag sedan
10:14It’s Just a "Dog" for Them
It’s Just a "Dog" for Themvisningar 818tn21 dag sedan
10:22Moments of Animal Genius That Will Amaze You #2
11:44The Most Expensive Living Creature
The Most Expensive Living Creaturevisningar 614tnMånad sedan
12:02Moments When Nature Gives Errors
Moments When Nature Gives Errorsvisningar 759tnMånad sedan
12:16The First Ever Cyber-Man
The First Ever Cyber-Manvisningar 334tnMånad sedan
11:01High Level Traps in the Animal World
High Level Traps in the Animal Worldvisningar 928tnMånad sedan
10:56Things That Hypnotize Every Animal
Things That Hypnotize Every Animalvisningar 2,2mnMånad sedan
11:37Eel Escaped From the Egret's Stomach
Eel Escaped From the Egret's Stomachvisningar 930tnMånad sedan
10:08Proofs That Nature Is Getting Weird
Proofs That Nature Is Getting Weirdvisningar 2,4mnMånad sedan
10:20This Is Why All Whales Are Afraid of Orca
10:09This Is Why the King Cobra Hates Other Snakes
10:57Things You Didn’t Know #12
Things You Didn’t Know #12visningar 594tnMånad sedan
9:44Animal Features That Prevent Them From Living
10:57Things You Didn’t Know #11
Things You Didn’t Know #11visningar 1,1mn2 månader sedan
9:301 Day Before Extinction
1 Day Before Extinctionvisningar 1mn2 månader sedan
10:5010 Minutes of Genius
10 Minutes of Geniusvisningar 944tn2 månader sedan
9:10This Animal Has a Unique Mission
This Animal Has a Unique Missionvisningar 383tn2 månader sedan
10:16How This Simple Bird Could Survive Till Nowadays?


  • This also works on humans, givin em food is pretty effective a lot of the time.

  • That’s the only way they’ll get me to take the Covid vaccine. Stab me while I’m asleep. My response will be similar to the seals.

  • That intro the fish with no eyes if you look at the gills it looks like a month as he says it. Fish: "Hey you. What are you starin' at?" Me: 😳 uhh.. nothing I'm just wondering where the hell are your eyes

  • “Giant lizards” stop talking about dinosaurs if you don’t know anything about them

  • I saw an article a year or so ago and someone had found one of these animals walking around Australia. So they may not have disappeared

  • Well, every animal can. Just jump off a clip. IQ increased to 100

  • "your cat...her tongue".... news flash, not all cats are girls.

  • So vegans are eating animals if they eat plants

  • So much misery here.

  • "only the most resistent survived".... ehm just few years longer

  • Black is not threatening.

  • Pigeons ride the subway in Stockholm. They ride from the bedroom community station Farstastrand to the next station Farsta Centrum that has restaurants.

  • Break brains to become a genius - like you DESTROY a vending machine and finaly get the soda

  • 🐷😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺😥😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺😥😰😵😭😭

  • 6:00 danggg savages

  • Am i reading this wrong? "One thing because of which seals hate humans" what does that even mean? This gotta b a typo

  • I live in East Orange, NJ and we have turkeys. They are huge and angry. They ready have green and brown cars.

  • 2:21 I don't know how but I got that

  • Squirrels at Brea College will come right up to your table and take food right off of your plate if you're not paying attention... I saw one squirrel taking a piece of pizza up a tree after taking it off of someone's plate. They were also extremely inbred and would literally jump out of the trees and try to land on your face often missing and hitting the concrete right behind the person although once in a while they would land and scratch someone up a bit

  • He's wearing the mask cause it isn't him talking lmao

  • the answer! the chicken came first boys.

  • Any indians ??

  • I think she's the Florida woman

  • Contrary to what i see in the comments.. i started hearing from very good.. dint know i had any deficiency

  • 0:55 i remember that evelator, its been long dissesemled from my child hood, but damn... those things look even more dangerous then i remember. edit: as in the one that i lived near, not the specific one in the video.

  • 6:57 if you’re welsh and want to laugh

  • In my childhood, I once realised that I am in a dream.. just as soon as I realised, I was awake... I think I was in middle phase.

  • Jesus Christ is king and he is coming back soon turn to him before its too late please 🙏

  • The owl trolling the eagle lol

  • Seals need to die, they contribute to shark over population

  • Remember miss p from owls of gahoole?Thats a reference to snakes cleaning owl nests

  • Who can live without a head Cockroaches: bruh

  • SEnewss recommendations are getting weirder and weirder

  • Who can live without a head Cockroaches: bruh

  • some dude painted jesus and then suddenly people sell it for millions

  • There really should be a Green Lantern that looks like a giant otter. I mean after all, why not? Ch'p looks like a squirrel...

  • What’s an ardele? Those are bighorn sheep

  • The fish is black, to look more threatening xD

  • Elephant do throw things and it's deadly.

  • POOR cow🥺🥺😣😖😔

  • 4:12 monkey

  • "If the larvae that attacked is in the early stages of development, the frog may still have a chance. *in a separate take* If the larvae that attacked is in the early stages of development, the frog may still have a chance." 😂😂

  • Man, was hopping megaledon was on the list

  • fish in wild loses head and another 6th of it's body: *oh no! anyway...* fish in garden pond: ewww a tick bit me! *dies*

  • Damn, I hate the communism

  • no i want tp eat NOW GIVE ME SOME

  • A jaguar goes for the head to kill, so a jaguar would have killed way more people back then considering they didn't know what the animal was

  • Just trying to help out but snakes are venomous not poisonous.

  • man it's currently 2:39 am here in the Philippines and i was about to sleep because i have a 7 am class later at morning but... yeah i guess 1 vid won't hurt...

  • That ain't even cats look

  • 0:25 Did that snake smile?

  • Even in the wild life world, its all about the profits. What a sad world we live in 😫 lol

  • Leave the damn animals alone and let them live wth

  • Hold on are they vaccinating these fuckin animals on tax payer money??

  • Good kitty

  • This is fucking horrible. Thanks for the video. Nothing surprises me anymore. Humans are slime.

  • 3:56 *slap that ASS!*

  • That'd be most animals that come in contact with humans.

  • Lol

  • “Anacondas🤔 I’ll take two please “ 😂😂😂nice humor bro

  • 1:37 "🎶🎙I feel like chicken tonight! Like chicken tonight!🎵"😋😁

  • Ok but technically any animal can kill themself essentially

  • I swear if i see a snapchat ad again imma flip

  • It is all phony. I don't believe this bs. Just camera tricks

  • Snakes use to fly before , but after the devil used it to deceive Eve and Adam God took it's wings.

  • ok now did anyone try and take a bee yet just like this or comment if u did-

  • Mission impossible type shit

  • 2:03 yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • uhhhhhh. hate to break this to you but tardigrades and humpback whales are mammals, not fish

  • Who else had a stroke while reading the title

  • The underwater relatives literally fire water bullets.

  • If a turkey invasion wasn't bad enough well i guess You never heard of hippos in Colombia

  • Hippos mother are supost to keep the baby away from the dad for a while then away from the " packed" even longer ....the are the baby because it was entrodoced to the pack to quick they couldn't read the situations beaches they didn't know each other well enough

  • Every time I watch something about Animal Kingdom I alway got something new and interesting

  • The voice of the narrator is golden even if the story is not real it makes sense

  • 114 dislike for the title

  • 7:08 the turkey be like: *peace was never an option*

  • Because Baboon watched "The Lion King" 1000 times.

  • I searched minecraft but found this lol

  • Nobody can handle angry hippopotamus. Me with rpg: Hold my bear