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  • Khloe please slice off Tristan's lill dingling

  • Omg even what my ears are hearing I can't believe it😑😑😑😑

  • She lied about almost punching Mallory in the face 😂 she know she wasn’t going to do nothing to Mallory 😂 good ole twirl twisting her own arm 😂😂

  • Wtf did Brandi do to her damn face! What a waste. Like seriously it’s crazy

  • i loveeeeeeeeeee kylie

  • It’s kinda sweet how Kim would respond “I love you” back to Bruce when Kim isn’t even Bruce biological daughter

  • those butt are not even normal lol

  • Wow, Katarina Rodriguez of the Philippines can pass as one of the Kardashians,,🥰🥰🥰, looks wise

  • This family has such toxic living environment thanks to Kris. Fav kid n all who does that?

  • Ashley has been secretly hooking up with her uncle and stepfather

  • Kendall is sasy ❤️

  • Kims blonde hair is fckn gorgeousss !!!

  • Kylie was like :- " MY HOLY EYES I -"

  • i have to back corey on this. it’s not embarrassing for the kids but embarrassing for the parents to even let it get that far in the first place. if a kid disrespects me i’m gonna flog! simple..

  • Not gonna lie, kylie is better off makeup

  • omg cannot wait

  • Scott really hypes up Khloe💗

  • Kim : we are gonna miss our flight. Kanye : what do you mean yall gonna miss ur flight it's private! Grl bye im screaming.

  • Kendall is so naturally good person like she's real.

  • Where do people get money to do all this and I can barely get a job?😔

  • Of course it's both resident amazing racists castmates Brandi and Kary that decided to destroy a historical landmark, who else could it have been.

  • creepy.

  • Honestly, it's hard feeling sorry for her and her disingenuous crocodile tears. Wealthy men get bored of women like her and thank God he had a pre- and post-nups done.

  • Dr.Terry and his sense of humor 🤣😂😂,love him❤️

  • My question is "who's that random guy, holding up that wall?" Lol

  • Kris robs scott🤣🤣

  • Ramona is always here😂

  • i feel sorry for both kris and caitlyn, so much to go through

  • She was always prettier than Kylie🤍

  • I love court's laugh and I love Kendal baby sitting😀

  • Kylie is so mature for this.

  • 7:33 no they just have beautiful botox

  • I always hated the Kardashians until now, this is so punk. The world is so insane, that the Kardashians is normal.

  • Why do people want to change their skin color? This is ridiculous........

  • 8:19 Is it Alla? She is gorgeous

  • That’s why I want to go to mall with my mom

  • She is the best

  • It’s normally painful for me as a former pro tennis player to see such type of playing, but that grunting was definetely at the highest level 😂

  • Wherever there's Smoke - I dunno know .... That Hollywood celebrity lifestyle is so loose I could believe it... Hell, Marcus Allen slept with Nicole, so why couldn't you believe OJ smashed Momager... It's no doubt true!... Just like Khloe is the hairdresser's baby 💯 %, butch just like him!

  • RIP button replay 1:30 kendal sliding in stairs😂

  • Brandi instigated a lot this season by separate conversations she was having *behind* Kim’s back, but the whole root of the problem is the fact Kyle is the one who exposed her sister’s issues to the world.

  • Aren't they rich though why do they even need to try

  • "ive gotta work for it" also him "ill go talk to you assisstant then"😂😂😂👍

  • Wondering how brave Teresa would be if she didn’t know someone on the set was going to hold her back all the time.

  • He is so arrogant

  • Eva didn’t pay this trip 😂

  • I love how she says mommy

  • Wait it that Gianna from dance moms in the left 4:57

  • I don't like how they edited out things from this story to make kenya look bad 😭

  • I don't like LVP. She's attention freak and manipulator! She think all the world turning to around herself.

  • First minutes were just Yolanda having really old and narrow way of thinking but the rest she just proved to me that even with these, she is a really good mom!

  • Why do they treat their mom so badly? 😔

  • Reminds me movie Al Pacino and Keanu ;) 20century…like documentary;) well it is, if go only to have wealth then yeah these monsters are reeal demons

  • Ramona looks like Dorit

  • Corey it's disgusting ewww

  • If loving Dorinda is wrong, I never want to be right.

  • "Celebrated relationships family " This reason show sign on their eyes,they are miss each other and still have love out there...(life)

  • For Jonathan 👀🤔🙄-Kanye 😂😂😂

  • Yolanda is a horrible person and attention seeker. It's so obvious!

  • wtf marlo 🤣🤣🤣 the outfit

  • Is it bad that I really wish I could do that to somebody or many people to be exact.....

  • 😂🤣😅🥰😘💖🥰💏💑❣

  • She looks like a Witch from cartoon movies. .

  • "My family was ruined" and she is back with that cheater. She should be scared of fking with someone's baby daddy, didn't she do thw same. Fkxing hypocrite 🙄

  • 🤣😂

  • Drunk sonja is hella cute

  • 🤣😂

  • All desperate for.a man basically

  • Shes so so so so so so botched Dont understand why people think shes pretty Shes a mess and so young Her face its just fillers

  • Ufff brandi.. pls no more facelifts

  • Can someone tell me why khloe went to jail?

  • Dont know about this season.....

  • Honestly it makes me ill even now whenever seeing Kim try and make something out of nothing

  • I cant understand Do All Kardashians have chirurgie plastic ?

  • Scarlet spend more hrs in gym not in surgery room .

  • Who is Shorty?

  • Brandi is vile!

  • You can tell by the nervous wide open mouth laugh of hers and the constant hair touching that she is so uncomfortable around Snoop. The more I see her in those kind of situations (when her family is not around and she is on her own) the more I see her insecurities. I have noticed it in the Prom episode of KUWTK, she faked to enjoy herself but in reality she just wanted to disappear. It is Cristal clear and sad. Money and fame don't necessarily give you confidence.

  • Tbh I can fully understand Bruce. She was 11 years old and to dress up like that and wear that much makeup is a little too much for anyone

  • Loving the hair styles this season. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻