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4:36Top 5 Tech Creations From CES 2021
4:01Biden's Day One Executive Actions
Biden's Day One Executive Actionsvisningar 63tnDag sedan
6:38Highlights of Biden's Inaugural Address
7:00:13The Inauguration of Joe Biden | LIVE | NowThis
4:39Inauguration: Trump Leaves the White House
3:01Biden's Emotional Farewell Address to Delaware
3:27The NRA's Lies About Its Bankruptcy Filing
3:45Kamala Harris Formerly Resigns From the Senate
3:02Thousands of Elk Gallop Together in Colorado
6:05TikToker's Analogy For Trump's Attempted Coup
3:02Obama Sings Al Green
Obama Sings Al Greenvisningar 25tn6 dagar sedan
3:0917 Ways Black People Are Killed in America
3:08TikTok User Creates Virtual Fantasy Tavern
3:10Smart Dog Collar Interprets Pet’s Emotions
4:25TikToker Cleans Old Gravestones in Free Time
25:22Top 5 Politics Stories: January 10-15, 2021
9:05Teachers Speak Out About COVID-19 Challenges
7:11The Biggest Lies of Trump’s Presidency
The Biggest Lies of Trump’s Presidencyvisningar 676tn6 dagar sedan
23:08Top 5 News Stories: Jan 9-15, 2021
Top 5 News Stories: Jan 9-15, 2021visningar 16tn6 dagar sedan
4:57What's in Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’
5:11Impeachment: Here's What Happens Next
Impeachment: Here's What Happens Nextvisningar 55tn6 dagar sedan
33:31Speaker Nancy Pelosi Holds a Press Conference
5:35Joe Biden's Road to the White House
Joe Biden's Road to the White Housevisningar 31tn7 dagar sedan
11:56NowThis' Versha Sharma: 'I Am Angry'
NowThis' Versha Sharma: 'I Am Angry'visningar 29tn7 dagar sedan
3:05WHO Begins Investigation Into COVID-19 Origins
3:11Speaker Pelosi Signs Article of Impeachment


  • There was a time we all laughed at President George W. Bush...after Trump I see him in a more positive light. :P

  • Trump really shook up the system. In a way, we needed him to wake us up. Democracy really only means as much as you want it to. Glad America still has a vision of what we need to be, which is humble, above all.

  • i can't explain how dumb the woman is... sorry not sorry

  • The Indian man that backed Trump is a traitor to his own people.

  • All criminals

  • Bon voyage Trump the terrorizer.

  • This kid is faking it

  • We want bipartisanship but we can't, we will stand on the ground. She is right and Mitch said it "elections have consequences". Now we Dems have the upper hand. Enough of Republican obstructionism.

  • Karen

  • are they even human beings? i seriously doubt that. who made them police officers..?? they aren't qualified to be even human beings, man.

  • He said it Biden is on a cognitive decline

  • 3 incredibly and unmistakably iconic voices. Love it.

  • A lot of respect for these former presidents. When times are dangerous they are there showing unity and respect. Congratulations to the new president and vice president

  • Trump: we will waityears untill we make a small change Sweet brown: aint nobody got time for dat!

  • Disturbing isnt it...Wife of vietnam Vet....might as well go spit on every solders grave !

  • 'ancestral'... erm... her mother is Indian and moved to America in 1960. she's just as Indian as she is black, and tbh i feel like the American media completely neglect that. she's a Blasian American and now Madame VP! great moment for poc

  • Fox is the hoax. Sad that they have so many ill informed supporters.

  • BuT yOuR eLeCtiOn wAsNt StOLeN - Trump 🦳

  • God Bless all of you,s and feel some pitty for trump. That dose not mean forget trumps CRIMES! on all of the us people

  • This makes Trump even more of an outcast

  • Fox 4 idiots lol. One thing I’m jealous of them is it must be easy to sleep at night with brains that small

  • Based

  • Just because he’s throwing out EO’s doesn’t mean all are good. That census one is gonna bite us eventually with pop. inflation. Not only that, but the reason we left the Paris agreement and pulled funding from WHO was cause nobody was pulling their weight/doing anything significant, and WHO screwed everyone over by bending to the Chinese about COVID.

  • President Clinton looks a bit frail.


  • Thank you thank you thank you praying for you all💜🙏🙏🙏

  • What about the jamacain side?

  • Ex President** 😂

  • Jajajaja

  • my eyes filled with tears, and i’m a muslim. ❤️ this is beautiful.

  • Melania looked really happy as they left the white house

  • Family that is what U call them.... This is a 🎥.... Bad in is being held in custody and has to play his part to catch All the Scumbags..... We are Winning 🔨⏰ Bad in signed a bunch of Fake E O s .... When he drove to White 🏠 a Bunch of Soldiers turned their 🔙 to Scumbag Bad in ..... He is bad in gonna get Tried 🔜

  • Teach my brother 👍

  • 💖

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🖤

  • I never thought I'd distrust the American government as much as I distrust the CCP😪

  • Nancy, go home and fill your face with ice-cream. You just show hate for president trump, and your still going on. I will get pleasure when you put that orange prison suit on. God forgive you all 🙏

  • I'll be the brave one and tell her that he's been lying to her BEFORE he was even voted in, the lies increased even more AFTER he got in office.

  • 3 Warmongers.

  • I watched the video for the first time with no sound and my eyes teared up

  • "Trump's second impeachment after Capitol riots isn't enough. He needs to go to prison. Political sanction did not deter the president from abusing his power again, nor should we believe it would deter anyone else. A criminal conviction will."

  • The US is never going to improve their prison system. Trust & believe that. If nothing else, they need to release the 10's of 1000's of folks in prison for possessing small amounts of weed. They won't though cause it's a business worth billions. Not designed to rehabilitate but rather to encourage reoffending.

  • I never thought I'd distrust the American government as much as I distrust the CCP😪

  • pass HR1 from the last congress!!!

  • Thumbnail is 🔥

  • You need to check every viruses most especially in the future if they really are viruses, for they could be super vitamins that are just being stolen and just being labeled harmful just to hide its usefullnes from others.

  • Poor planning not climate change. Lakes change in water height up and down

  • what kind of a country will be left to pray for when the people in power want to extinguish all patriots that voted for Trump. all of the men in my family have fought in ww2 and up but they would be rolling in their graves to see what has happened to this country and what is to come. God protect us from the evil across the land and forgive us of our sinful ways! AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  • Lock her up too.

  • Not indian but tamil people claim her. There are a lot of North Indians and andhbhakts who feel like somebody just applied chilli paste in their buttocks because she is of tamil origin🌶️🔥🔥🔥

  • The Democrats and Neo Cons now have the power. God protect this country

  • Those two speakers are incredible, spitting out facts like a talented rapper spit bars. I can’t love this video any more

  • Lovely ❤️

  • I never thought I'd distrust the American government as much as I distrust the CCP😪

  • The Media disappointment. Nothing happened