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22:46Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters ANALYSIS
21:41Dream, George and CORPSE play AMONG US!!
Dream, George and CORPSE play AMONG US!!visningar 165tn15 dagar sedan
41:45Minecraft Manhunt | George VS Dream REMATCH
Minecraft Manhunt | George VS Dream REMATCHvisningar 1,3mn22 dagar sedan
9:19George does a MANHUNT against Dream...
George does a MANHUNT against Dream...visningar 158tn22 dagar sedan
12:33Dream's SISTER Visits Dream!!
Dream's SISTER Visits Dream!!visningar 396tnMånad sedan
14:50George plays MODDED Among Us!
George plays MODDED Among Us!visningar 1,6mnMånad sedan
16:42So DreamXD joined the Dream SMP....
So DreamXD joined the Dream SMP....visningar 713tn2 månader sedan
15:12So Dream tried Speedrunning AGAIN...
So Dream tried Speedrunning AGAIN...visningar 2mn3 månader sedan
9:44Dream and Sapnap are LIVING TOGETHER NOW!!
Dream and Sapnap are LIVING TOGETHER NOW!!visningar 4mn4 månader sedan
12:40Dream and George Speedrun AMONG US!!
Dream and George Speedrun AMONG US!!visningar 1,8mn4 månader sedan
13:30Dream Team plays Jackbox!
Dream Team plays Jackbox!visningar 169tn4 månader sedan
15:39Do NOT Play Among Us with Dream!
Do NOT Play Among Us with Dream!visningar 4,4mn5 månader sedan
16:02The Stupidest Stream Ever on the Dream SMP
The Stupidest Stream Ever on the Dream SMPvisningar 1,3mn5 månader sedan
12:45George gives Sapnap AND Quackity his PHONE NUMBER
13:13Dream goes to TRAUMA Therapy with Quackity
Dream goes to TRAUMA Therapy with Quackityvisningar 284tn5 månader sedan
15:56Dream and GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap go FERAL
Dream and GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap go FERALvisningar 331tn5 månader sedan
19:45GeorgeNotFound's INSANE Birthday Stream
GeorgeNotFound's INSANE Birthday Streamvisningar 478tn6 månader sedan
41:33Dream's $50,000 Minecraft Deal Or No Deal
Dream's $50,000 Minecraft Deal Or No Dealvisningar 212tn6 månader sedan
12:02Dream WINS and BLOWS UP Parkour Warrior! | MCC 11
15:59Georgenotfound NEEDS to Chill...
Georgenotfound NEEDS to Chill...visningar 311tn6 månader sedan


  • Just saying but Dream and George never denied they weren't dating in this stream every time it was brought up

  • Steins gate

  • Is it just me or I thought the first scene has similarities with the scene where tommy ask drista to fork dream;-;

  • Protective dad

  • And all along it was a secretly a speed run.... it’s just taken them this long...

  • SapNap: *screams out him ass * Subtitles: Music

  • Guys come on, his videos are obviously staged. As most of you are 13 I wouldn't expect any of you to notice, but it's so obvious LMAO!

  • how many followers did he have at this time?

  • I started now

  • the music that started at 25:49 is so funny to me help

  • Hahi

  • we all got op items after finding the dream smp seed, damn cheaters

  • 6:58 look at the donation lmao

  • 5:50 thinking of what Tommy’s reaction would be walking out of his HOME.💀

  • xd

  • We need a technoblade vs dream manhunt

  • Through my analysis, I've come to the conclusion that so much of this video could easily be fake. I don't get how when the hunters play this game for a living they are still so bad, and that boat clutch is 100% a macro. I know this is for entertainment purposes only, but I don't respect the fact that this channel makes kids believe they are real. I know there is no true proof for my beliefs, but after a couple thousands of hours of playtime on Minecraft things just don't seem realistic to me. Also, it doesn't matter how long you think about having to make a boat, that clutch could not be done without practice or be done so perfectly in a high-pressure situation.

  • ᴵ ʷᶦˡˡ ˢᵘᵇ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢ🌮

  • You could also use the tall grass to block the way, like you are running trough it and then turn around and place on the upper part a block and then this holds up them maybe for 3 seconds or something. But I think that this comment wont be noticed

  • ight im attemping to watch all of these streams, i have break this week so... wish me luck :DD start date: May 7th 2021 end date: ???

  • 0:19 why does he do that when he says Ds and Ls or wtv... Like... "This stream we codledld it..." Is it the Florida accent or smt?? XD

  • dream in this clip reminds me of a bartender flicking on and off the lights to make his drunks go away

  • Watching Dream being hunted is like an adventure movie Watching George being hunted is like a Horror movie holly shit :')

  • 4:25 gigant crafting table, now you can't unsee it, you are welcome

  • 54:50 not the eye contact

  • 23:13 im dying bc dream is going around and destroying them, and sapnap is behind him putting them back 😭💀

  • dream:maybe if yo buy the shirt you will be in a Manhunts video mrbeast:i will be at this Manhunt video

  • do axes deal 8 hearts now :O

  • The comments and donations are so annoying. Some of the fans are so toxic :(

  • fun fact:dream isn't tall,sapnap is just really short he's shorter than Karl and he tried to make him self taller💀

  • To

  • Ok guys, I'm starting to watch the whole dream smp storyline, I'll be back when I'm done Start: 07.05.2021 End:?

  • i thoght u said dream would show his face

  • my headphones exploded when dream was pretending to be the chat

  • I love how at 1:09:04, George was like" dude watch out" and kills chicken and Dream says "thank you u saved my life" then at 1:09:12 ALL THE CHICKENS OF THE WORLD CAME TO AVENGE THEIR FALLEN CHICKEN BOTHER!!

  • I love how at 1:09:04, George was like" dude watch out" and kills chicken and Dream says "thank you u saved my life" then at 1:09:12 ALL THE CHICKENS OF THE WORLD CAME TO AVENGE THEIR FALLEN CHICKEN BOTHER!!

  • "slappy napi" 19:55 XD

  • It's so unfair that Dream had to go alone, but when George did it, Dream had to help him... It's so unfair! Edit: This just proves how brave Dream is

  • How is Corpse's voice lower than my self esteem?

  • 0:13 “I only have 300 fps” Me with about 100 fps: -_-

  • “He’s cooking iron”-Dream

  • If you're just starting the series watch it on 1.5x speed!

  • He's so sad 🥺

  • Dream should speedrun amongus

  • Y does every body hate George :(

  • My headphone is like blow up

  • I don't get the Jenna tools thing can someone explain-

  • It’s funny cuz in all the fights dream gets George low so he would’ve killed George like 4 times before George killed dream once

  • Trade offer: I receive: Heart You receive: Subscribtion

  • when he said EYEEEIOHGOH FUCK i felt that

  • We are watching a video of a guy watching a video of a guy watching a video

  • Congratulations Dream!


  • George:crying of laughter Cry sign:yeah crying😎


  • 1

  • 1:50:22 I FINALLY FOUND IT

  • George you are sleep or no sleep

  • George you are pro

  • Nobody: George: calls the drowned gurgler

  • what i would do to get these streams back😔

  • dream is so good at this !!!!!!

  • Poor people who came to stream late

  • this was the first stream I had ever watched of the SMP and on twitch and this is so nostalgic

  • just saying but dream did better in solo than george

  • Dream is becoming the dictator lol, poor ponk

  • POV:you just beg9n watching DSMP

  • POV:you're re-watching DSMP

  • 22:19 ...a cat??

  • i just got off school so now i’m watching this

  • 15:00:00

  • Dream just tries to get George to say "I love you" back to him on stream so many times- And Dream has no problem saying I love you to George lol Also Dream just getting mad over George not saying guacamole correctly, so much so that he ended up cursing.

  • Dude really thinks every bastion is a bridge/treasure bastion? Memorize where the gold blocks are goddamnit

    • I would ever memorize where the ramparts gold is on treasure. This is not 1.16.1, you need every piece of gold you can get your hands on.

    • it’s not that hard, memorizing full routes might be tiresome, but just memorize where the gold is and trade with stray piglins


  • I love watching him, he's so fast

  • Everyone bully the glowsquid too much, like george says, they are very magestic, just imagine riding across the sea in your tiny boat and you see those glowing things underwater I still miss moo bloom though

  • Even if you did script it, there is no denying that you're incerdibly skilled.

  • Everyone when they saw dripleaf: oooo parkour potential George: *WhAt's tHe pOinT?!*

  • Dream should do an among us speedrun on his channel