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What looks better, a car with simple tasteful modifications? Or a car with a giant wing and a brightly painted trim? I am not the Gordon Ramsey of Cars, but you don't need to be a great chef to know if food stinks. Just like i don't need to be a master technician to know if a car is an ugly fail or if its a slow ricer. Ricers are cars that appear to be fast through the addition of sporty wings and non functional vents, but don't have the engine power to back it up. The word ricer actually stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements and/or Really Immature Car Enthusiast, both of which usually come in a package deal. Tuners on the other hand are on the other side of the spectrum. Tuners Modify their cars with performance parts in order to try to achieve their cars maximum potential either for drifting, drag racing, or even track use. Tuner cars are usually tastefully modified on the exterior as well.

I also own a built supercharged Mustang GT, 93 Mk4 Supra and more.


0:33McLaren MP4-12c Acceleration #shorts
13:46Devaluing My McLaren With A Rattle Can...
16:43IMPORT Vs. SUPERCAR Racing!!! - Fast Or Furious!
0:58Mk4 Supra Gets New Taillights! #shorts
Mk4 Supra Gets New Taillights! #shortsvisningar 133tn22 dagar sedan
0:35California Car Scene Summed Up... #shorts
California Car Scene Summed Up... #shortsvisningar 115tn29 dagar sedan


  • Why are super big wings and wolverine slash marks so popular? It's kind of cringe..but thats one thing about the car scene, everyone has different tastes and whatever works for them go for it.

  • Google: lean forward to see better Bing: never turn left

  • Awd civic vs S10. Civic ended up losing the race for crossing the line. Still one of the fastest AWD civic in SoCal

  • The sole reason i didnt bring back a Skyline from Japan.

  • WORTH IT 🖤

  • If it don't have a 1000horsepower are you even a car guy 😂

  • Seeing this video makes me happy for building my Em1 Si fully built Gsr motor and transmission hopefully it’ll make jam lol

  • Honda’s spit on the Weak V8’s

  • USPS Drivers: “First time?”

  • all the dislikes are people who have been gapped by a civic

  • One thing hondas don't have "GRIP"

  • 2:26 i love how he said supra vs bmw supra

  • When does the blue Mustang Come back

  • Drew is probably hating on the challengers bcaz in many ways their better than mustangs

  • The fact that these Hondas are going up against nearly stock if not stock cars and wining dosent impress me...sorry Honda boyz

  • Thats mustang tho

  • Vielside 350z can look good but it has to be done right and alot of the people try to push the kit to be more then what its supposed to be

  • days always gets better whenever you post man love this channel

  • 20 dislikes well I know how meany ricers watched this

  • 2:34 drew ur not slick lmao

  • Don’t let this distract you from the fact that hector is gonna be running a Honda Civic with an LS swap and spoon exhaust.

  • the video is about vtec kicks in yooo

  • You should build an el Camino

  • Build a civic

  • Norwalk ca

  • Honda gang represent 💪😎

  • The 17 year old with the drop top rx7 sounds like the biggest cringe kid by his comment/question. And to answer it; yes, your flames are what helped cook that bowl of rice you ride around in. The fact that you even asked that question, tells me that its rice before i even saw your car.

  • Drew just build a Turbo b series


  • for who is interested: a Car with Anime girls on it is called Itasha. Onestly there are some cool imo, but i would prefer wearing a fucking hentai hoodie than having a massive car with an anime girl on it 🤔

  • This gives new meaning to “if you can’t dodge it, Ram it.”

  • I would rather have someone drift there 350 into a wall then have it be slammed to the ground with extreme camber

  • Challenger in that driveway of the Stingray incident.

  • The s10 was skating the hole way tho but that was a good one

  • I have a 200hp Honda and it’ll take about 1200hp to keep up with me.

  • Mans said shawty gettin piped and dat we all been there... drew I can’t relate Bru

  • Drew if you didn't break his s*** he would have walked you that thing look Wicked

  • And going through drive thru lol

  • The drive thru ladies will say sir you need to speak up we cant hear ya

  • That “red eye” challenger was still sick as hell though, yes it would be better if it was a hellcat or real red eye but that thing was nice,, that’s an actual build I can respect without speed

  • Yooo that second eg that did a burnout, the silver eg hatch full drag car with NOT turbo. That was all Motor K with itb’s and huge velocity stack up front.

  • Does anyone know what car that is in 1:47

  • Should be banned from driving them on here. Roads not designed for right steering wheel cars

  • s10 are nice

  • Nascar cup cars have less power than a Hellcat lol

  • I like sleepers, if they look stock af even better. Clean paint, smooth curves.

  • The Benz driver will just default on the loan that he took out at 21% 🤣

  • VTEC is infectious Drew, you've been bit. You never had your bank account.

  • drew should a build a crx or a eg


  • did you actually do a shaving commerical? lmao lit

  • IS THAT A SUPRA!!!!!!!!!


  • drew ive heard if you just get a chinese turbo kit and other bolt ons a d series honda can make i think max 400hp before rods go so shouldnt cost the a whole lot to do i comparison to your other cars

  • That first charger clean asf 😳

  • It's the weight Drew

  • Bro, that blue evo x..... What the actual fuck...... And that yellow frs...... The wing is way to big for that fuck nugget.

  • i saw a onlyfans fans ad on a video idk how but i saw one lol

  • Maybe a dumb question but if u were to do a burnout... wouldnt the Smoke be sucked into the intake and be ... bad for the engine?😅

  • 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵

  • Good video but that commercial ohhh boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 no hate just I don't think drew have facial hair lmao that's rice 😂

  • Drew is trying to say it’s expensive to build a Honda but yet buys a supra and has a shop build it for him😅

  • The only problem is, because there's so light you can't push too much power because youll be spinning all the way to 3rd gear

  • 😎👌

  • do more Honda videos drew peacock please and thank you

  • Hondas are just great cars, if you got the money for it. I daily a honda and had 3 hondas in the past. One thing I noticed is after 150k miles it starts to quite literally fall apart if you don't take care of them

  • I had an old 98 accord v6. Although I didn’t turbo it I made that thing track ready by gutting it and adding all the bolt ons possible for the car. It was fun until I crashed it.

  • Is that a supara

  • I thought Harry's was the parts place from F and F 1 and they sponsored you.

  • That first race vid wasn’t a hellcat it was a scatpack

  • Just drive a normal car

  • When that challenger was getting pulled on by that Honda I could hear him saying MONICAAAAA😂😂😂😂

  • I’m not gonna read all the comments but I’m guessing somebody already put this what about drive-through’s ordering your food through the right side of the vehicle doesn’t really make sense

  • This guys in Norwalk next to golf in stuff

  • Get a Honda bro

  • That civic walked the hellcat back to the boat yard💀

  • The civic against the catfish spun think he Paddle it and still reeled him in and won by a country mile is a low blow the catfish is swimming with the sardines

  • No s2000 :(

  • Careful now, a Demon might pull up and GHOST you

  • The S10 put in the boost for big end you could see him slowly reeling him in the Honda had the advantage off AWD