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11:56r/Rareinsults • scuffed tony stark
r/Rareinsults • scuffed tony starkvisningar 33tn20 timmar sedan
10:57r/TIHI • y'all tried boba tea?
r/TIHI • y'all tried boba tea?visningar 56tn20 timmar sedan
10:51r/Rareinsults • oh
r/Rareinsults • ohvisningar 106tn20 timmar sedan
10:24r/TIHI • molten clothes
r/TIHI • molten clothesvisningar 142tn20 timmar sedan
15:43r/ATBGE • do not click this video
r/ATBGE • do not click this videovisningar 121tn20 timmar sedan
12:34r/Tinder • step bro ;)
r/Tinder • step bro ;)visningar 99tn20 timmar sedan
10:23r/Terriblefacebookmemes • okay
r/Terriblefacebookmemes • okayvisningar 146tn7 dagar sedan
14:41r/Holup • you think they need help??
r/Holup • you think they need help??visningar 542tn7 dagar sedan
10:49r/Tinder • worst pickup lines on the internet
10:38r/Internet_funeral • you need to run.
r/Internet_funeral • you need to run.visningar 271tn7 dagar sedan
10:24r/Technicallythetruth • mark with a c
r/Technicallythetruth • mark with a cvisningar 114tn7 dagar sedan
16:00r/Cursedcomments • slurp it up
r/Cursedcomments • slurp it upvisningar 251tn7 dagar sedan
19:59r/Wokekids • he's actually babey omg
r/Wokekids • he's actually babey omgvisningar 130tn14 dagar sedan
12:30r/Comedyheaven • got your nose!
r/Comedyheaven • got your nose!visningar 130tn14 dagar sedan
14:57r/Niceguys • be my kitten UwU
r/Niceguys • be my kitten UwUvisningar 119tn14 dagar sedan
22:44r/Woooosh • that's the entire joke
r/Woooosh • that's the entire jokevisningar 620tn14 dagar sedan
13:06r/Crackheadcraigslist • that's a dog.
r/Crackheadcraigslist • that's a dog.visningar 129tn14 dagar sedan
18:24r/Mildlyvandalised • what,
r/Mildlyvandalised • what,visningar 333tn14 dagar sedan
13:40r/Memes • how much he cost?
r/Memes • how much he cost?visningar 175tn21 dag sedan
11:17r/Internet_funeral • bucket
r/Internet_funeral • bucketvisningar 118tn21 dag sedan
19:35r/Wokekids • what a gentleman
r/Wokekids • what a gentlemanvisningar 119tn21 dag sedan
12:28r/Comedyheaven • i am arrest.
r/Comedyheaven • i am arrest.visningar 245tn21 dag sedan
10:38r/Softwaregore • so lonely
r/Softwaregore • so lonelyvisningar 209tn21 dag sedan
15:33r/Holup • she's a gardening tool...
r/Holup • she's a gardening tool...visningar 262tn21 dag sedan
15:01r/Murderedbywords • he's not funny
r/Murderedbywords • he's not funnyvisningar 124tnMånad sedan
15:23r/Niceguys • the most cringe on reddit
r/Niceguys • the most cringe on redditvisningar 202tnMånad sedan
14:33r/Murderedbywords • absolutely destroyed
16:45r/ATBGE • awful taste, but great execution!


  • everyone knows you dont click the mouse in OSU! you hit the Z and X keys

  • 2:44 mans sounding like plankton T-T

  • 6:35 nice impression

  • 2:06 I feel personally attacked

  • 1:45 - To whoever vandalized this Autism Speaks advertisement, you are a godsend.

  • 10:12 BURN THEM

  • 6:30 ask them all for 5 dollars You rich

  • The best of these are the one that kinda make sense

  • I'm just glad he mentioned bizarre hub

  • why did he sound like kronk when he spoke about the mom joke lol

  • The Woman at 2:18 is, if I'm not mistaken, Ilse Koch, wife to the comandant of KZ Buchenwald Karl Otto Koch. Later she was known as "Die Hexe von Buchenwald" (The witch of Buchenwald)

  • That bulldog chewing a lemon thing is quite a common insult in the U.K...

  • 1:58 I know where that's from

  • I googled 2 girls 1 cup, now my life is compleately ruined.

  • 5:51 I Googled it. You shouldn't. Just don't. My feelings are now mildlyvandalised.

  • Every time i see that morges kid i just can't help but pray his parents someday make enough money to buy him a bottle of effing visine eye drops

  • 6:35 I’m 97.3% sure Damien is that yo mama guy


  • Petition to make Damien host mama jokes.

  • NDL

  • They stole a roast that micheal said ABOUT HIMSELF-

  • Bro you sound like a mafia boss XD

  • grizzzzzyyyyyyyyy

  • 0:54 look at the profile picture, itll make more sense

  • Ketchup pre-cum

  • American measurement thing? Good example with Trump! Quick fact check: yes, the internet did start in the US, but not with collaboration with French and British researchers. Therefore, with the help of Wikipedia, he is infinitely wrong. This should be on confidently correct, too.

  • I don't get it? Please explain, I thought this was supposed to be a meme video?

  • Michael Reaves is the most powerful classpect Prince of brain damage

  • 1:55 *BFDI intro plays*

  • When you see it never goes away 19:50

  • 1:34 he looks like a fat lazarbeam

  • Brain damaged tony stark is a compliment to Michal

  • Every like r/woosh they are boomers smart boomers

  • I don't even watch these videos for content anymore, I just love damien's personality

  • Hi Damien! I’m so glad I made you laugh with the “he’d eat the beaker.” Joke, made my day that it made you happy :)

  • 4:49 ayy that's me with my 3am insults

  • 12:00 yes yes you did

  • 0:35 could be worse

  • 6:58 bruh he looks like pyrocinical but sleep deprived but he's pretending to be wide awake

  • We can confirm that DeeLee is the 0-0-0 dart monkey in btd6

  • 8:34 nice pfp @Soft Apple

  • Micheal being Tony Stark with Brain Damage is lowkey not a Rare insult

  • holy shit, that brody impression was incredible.

  • ........... Damien sounds like a higher pitch version of Peter Popoff (The religious nutcase sending "holy oil" which is clearly just semen)

  • My favorite insult of all time shall forever be "You fermented cum bucket"

  • I just got the most atrocious TWD ad (The Walking Dead), let's just say, zombies in that universe don't make minecraft zombie sounds

  • I just noticed that the logo is a hamster

  • Wtf is wrong with nibling? It's literally just sibling with an n.

  • There are four hank hills saying "propane" and I haven't even made it down the comments section.

  • *bap*

  • I love this plz do more

  • 2:05 I can tell from the upvote and downvote button that that is BFB

  • No micheal reeves new nam is Rony Clark.

  • ok that brody impression was to good . game theory damien is brody

  • Are you Brody? Serious question here

  • I wonder what else you could use a hyperrealistic mouth for.

  • No every meal should have No Seasoning and be tasteless only for the last meal to be Over Salted 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Damien had better insults change my mind

  • damien no you have to censor usernames on r/rareinsults per sitewide rules

  • Okay right there at the start... my boss is named that, and looks like that, but has tattoos on his arms WHAT THE FLIP IS GOIN’ ON

  • 8:23 lemon demon


  • Damien sound like a distorted 16 emo girl trying to giggle when they do try to giggle they sound like a broken ass guitar I’m sorry.

  • I just realised that deelee is spelled deelee because Damiens last name is Lee and it sounds like daily. 😳🤦‍♀️

  • 10:10 I can do that too

  • mrbeast: gets put in jail you: watches mr beast your recommendations: i gave a police officer a million dollars for letting me out of prison (i commit a fellony’

  • After July to me

  • The funny thing is, is that Michael would absolutely agree with the person that insulted him.

  • Ok I know this is gross but at 3:05 I actually have mastered the art of quietly farting, butt no, I won’t be revealing my secrets Edit: Omfg I didn’t mean to say butt that’s like the only time autocorrect has done something good

  • 6:46 are we not gonna talk about this?

  • 1:58 no thats thats when a vegan watches that vegan teacher

  • Has DeeLee never seen a Mormon?

  • You think you’re worth something? You’re the human equivalent of a participation award

  • Ur growing so fast, congratulations man!

  • Isn't a "balloon knot" just those long balloons that clowns twist up into an animal shape? He's the classic weiner dog-shaped one!

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  • BRUH. That was such a good body impression

  • 5:08 you sound like papyrus if he lived in france

  • My dogs are afraid of my cats be they tried to attach the cats and got beaten up

  • 2:04 he called me smelly :(