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Hi, my name is Sven aka. SeenSven and I make E P I C Minecraft content. Nice builds or high IQ gameplay, it doesn't matter what type of content, I promise, it will be worth your time! :)


3:00:12Discussing Hades' Vault in Detail. Join me live!
0:59Hades Vault - an inescapable Prison
Hades Vault - an inescapable Prisonvisningar 80tn14 dagar sedan
7:38How much Damage can you survive in Minecraft?
2:17:11sus - live
sus - livevisningar 12tnMånad sedan
1:26DREAM missing his Flight be like
DREAM missing his Flight be likevisningar 175tn2 månader sedan
4:30Can Youtube Shorts KILL your Channel???
Can Youtube Shorts KILL your Channel???visningar 6tn2 månader sedan
0:271 2 8   B I T S
1 2 8 B I T Svisningar 7tn2 månader sedan
1:16:59Playing an Among Us Tournament! Watch me live!
Playing an Among Us Tournament! Watch me live!visningar 2,2tn3 månader sedan
2:13Winning on ALL 3 Among Us Maps
Winning on ALL 3 Among Us Mapsvisningar 2,9tn3 månader sedan
4:21:01Winning on all three maps. Watch me live!
Winning on all three maps. Watch me live!visningar 4,2tn3 månader sedan
0:592020 was NOT an Impostor. But...
2020 was NOT an Impostor. But...visningar 55tn3 månader sedan
0:58Quick Ways to catch the Impostor part 2 #Shorts
0:56How To Get 100% Cleared after a KILL
How To Get 100% Cleared after a KILLvisningar 119tn3 månader sedan
4:15The Unknown MYSTERY of the Fortegreen Player!
The Unknown MYSTERY of the Fortegreen Player!visningar 13tn3 månader sedan
0:59Quick Ways to Catch the Impostor Part 1 #Shorts
3:43:55DONT Click on this Among Us Stream!
DONT Click on this Among Us Stream!visningar 1,5tn3 månader sedan
0:53How to Do a TRIPLE Kill in Among Us with 1 Impostor
1:51:35Playing Among Us with Obama! JOIN NOW
Playing Among Us with Obama! JOIN NOWvisningar 2tn4 månader sedan
44:38Play Among Us with me NOW!
Play Among Us with me NOW!visningar 5684 månader sedan
0:586900 IQ Impostor Play... works EVERYTIME!
6900 IQ Impostor Play... works EVERYTIME!visningar 212tn4 månader sedan
0:58The ANGRIEST Among Us Lobby Ever
The ANGRIEST Among Us Lobby Evervisningar 153tn4 månader sedan
1:06:59Training my IQ in Among Us
Training my IQ in Among Usvisningar 3354 månader sedan
2:50Among Us but I use Never Gonna Give You Up Lyrics


  • it would be possable if the ender dragon just torn though everything

    • How do you get him into the overworld lol

  • just raid it with 10000 people

  • I know how to get in : get an epearl bug through with fire res pearl through everything thats it +u can bug through the corner if u fast + lucky enough as prisoner

  • It cant be evry thing maded of netherite blocks thats impossible.

  • Nex tvideo jesus's vault

  • SeenSven: no one can escape this hades vault Mytrodak: Hold up. Wait a minute. Send my way!

  • Nobody was in it, not even the pilot

  • :)

  • Someone knows how to summon zombie with armors(and equipments)?

  • this would take 1 hour no joke

  • Hi sven, this inspired me to make a prison too, I made 1 that is quite inescapable too! Ofc not as good as this one but still good :)

  • Das ist interessant. Danke für die Erklärung :)

  • How do I access the guard controls

  • Can you make this map for bedrock

  • You can put an ender pearl from the prisoner so incase he managed to escape then just drop his ender pearl

  • Hate to be that guy but Hades while it sounds like hell isn't hell it's just the ancient Greek afterlife

  • Mans has to call mumbo jumbo because Mythrodak broke out This went from dream to mythrodak

  • We need mumbo jumbo Zeus vault

  • first video with this many views I've seen without any dislikes

  • hi

  • can I play it on xbox

  • Do a even safer one called Tartarus

  • The third song is "halina má bílý vůz"

  • It should have been saitans vault

  • NO

  • I got a name for the next one the pit of tartarus

  • Just build a bedrock box

  • Wither

  • So I just realized about the part with the golden pressure plate (to prevent more than one person going to the prisoner) Wouldn’t it be super easy to get past? Just get some chorus fruit and be patient then you’re on the other side! (Just make everything past that water, or to the point where chorus fruit won’t teleport you)

    • there is water on the other side, you cant teleport also the guard would see

  • boi you should´ve done it in the nether because if you want to escape this you need a water bucket

  • wait yo the half enderman half ghast skin in the edit u did is the skin i use cool :D

  • Somoene did it

  • I can download the map :(

  • SeenSven, a year later: "So anyway I combined the vaults I previously built (you know, Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Hera, Artemis, Athena, Apolo, Ares, Dionysius, Demeter and Hermes) and built the Mount Olympus vault. Through this, I have achieved godhood, and I have replaced Hephaestus as the god of the forge (and manufacturing). Leave a like and subscribe I guess"

  • This deserves more views. :)

  • Why cant i download it

  • Breaking bed=deactivate conduit=drown=set back to spawn

  • *Everybody gangsta until a flying Steve flies towards the prison with Bedrock in his hand.*

  • With the amount of full Netherite blocks used, it is highly unlikely to build this monstrosity in survival.

  • Omg so underatted for a channel like this. 32 COMMENTS

    • When I made this I had 300 subs lol

  • To escape number one kill the visitor hahaha haha haha haha

  • Why #amongus and #imposter

    • Forgot to change It. I copied it over from another vid

  • this is literally what prison lil was x would go to

  • 69420 iq

  • Misses the flight Uses a boat To fly.......... Yeah..........

  • When he escapes in 6 minutes

  • This looks really scary ngl