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More Plates More Dates - All Things Self-Improvement Related


KUMAIL NANJIANI STEPS ON THE GAS!visningar 256tnDag sedan
36:36Drift0r Has A Tumor...
Drift0r Has A Tumor...visningar 87tn8 timmar sedan
16:22Crackhead Strength Is REAL! - Science Explained
STOP DRY SCOOPING PRE-WORKOUTvisningar 463tnDag sedan
19:36TikTok Thirst Trap Goes Viral For His Gyno
TikTok Thirst Trap Goes Viral For His Gynovisningar 243tn7 dagar sedan
18:05The Hedonic Treadmill - How To Be Happy
The Hedonic Treadmill - How To Be Happyvisningar 36tn7 dagar sedan


  • Is not about Steroid, is about hard work and dedication :) <3

  • The reason celebrities aren't open about their steroid use is because they don't want to promote it I'm pretty sure. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

  • Well arguably the Rock has better physique, but he is wrestler turning actor, as well as dave bautista, and in his better days of pitch black, perhaps vin diesel, but situation that one comedian turn into this is somewhat unique.

  • Im definitely getting a hair transplant if i need it

  • I did tren once and honestly it's the only compound that totally screwed my mental state. Was it worth it? No. Plenty of better compounds to use instead

  • I’ve been married for years but this woulda been great advice in college

  • I've been told the brain zaps are caused by your brain trying to jump start your seratonin levels. Because if you've been abusing certain drugs for a long period of time, youve been causing massive seratonin dumps and surges forever and now when off of drugs you're brain starts trippin out trying to pump seratonin out and struggling to produce it. That's what I was told anyways when I used to get the zaps after some drug abuse haha

  • i believe he could be natural. If Ronnie was natural up until 2002 or so, surely this guy can be natural aswell

  • The 2 things I can think of that you should NEVER EVER take is Halotestin and Trenbolone. Not just because of how potent they are, but because of how they effect your behavior. Halo btw, is like the rage part of roids on steroids. I know dudes who were taking PD’s to the point where their dealer told them it was a little much. If something effects your behavior, it might make you care less about taking more. It effects the way you think, and that’s the most dangerous, as it probably changes some choices you make.

  • Based OB taking one for the team.

  • Another example how narrow doctor's diagnosis and knowledge are. Cant believe they are even allowed to work as a doctor. By the way same shit happens in Europe. You need to be lucky to find a real good doc who knows his shit.

  • That is not the same man

  • What does someone do if they have debilitating chronic mental health conditions whilst also having low Testosterone (free and total) when so many psychiatric conditions impact various hormones in complex ways? This is an extremely real and constant issue. How do we mix and match (if at all) the things that help people combine what they need with mental health and physical health when aspects of mental health can hinder physical health and vice-versa?

  • DR. Delts

  • The title had me chuckling 😂👍

  • Like when lebron went bald after his a rod cycle

  • NO ONE even comes CLOSE to The Rock. NO ONE.

  • Not digging Derek's Babs, great delta though.

  • Still looks like shit on all that gear

  • He's got Dorian Yates face.

  • The United Kingdom should sink into the ocean and make the world a better place.

  • Right guys almost 8billion people in the world... there's freaks among us. Kevin leverone genetic freak he trained less than half a year bulked and got ripped at same time within 12 weeks. Can we think about this 8billion people maybe Mike ohearn is a natural freak 🤔i know look at him 50 years old and check how big he is and ripped he is but maybe he is the biggest natural freak. Not a fan boy as I don't know what to believe but 8billion people he's the 1 in 8billion let's say...

  • Comedian on comedian's Podcast in telling massive lies, shocker.

  • What if the algorithm filters out comments about the algorithm. +1 algorithm.

  • Try reacting to tiktok fitness while on tren. See how long you can take it.

  • No one thinks that his emotion is bad enough not to handle the steroids.

  • Bro I died at trenbologne

  • I think she ment to say 4000 a week

  • Dwayne Johnson is the only other person that maintains a top tier physique year round

  • Stop being fat seriously guys thats how you get vascular along with lifting.

  • Oral ingestion of Propylene glycol causes 3 times less toxicity than ethanol (1) and is an FDA approved food additive. Not to say that it`s not harmful but trying to keep it in perspective. Nonetheless most preparations are formulated to prioritize ease of manufacture and large profit margins and not the health of the consumer. (1) Lehman A, Newman H (1937). "Propylene glycol: Rate of metabolism absorption, and excretion, with a method for estimation in body fluids". J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 60: 312-322. Great content btw <3

  • Daily Dose of 1000mg/Dl of algorithomol

  • Slippery slope that fame thing.

  • The Rock is always looking yoked

  • connor murphy sucks people off at gun point

  • All-natty trensformation, idk why people say he's on gear 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I'm just a big fucking saucy dude.🤣🤣🤣

  • Didnt hear anything about Crack- That shit makes you real strong for a couple of hours 😅

  • From my experience benching naturally, it is entirely possible to add 10-20lbs a week. Granted your joints won't enjoy it (this was actually the reason why I platoed for a while) but I had to actually get the form down first before I started packing on the weights like that. I don't believe he was able to master his form that quickly and add 15-20lbs a week. My dad, who is also natural also had similar results as me when it came to benching and he was EXTREMELY gifted at it. Honestly I'll probably never get to where he was at but genetics are honestly the most anabolic thing you could ever have but the lack of experience is what is a red flag to me, not necessarily the strength gains.

  • Ok, here’s my story. About 4 years ago my wife ordered a pizza from domino’s over the phone which we then went to to pick up, she stayed in the car. After waiting in line for like 15 minutes I finally got to the counter, the guy working was one of those “giant stupid guys” I mean fuck man his brain power might be able to run a single dim LED or something 🤷‍♂️ but whatever... I told him the order and my wife’s name that it was under and he kept reading back these other names to me, is it under John ? , Rebecca? I’m like what the fuck bro! This is where I start getting agro. So apparently the order had been lost, fuck! Ok, no big deal let’s just make a new order then. Okey he said as I’m scrunching one eyebrow. So then I sit down and wait another 20 minutes, I get back in line for another 10 minutes ( they were obviously busy and I do sympathize and understand it’s a shit job so I don’t come into these things expecting a whole lot plus I never fuck with people that make food) so I’m at the counter again and guess what? Yup he somehow lost my pizza again, now I’m starting to lose my marbles, I’m like look man it’s a finite space it’s a a big round thing in a box it has to be somewhere in here why don’t you ask around. So he starts wondering around back and forth not really looking with his fucken mouth open the whole time, then he comes back to the computer and starts searching for who knows what and I’m like bro I’ve got a family to get back home to just give me my money back and I’ll go somewhere else at this point my whole energy is dark side af and I’m about to grab him by the tittys and head butt him in the face. So he ignores me and starts printing out these labels which he then proceeded to put on the empty boxes behind him, unable to control my self at this point I grab the credit card machine and slam it back down on the table.. MOTHERFUCKER!! I snap GIVE ME MY FUCKEN PIZZA OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH THE STICKERS! I lower my voice as I’m pointing at him and say I’m about to clime over this counter and mop you in the FUCKEN JAW! As this was going on someone else found my order and brought it to the counter, just then my wife walks up behind me..what’s going on babe ? She said. Mine you that this is in a food court with about 100 people in there and the whole place is dead silent looking at me I turn back to the counter and the guy is giving me my money back along with the pizza, his hands are shaking his voice is shaking.. I’m sorry man he says. I grab the pizza leave the money on the table and walk out with my wife. What’s fucked up is I wasn’t on anything and never tried any ped’s I just get really frustrated when simple things turn into the most complicated shit in the world plus I was really stressed out at that time running a business new baby bigger house the whole 9. Looking back I feel really bad about it and that guy did not deserve any of that shit, never saw that guy again and I’d just like to say to him that I’m truly sorry.. just saying tho maybe before work instead of smoking 32 joints just have 1. I just started trt two months ago and I feel amazing! I’m way more calm and collected and yeah all the other benefits too

  • This is a flashback from about 3 years ago. After guidining a good friend of mine during his first trainings at the gym I didn't notice any gains on him at all not even newbie gains that I expected to occur even with a bad diet plan. I believe his shape was getting even worse - the fat to muscle ratio was increasing. Not a doctor myself but after a short conversation about his other medical problems that he was hiding from me I instructed him to go see an endocrynologist as soon as he can. It turned out he had the exact same medical condition as Drift0r. Happily for him - it wasn't a threat to his life, only to its quality so he didn't have to undergo any surgeries but he was able to start a TRT and finally started feeling good.

  • Is Noah Beck natty or not ?? The world may never know untill lord big delts reviews him

  • And this is the guy that called Yoel a beast after the fight, damn!

  • derek a hero

  • Lost 4 stone in a few months when I was in my early 20's...never gained it back. Not a good idea listening to a fat woman telling you Dieting doesn't work lol

  • How it feels to chew 5 gum.

  • Is Chris Benoit in the list ?

  • Those who needs to defend themselves, are a reflection of insecurities. If he was natural, he wouldn't have paid any attention to people who are calling him out.

  • As an Indian I can confirm that all the movie names were wrongly pronounced , lol

  • The pakistani sauce fiend himself

  • I come across as a hostile person. People have recorded me and shown me and I can't believe how angry I sound. Whenever I am in a situation that's slightly stressful, my tone of voice goes very serious and I just sound pissed... when the truth is I am not annoyed or angry... just uncomfortable lol. Hard to keep friends though when your tone of voice insights arguments. My close friends all get it though and whenever I get that way, they just mock me to let me know I am getting overly serious and shit. It's weird because I perceive it so differently to the people receiving it but when I listen to it back I agree with them, I sound pissed af.

  • twitter shithole

  • My educational background is in the field of law enforcement. There are Criminology research studies that suggest testosterone is root of all evil. Also the double Y chromosome is a cause for aggressive behaviour. I believe that these studies were bias and had lead to the true reason as to why steroids are illegal and has nothing to do with sports and person health. Testosterone can improve confidence and increase the sense of responsibility of protecting vulnerable people. Actualy it is for this reason "More Plates More Dates" is a perfect title. Strong people with desirable attributes to offer in a meaningful relationship.

  • At least admit it,don’t do all these tv interviews about your body transformation and just say it’s bs like hard work and determination when you are juicing up

  • I'll grant him that he might be natty. But he looks a lot like the early day of Zyzz, a pleasing aesthetic physique, not overly big, very cut and good looking, and a really fast change from being thin and never having trained and then he starts working out and gets reasonably jacked really really fast.

  • This man is a equivalent to a real saiyan

  • i really cant watch MPMD videos without speed at 1.25, it feels like I'm gonna fall asleep xd

  • I don't like listening to my family either and get annoyed by them when they talk and I'm not even on tren 🧐

  • Adrenochrome

  • imo getting fat and MASSIVE is only useful purely for strenght

  • Haha... pause...e-sandwich

  • 5:43 bro use an Ad Blocker

  • The Rock year round and going nuts for upcoming Black Atom roll

  • I want reshoots of his old movies with him looking like this

  • Have you read the studies? You need to take around 8g a day to have a significant effect..

  • Plenty of ignorant doctors out there.

  • Chris Jericho

  • Didn't henry cavil get buffed for witcher ?

  • yeah i remember herschel saying he did several hundred pushups everyday, now hes saying thousands? that would take a long fucking time

  • Twitter is the king of race claims

  • 14 and already balding thats why hes wearing a beanie.

  • And tren bolone Ieeey sandwichhh

  • My guy your channel is on fire 🔥 keep it up

  • LessTrenMoreFren(ds)

  • Do you think Dave Bautista got to look that way because of his good genes?

  • lmao man the amount id of money id need to earn before I felt it was ok to spend on skin care...

  • Death Star Delts must be providing him supraphysiological levels of energy.

  • i really hope this guy never claimed natural

  • make a video about tim lambesis claiming he wanted to hire a hitman on his wife due to roid rage

  • My goodness