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Sarcastic, yet informative, summaries of classic and not-so-classic literature and mythology, as well as major historical events!
This channel is intended for use by high school students and up. Our videos frequently cover subjects of violence, assault, murder, and the books your english teachers make you read for high school. Also we cuss sometimes. Treat us as a TV-14 show and don't show us to your kids.

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11:36Neoclassical Architecture
Neoclassical Architecturevisningar 152tn23 timmar sedan
27:10Miscellaneous Myths: Loki
Miscellaneous Myths: Lokivisningar 919tn7 dagar sedan
3:58The Cleo Cameo
The Cleo Cameovisningar 248tn14 dagar sedan
15:53Trope Talk: Fates Worse Than Death
Trope Talk: Fates Worse Than Deathvisningar 500tn21 dag sedan
26:15History RE-Summarized: The Age of Augustus
History RE-Summarized: The Age of Augustusvisningar 273tn28 dagar sedan
4:10Miscellaneous Myths: Enki and Ninmah
Miscellaneous Myths: Enki and Ninmahvisningar 487tnMånad sedan
11:25History-Makers: Sappho
History-Makers: Sapphovisningar 354tnMånad sedan
1:05OSP ANIMATED: Breath of the Wild!
OSP ANIMATED: Breath of the Wild!visningar 376tnMånad sedan
17:50Trope Talk: Magnificent Bastards
Trope Talk: Magnificent Bastardsvisningar 607tnMånad sedan
11:51History Summarized: South Africa
History Summarized: South Africavisningar 344tnMånad sedan
1:18di-VINE OSP 4
di-VINE OSP 4visningar 376tn2 månader sedan
20:29Miscellaneous Myths: Hades and Persephone
Miscellaneous Myths: Hades and Persephonevisningar 1,6mn2 månader sedan
2:15:10OSPlays: HADES (ouch)
OSPlays: HADES (ouch)visningar 305tn2 månader sedan
12:22History's Best(?) Couples - Valentine's Day Special
1:59:39OSPlays: Immortals Fenyx Rising (Chicken Ares, 4)
19:26Trope Talk: Tragedy
Trope Talk: Tragedyvisningar 465tn2 månader sedan
1:51:46OSPlays: Immortals Fenyx Rising (Smol Athena 3)
22:51OSPlays: Immortals Fenyx Rising (Smol Athena 2)
10:43History Summarized: Atlantic Exploration
History Summarized: Atlantic Explorationvisningar 248tn2 månader sedan
2:04:10OSPlays: Immortals Fenyx Rising (Smol Athena 1)
9:36Fables and Folktales: The Snow Queen
Fables and Folktales: The Snow Queenvisningar 761tn3 månader sedan
9:103 Dumb Italy Stories
3 Dumb Italy Storiesvisningar 445tn3 månader sedan
1:36:05A Very Special Bonus New Year's Podcast!
A Very Special Bonus New Year's Podcast!visningar 160tn3 månader sedan
1:43Previously on Overly Sarcastic Productions...
Previously on Overly Sarcastic Productions...visningar 335tn3 månader sedan
11:06History-Makers: Ibn Khaldun
History-Makers: Ibn Khaldunvisningar 230tn3 månader sedan
18:34Trope Talk: Greatest Fears
Trope Talk: Greatest Fearsvisningar 456tn4 månader sedan
11:39The Fall of the Byzantine Empire - History Summarized
5:32The History of the Colosseum (In LEGO!)
The History of the Colosseum (In LEGO!)visningar 208tn4 månader sedan
21:03Miscellaneous Myths: The Zodiac
Miscellaneous Myths: The Zodiacvisningar 1mn4 månader sedan


  • Its funny because im working on a Greek Mythology project featuring the Son-of-Zeus character in my profile pic, and i am also retconning Zeus'... Erm... More *unwilling* flings.... As lies told by the recipients. Because i want to include a small nod to that sort of zeitgeist/culture surrounding r*pe, where people would literally lie about it an ruin someones life for no reason. The women Zeus... erm... had some netflix-and-chill time with.... all lied about it being violent/unwilling for clout and attention, to discredit Zeus.

  • What song is in the credits?

  • Anything you think is super cool about architecture and history is going to be amazing 100% of the time. Because of this I now desire to know WTF was going on in the rococo period.

  • Architecture Talks? yes please. ... Building Babble...? Can't find synonyms of "talk" that works too well.

  • I would love to watch more history of architecture from you! Heck I'd follow a channel dedicated to it. Heck heck, I've now started searching for a similar well researched but enjoyably delivered architecture history channel.

  • The Taming of the Shrew would be a much better story if all the characters were pretending to tame her for the sake of some foreign politics but otherwise allowed her complete agency and treated her like a man, even going so far as to make the whole marriage a sham and allowing her to be the head of house. To keep the comedy aspect, they'd give her manly rights because everyone who comes into contact with her cannot help but treat her like a man after getting to know her and eventually she just dresses up as one to complete the image.

  • I truly need more of ancient architecture. I know most of what Blue might like is Italy's baroque and classic, however I do like a lot most of the movements thoughout the centuries.

  • I think odean maybe said sorry when he whisper in his hear to feel less guilty for blaming Loki

  • I think the Damascus Steel Method has been rediscovered since this video came out btw

  • Viva Colombia hpta

  • Who's to say pure evil villains aren't realistic? Many infamous real life criminals, especially serial killers, are motivated by boredom or wanting attention. It's also very funny since you _expect_ a motive like "I need the money" or "I'm taking revenge," then you're hit in the face with "It's because I'm bored!"

  • *sees a vid of my favorite myth* **CLICKS INSTANTLY**

  • Love this, and thank you. My roommate is Jewish, and I'm I budding anthropology /biology/philosophy major so your videos are right up my alley. I participated in his nuclear families Pessac (spl?) tradition last year, not knowing how many turn table readings would ensue. Needless to say I stumbled over my own Hebrew readings of the text (which is sad, I focused on linguistic anthropology in college) and had a cup too many of the Manni chevets in the process. BUT thank you so much for a more concise explanation that I could not get from my roommate's family (who are mostly protestant born, converted to Judaism for marriage fork, but I don't judge as I'm also in religious flux).

  • I don't know about you, but usually awesome times with my uncles when I was young involved them carrying me, not the other way around.

  • As a Christian I am disappointed in the crusaders. The infighting of the Christian religion is also infuriating. The rituals and over hype of them is dumb. Jesus hated ritualistic religion. It was his word and deeds not dates and objects. It’s loving others was his big thing.

  • Imrik of Caledor approves this video

  • I've been working on an almost-loner for a while now and this helped a lot

  • Thanks Red. I've been wanting to write elves etc. for a while and this really inspired me. To the Hunt!

  • I think that looking is the God of the home like Hestia, in Greek myths

  • Ah yes, Pwyll. The first mythological instance of the Himbo.

  • Aphrodite: I'm the best love deity in all of mythology! Not to mention, I have the highest body count! Krishna, getting ready to clone himself: That's cute :) (I am so sorry if I offended anyone please don't murder me-)

  • I wanna see all this in the MCU, and Loki in fishnets.

  • First some background information: My Dad emigrated from Germany to study and work in the United States. This information was passed down orally so some details may be incorrect. As Red mentioned a lot of All Quiet on the Western Front is based on real life, and my grandmother's father is mentioned in the first chapter by his last name, Bulke (not sure about the spelling as I only listened to the German and English audiobooks). He was a normal soldier for a while but got into too many shenanigans and ended up as a cook. At one point he took his goulash canons (these huge pots for making stew) all the way up to the trenches during a heavy bombardment to feed the soldiers. To do this he had to put heavy blankets over the horses' chains to prevent noise and light coming off of them which would alert the artillery to his position.

  • Damn Mexico 🤯

  • God the Aztecs are metal

  • I have sent this to six different architecture nerd friends and all of them were *delighted,* so I say extremely well done!

  • In the cartoon version, the pig is a perv. He flirted with the moon goddess and got yeeted out of heaven

  • how is the giant ape racist?

  • Hey Blue, may I ask you a question?

  • tfw king tut is younger than i am now and did more to reverse the shitty destructive policies of a crazy ruler than joe biden has done in america

  • So basically, don't get a pet if your a god or some celestial being

  • I'm actually just here to request Red to sing Forever Young.

  • More more definitely more please

  • Le monke

  • If the book describes him as handsome but with ugly eyes... maybe they just needed to give him a pair of sunglasses. Fr. The story could be: Frankenstein with sunglasses! Starring Boris Karloff Basically less people die and he winds up doing a bunch of community service.

  • Necrons are the good guys, they just want everyone to stop trespassing on their property

  • Hold up, this was five years ago!!!! Where did the time go

  • What is it with gods and impregnating horses.

  • Why doesn't she have any child with Apollo?

  • If I ever wind up doing a 'stealth' mission with friends I am making my codename *Venetian Ham*

  • Watching it at 0.25 is sooo funny, I swear

  • wasn't killing someone in your family a really bad thing in ancient greece, makes a lot of sense on why they never outright got rid of them

  • I’m gonna need a super cut of Blue saying the word “Dome” now, am I? 😂

  • correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's Fenrir not Fenris

  • I love architecture so more of this pls


  • Hang on. Is that Inuyasha's dad on the far left at 4:20?

  • "drench it in marble, what can i say im a man of simple taste" marble. simple. I mean sure


  • 13:14

  • So basically the USA is Grimdark?

  • more please.

  • Wale Wale wale

  • I love the building video. Buildings cool, like big ancient Legos

  • 6:55 umm Lucius Cornelius Balbus was awarded a triumph in 19 BCE

  • "Just gimme an axe and a pot lid. I don't even need pants." If I had a nickel for every time I said that, I'd have 30 cents.

  • Ashley Madison website lol

  • And theres the three actors in Greek theatre

  • Dave Mathew is a perfect example of the Fallen Hero trope.

  • Yay more architecture

  • "Love to hate" foolish fucking mortal coward language in this house we love to love bastards

  • History book: *exists* Wales: "Bravo 6 going dark."

  • I feel sorry for the monkey king

  • ariana grande faintly in the back sets everything off nicely this is my obscure comfort youtube video

  • Absolutely! Do more!!!

  • Dude saint Martha is f*ckin METAL

  • So Krishna is one of the very first instances of a Gary Stue? That's amazing.

  • "getting drunk and hitting stuff" is a great TL;DR of thor

  • Hey! I would totally read a twenty paragraph explanation of the fitness gram pacer test

  • Hey, I know you haven't mentioned it but there are some stories that suggest that Angrboda was the woman who Loki had the Fenrir, Jörmungandr e Hel.

  • Odin sits on Sleipnir. Sleipnir: Wow Odin gain weight recently? Odin: Are you sure your a horse and not an ass?

  • When ur too lazy to actually dig thru the archives and figure out the legitimacy so u just believe it

  • The Tournament Arc: babby's first threat progression: a simplified and explicitly structured series of encounters with opponents of increasing levels of skill and determination to win. An easy to execute and endlessly adaptable storytelling format for budding manga artists and writers to train their skills on.

  • Alternate title: Tezcatlipoca fucks everything up

  • Love listening to blue!

  • 7:55- 7500s?

  • This video singlehandedly made Indiana Jones quit archaeology.

  • Aren’t there degrees that are all about neoclassicism?


  • There is no Lavant...