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2:49Polo G - RAPSTAR (Official Video)
Polo G - RAPSTAR (Official Video)visningar 51mn22 dagar sedan
3:18Polo G - Martin \u0026 Gina (Official Video)
Polo G - Martin \u0026 Gina (Official Video)visningar 58mn8 månader sedan
2:14Polo G - Martin \u0026 Gina (Official Audio)
Polo G - Martin \u0026 Gina (Official Audio)visningar 28mn11 månader sedan
2:54Polo G - Chinatown (Official Audio)
Polo G - Chinatown (Official Audio)visningar 3,7mn11 månader sedan
3:15Polo G - Be Something (Official Audio) ft. Lil Baby
2:58Polo G - I Know (Official Audio)
Polo G - I Know (Official Audio)visningar 31mn11 månader sedan
3:21Polo G - Relentless (Official Audio)
Polo G - Relentless (Official Audio)visningar 4,5mn11 månader sedan
2:51Polo G - 33 (Official Audio)
Polo G - 33 (Official Audio)visningar 6mn11 månader sedan
3:21Polo G - No Matter What (Official Audio)
Polo G - No Matter What (Official Audio)visningar 5mn11 månader sedan
2:45Polo G - Flex (Official Audio) ft. Juice WRLD
Polo G - Flex (Official Audio) ft. Juice WRLDvisningar 31mn11 månader sedan
2:45Polo G - 21 (Official Audio)
Polo G - 21 (Official Audio)visningar 22mn11 månader sedan
2:56Polo G - Don't Believe The Hype (Official Audio)
2:53Polo G - Effortless (Official Audio)
2:03Polo G - Lost Files (Official Audio)
3:25Polo G - BST (Official Audio)
Polo G - BST (Official Audio)visningar 15mnÅr sedan
2:48Polo G - Picture This (Official Audio)
3:19Polo G - Last Strike (Official Audio)
2:09Polo G - Chosen 1 (Official Audio)
Polo G - Chosen 1 (Official Audio)visningar 30mnÅr sedan
3:02Polo G - Deep Wounds (Official Audio)


  • 50 mill good shit @Polo G

  • Damn he really doesn't miss

  • Can this comment get 1k likes ?

    • no??? Who the fuck do you think you are bro 😂😭😭😭😭

  • 🧴👋🏽🍆

  • I played this song for my friends and they did not like it, I guess I need new friend

  • To everybody who heard this song just when it came out, say hello to the viewers listening to this in 2030 :D

  • fier asome 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • 🐐

  • Damn so many emotions in one song. This shit be Vibin.

  • Idk how mf’s like this song

  • Her hair 😍


  • This has to stay number one

  • How 2021 gos

  • Free Adian 😣

  • Who life he speakin rn? 😈

  • may 6 2021

  • It's the Chicago first- chart-topping .

  • crazy how the world sleeps. i sleep on my side mygf sleeps on her stomach but the world sleeps on POLO G

    • no one sleeps on polo

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • 💎💎💎💎💎💎

  • This too deep to forget, Who still singing this song randomly in 2021 ?

  • 50mil in 3weeks??????

  • You literally the goat best song of the year how can you hate polo g such a goat man

  • Who’s listening to this everyday

    • prolly u

  • anynone know the song at 2:30?

  • Why is this my life??

  • One of da best rappers alive

  • Polo g the new asap rocky


  • this is such fire

  • “Fuck it imma count while I’m in it” that is fire

    • Nah its just the only bar you know.

  • j

  • Peace to all. This knocks tho. Peace

  • I was listening to gang with when it ended my cousin put this on and it is now my favorite song

  • Bruh this insane it makes me want cry✨🤙🤙🤙🤙

  • Bro ...listening this song daily

  • 50M my mans going crazy!!!!!!

  • This kids will never know how lucky they are

  • Ok

  • Fun fact this song in 10 years will never be forgotten

  • i like how it plays i know at the end

  • who peeped ddg 3 weeks later after watchin it 100 times😭😭😭

  • Congrats on 50 million views Polo G

    • Bro do u think hes gonna like reply to your comment on some "oh why thank you, BTR SUPREME, i appreciate your love and support!!" Nah yo...hes counting the money yall gave him for listening to his music. He dont give a fuk bout none of yall

  • If he died I’m finna kill my self

  • If u liked this then listen to: Epidemic polo-G

  • This fire respectfully

  • “Loving me ain’t easy if you leave I don’t blame you”he was molested as a baby boy messed up his head even changed the way he played with toys”🥺

  • This man don’t miss all his song are fire

  • play it a 0.75 x speed it is fire

  • We gon be day 1 forever keep it up broski

  • Lege

  • going through a break up that lasted 2.5 years, this shit hit fuckin different

  • This shit bussin bussin

  • this song slaps harder than my dads belt

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  • Hey welcome back it ain't your first time here right ;)

  • The Lambo scene is the best part not gonna lie

  • Polo gave ddg a car

  • Its my fav song!!

  • Yessir best song out rn

  • name a bad polo g song .... ill wait

  • This is the hardest song that's ever been made

  • best song in the world

  • I ain't joking does it sound like am kidding👌👌



  • this is a BOP congrats polo!!!

  • #1 song in the world lets gooo

  • Bro this song is such a banger.. Polo G got some mad meanin behind it such a masterpiece

  • ♥️ amazing

  • Fireee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Only if juice wrld was the feature on this song...

  • Polo

  • I just realized ddg was there wtf

  • Let's make this THE number one song only 15% of the USA has viewed the video let's make it even bigger for Polo.

  • i love how Polo G is my own personal alarm clock at this point

    • I subbscribed to you 🤣

  • yeur

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