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12:32Which Apple M1 Mac (or iPad Pro) to Buy in 2021?
11:28How to Install Windows 10 on Apple M1 Macs in 2021!
10:52Which iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Bank Is The BEST?


  • It looks cheap as hell 😭😭😭🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • SABBTOOLS on Instagram got my device unlocked successfully.

  • not a big fan of the white bezel on the iMac but totally in love with the MacBook air concept so freaking cute !

  • It's simple. Apple is aesthetically separating the haves from the have-nots. Or the casual fans from enthusiasts, if you will. They no longer want people to be able to "look" like a pro unless they "spend" like a Pro. If you cheap out, they will make sure you look either antiquated or child-like (white bezels), depending on the product line. It's the same thing they did to the iPhone with the introduction of the X.

  • It looks cheap HAHAHAHAH

  • only legends know that apple ran out of black paint that is why now they are white

  • Sure, but, white bezels look like shit

  • Omg it would look so cute

  • People will buy it simply because its apple.

  • i just want current body with the M2 chip and 64GB memory...thats it

  • Yazzzz love white bezel! But hopefully thyey give option to black bezel lovers

  • I know, you love m stuff

  • Okay cutie ily 😘

  • Let me summarize: Buy ipad 11' with 256 Gb and WiFi only. ( this config would meet all needs of 99% of the ipad users)

  • Well, 2014 MacBook Air has white bezels.

  • By using the M1 in a lot of different devices is simply a great way to reduce cost by increasing the volume of manufacturing those chips

  • I’ve upgraded to a an IPad Pro from an IPad Air circa 2013 so I’m not upset about anything.

  • This comparison is wrong because the xps 13 is way cheaper, and for the money he paid for the 2 in 1 you can get a maxed xps 13 so at the end the macbook is winning if and only if you pay 600$ more

  • When Jobs wanted to make the first iPhone in 2007, he went to Intel to ask them to make the chip to power the hardware. They refused, stating that the size of the market was too small to justify the design and manufacturing costs. 14 years later, Apple: "No worries, we'll use our own chips in our phones and stick them into our computers. You don't need to make any chips for us any more."

  • I really hope not. I was thinking if buying one but not if it has white bezels

  • I want it.... I don't like my old Ipad it's so slow 💔

  • I would never buy a white colored laptop.

  • Why don't they just make the bezels AT LEAST like the chin color? I mean... I love the new shape but the overall look makes them look like barbie toys.

  • 2021 iBook

  • White bezel is horrible

  • They’re the best if you have an iPhone 📲. If not stick with tiles they’re amazing and have been in the market for a while

  • It wouldnt look nice tbh

  • "Why the m2 Macbook air still have fat bezels" ?

  • can't belive the new iPad can drive this display

  • God, the mock-up with the white bezel looks hideous

  • I get the new Apple TV 4K at 28. Mai. I am not a gamer.

  • *5:33* _nice FPS!_

  • I absolutely loved the design of the first generation iBook. That’s right, I said what I said. I don’t think it would work in 2021, but in its day, it was shocking and cool.

  • Cod wow🤩🤩🤩

  • that new iMac is so fugly tho

  • I'm in the market for a MacBook air and I like the new white bezels, I might even wait for them to come out

  • cisc is not necessarily higher power. it IS probably true that supporting massive instruction sets does slow down development, however.

  • Price. Price. Price.

  • Please god no

  • Ipad air is beautiful with black bezels and colorful skin Hope macbook will be like that too

  • Can i run crack window softwares like Solidworks and autoCAD on that window 10 ?

  • MacBook loooks good but desktop computer is meh, not good not bad

  • the new m1 feature is only in the 12.9inch right? lowkey sad idk i want an 11 inch at first i was in between choices but 11 seems easier to hold

  • will the 2021 ipad pro be compatible with the 2nd generation apple pencil

  • Any overheating issues while gaming?

  • I just canceled my preordered iPad 12.9. I’m going to keep using my IPad Air until I find out what that power is going to be used for other than iOS apps.

  • This is not even a competition it's a massacre...

  • If they’d remove the black outline I wouldn’t mind them.

  • Called it! Although my white render looked crap so I wanted to redo it before reposting

  • That testing was a little odd for sure doesn’t quite add up. You also just blatantly ignored how fast the AirTag was found in comparison to the others. Very adamantly pushing that the AirTag was awful because it wasn’t loud enough. Really pushing tile and smart tags even if they fell short in a few areas too. Also the SmartTag isn’t a competitor really to an AirTag at all. Nobody is going to sell their iPhone just to get a Samsung phone and SmartTag. Same that no Samsung user is going to sell their Samsung phone just to buy an iPhone and AirTag. iPhone users will primarily choose Airtags then Tile. Samsung users will probably more commonly choose Tile over SmartTags even.

  • Their New designs suck

  • ... So the computers I had growing up are retro now?... Great.. *Goodbye youth*

  • You're just a ridiculous apple boy. You're opinion doesn't count, do not review any android device in the future

  • I hope not…they are running out of tech options as the M1 and M1x are great…so now we go down the Miami. ice Pastel rabbit hole

  • it looks suspicious, there may be huge deal of pagination over the solid state drive, which may be as fast the memory perhaps?

  • Great Video thanks ! My 12 Pro SUCKS my 11 was so much better ! !

  • Reminder JESUS CHRIST loves you.

  • Can’t wait for the M1X performance benchmarks. Also I wonder what the redesigned higher spec MacBook pros would look like

  • You will need 16gb ram when macos and ios merge

  • I don’t get why they would focus so much on thinness, it’s a desktop, who cares how thin it is, no chin would look better. But the white bezels don’t bother me, what I don’t like is the pastel colors of the chin, same with the new iPad airs

  • How about the temperature though?

  • Hey I have a iPad Air 3

  • i love your wallpapers. Is there a way I can get your permission to download them? Thank you 🙏

  • Can you do one on VM performance and how well it performances with N # of VM, say 10 VMs and see if this M1 still support high number of VMs?

  • Apple is not making a new Apple TV any time soon. This new Apple TV will be on the market for about four to five years. I have had every model. Apple isn’t making a gaming centric Apple TV. It will be a niche gaming machine for casuals. Kinda unbelievable that you really think this.

  • It’s so annoying how tons of youtubers don’t know the difference between silcon and silicone.

  • The keyboard does work with it, but it won’t necessarily close. Apple said it will be functional when open, so please get the facts right first. Also, if you missed buying this, you’re bowing looking at 2 to 3 months before you can even get near one, or you can pay the $2600 people are asking for the 12.9” models now.

  • i just bought some AirPods Pro, they sound SO much better than my AirPods 2 & i love noise cancellation

  • I think macbook air and macbook pro 14 will still have m1 chip, because m2 or m1x will be too powerful and should be used only with professional use products such as macbook pro 16 and imac pro. There is no reason for apple to increase the speed of entry level computers since the new imac has m1 chip and it won’t be slower compare to new entry level macbooks

  • Technically tile can family share for now apple cant

  • As soon as Apple made headphones that are $500 and ugly I knew they are going to far.

  • Hi, im still confused of which size to buy. I'm thinking the 12.3 because of the display. I'm a civil engineer who will be using autodesk movile apps, show renders and videos to my clients, using some VR to show the building process so that's why I want the best quality to show. I use a drone to take photos and videos so I will edit them on the iPad. I'm I making the right choice?

  • We have Bingo!!!. I think these will sell like hot cakes . People wants lift me up after lockdown.

  • Apple charged my CC today for my IMac order… It’s happening!

  • The video is sometimes slow view

  • i thought i was going to switch to s21 ultra after my iphone xs max just dead but after i read all comments below. I feel like WTF. why are these people fucking toxic ...

  • Got both, if you want sound quality go for the beats, if you want modularity go for the buds

  • Max Tech: EVERYONE IS WRONG! Everyone: Source? Max Tech: Trust me bro

  • It seemed like from the beginning of the comparison that you were biased towards the apple product.

  • I say the SE also hurt the mini sales. I know I would rather have the mini over the SE but since I got the SE already the mini was sadly a impossibility.