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Stop-motion storytelling meets vlogging, I guess? I travel as much as I can, explain things, collect things, build things, and have two cats - Ralph \u0026 Bella.

Half-Asleep Chris
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4:11Updating the Cats' Theme Song
Updating the Cats' Theme Songvisningar 838tn21 dag sedan
8:44World's Coolest Banknotes 2021 - Voted By You!
5:59I Gave My Cats The Best Day Ever!
I Gave My Cats The Best Day Ever!visningar 1,1mnMånad sedan
5:40The US Banknotes of the Future
The US Banknotes of the Futurevisningar 181tn2 månader sedan
8:14The Money of Harry Potter, Star Wars \u0026 More!
2:21Paw-ful Cat Puns - So Bad They're Good!
Paw-ful Cat Puns - So Bad They're Good!visningar 827tn3 månader sedan
5:14Secrets of the Brazilian Real
Secrets of the Brazilian Realvisningar 459tn3 månader sedan
10:25Ralph Vs. Bella - GIANT Cat Maze
Ralph Vs. Bella - GIANT Cat Mazevisningar 2,8mn3 månader sedan
4:50Why is Santa on Some Dollar Bills?
Why is Santa on Some Dollar Bills?visningar 190tn3 månader sedan
8:26I Built A GIGANTIC Cat Fort For My Cats
I Built A GIGANTIC Cat Fort For My Catsvisningar 2,4mn4 månader sedan
4:21The Money Printed to be Burned
The Money Printed to be Burnedvisningar 212tn4 månader sedan
3:39I Made a Colouring Book!
I Made a Colouring Book!visningar 451tn4 månader sedan
10:30Secrets of the Indonesian Rupiah
Secrets of the Indonesian Rupiahvisningar 751tn4 månader sedan
11:19Zero Euro Banknotes - Germany, Italy \u0026 Beyond
4:59The Supermarket Tunnel That Became A World Wonder
9:26Why Does Europe Have Zero Euro Banknotes?
Why Does Europe Have Zero Euro Banknotes?visningar 1,2mn6 månader sedan
7:23Ralph \u0026 Bella Meet For The First Time
Ralph \u0026 Bella Meet For The First Timevisningar 1,6mn6 månader sedan
6:22The Incredible True Story of Winnie the Pooh
The Incredible True Story of Winnie the Poohvisningar 100tn6 månader sedan
4:07The Secret Apartment Beneath Big Ben
The Secret Apartment Beneath Big Benvisningar 147tn7 månader sedan
7:54Secrets of the Malaysian Ringgit
Secrets of the Malaysian Ringgitvisningar 978tn7 månader sedan
2:33Cats in Squares
Cats in Squaresvisningar 594tn7 månader sedan
15:23Secrets \u0026 Easter Eggs of Disneyland Paris
Secrets \u0026 Easter Eggs of Disneyland Parisvisningar 159tn8 månader sedan
11:57I Visited Every Place on the UK Banknotes
I Visited Every Place on the UK Banknotesvisningar 125tn8 månader sedan
9:32My Cat's Secret OTHER LIFE
My Cat's Secret OTHER LIFEvisningar 2,4mn8 månader sedan
4:53Why Are There Ancient Obelisks Everywhere?
Why Are There Ancient Obelisks Everywhere?visningar 252tn8 månader sedan
11:20I Filmed Baby Foxes With Hidden Cameras
I Filmed Baby Foxes With Hidden Camerasvisningar 1,1mn9 månader sedan
4:03The Queen's Noisy Neighbours
The Queen's Noisy Neighboursvisningar 185tn9 månader sedan
8:15I Took a Royal PAW-trait of my Cat
I Took a Royal PAW-trait of my Catvisningar 620tn10 månader sedan



  • Looks great 😀😀😀😀😀

  • This is a catastrophe of chemistry

  • The golden Iguanodon is at 7 minutes and 30 seconds


  • This sounds like a song from the Night In The Woods soundtrack

  • Ha ha. When lockdown ends in a month or so. *laughs as the world burns*

  • Your cat Ralph kind a looks like my commander I have a kitten and a cat the kitten is named Ender panda cats cats name is pearl

  • 0:00

  • people who think and say that these cats are spoiled just got blown out of the water

  • there was one video with 0 views so i subscribed

  • this is the first time commenting on one of your videos but i was the first one to see your channel

  • 4:45 Rest in Peace, Reggie and Tom. We'll always miss Tom and Reggie.

  • he'll always stay in our hearts

  • R.I.P reggie he was a very very nice cat and he's beautafull

  • 5:00 *sniff*

  • R.I.P tom this is my first comment on your channel and i feel very very very sad :(

  • There so "</÷

  • This music is awsome i love this

  • I love mysteries and this channel

  • Can you do the “I Gave My Cats The Worst Day Ever” video? I DARE YOU Who is with me? | V

  • That’s from Newcastle

  • E

  • My son found it at 7:30

  • Better if you put a Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 up there

  • What the heck happened to regge and Tom Did they DIE

  • I haven’t watched you for a while but I’ve came back because I like your videos so much

  • 🙏 for tom

  • Are you grian's doppleganger

  • go balla

  • ralph is royalty and bella to

  • Reddie:*falls whe jumping* A few months after the bridge is built Reddie:*falls of* Me:Whaaaaaaaaa

  • i love ralph

  • I live in Indonesia and were rich

  • i am not jas i am marian

  • Who do you love more? Ralph or Bella?

  • This makes me mad that a cat has a better for than me

  • When Ralph came on 7:30 you can see the golden dino on a long neck

  • I learned the dead cats like Tom in the end and Reggie have a ring on them

  • I want him to make pop cat , confused cat and vibing cat , but they will be hard tho

  • Me:my breakfast is English. A random guy:THE BREAD YOUR EATING IS FROM GERMANY AND NOT FROM USA.

  • According to my catculations you’re purr fect

  • Half-asleep Chris-I don’t want it to be complicated Me-think how many instruments you are doing

  • "I have a cat as well".

  • Wow its so great!

  • i like’t the bella mite be pyor bred i singck ralph’s in bred🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • 4:12 Bella have you been sneaking out to do photo shoots again?

  • Tell Ralf he is so cute and fluffy,tell long cat he is so sweet 😼😜

  • Wow

  • I know I'm late but I still wanna play, the golden dino is at 4:26

  • Elizabeth literally outlived Charles

  • This video is very cool and great😼

  • 10 meters

  • Reggie is so awesome and so cute

  • Awwww why

  • "a devilishly handsome man in a blue shirt" i'm not gonna lie and say he's wrong

  • When he put the cone on him self it mad me crie

  • R.I.P tom ),:

  • The italians left the chat-

  • Tom i miss you you died

  • I only know about the tales of Arthur because of Merlin lol

  • 1:22 5:35

  • Kits not cubs

  • "For a brutal fight to the death" "I mean finish line" Cats: *Taking sords out*

  • Hello

  • Black cats arent unlicky mine wasnt cause it was blsck to he got the best life that he always wanted he was hpy to me my cat hes name is blacky

  • Keyboard cat is proud of you

  • Asherah poles .Pagan Idols.

  • M̸̜̳̰͔̲͔̀͊̉́͆y̵͖̣͕̌͂̋͋̿̀̃̾̐͂͝͝ͅ ̴̺͗̈́̓̑̄͂̇̈̏̅̇̎͒̀p̵̠̱͂̋̈̐̕į̵̠͎̠͂̌̈́̓͗͐̋͐̈́̐͒͒l̶̨̧̧̬̻͈̳̙͖̖̝̙͕̹̓̎̃̊̍̊́̉̆͌̋̑͝l̷̢̧̨̪͔͉̜͕͙͈̙̰̖̹̼͑̆̿̄͗̆̅̀̓̌͑̀̈̚͘ó̵͍͈͆̇̑́͆w̸̫̼̯͖̰͍͚̯̘͙̪̼̍

  • M̸̜̳̰͔̲͔̀͊̉́͆y̵͖̣͕̌͂̋͋̿̀̃̾̐͂͝͝ͅ ̴̺͗̈́̓̑̄͂̇̈̏̅̇̎͒̀p̵̠̱͂̋̈̐̕į̵̠͎̠͂̌̈́̓͗͐̋͐̈́̐͒͒l̶̨̧̧̬̻͈̳̙͖̖̝̙͕̹̓̎̃̊̍̊́̉̆͌̋̑͝l̷̢̧̨̪͔͉̜͕͙͈̙̰̖̹̼͑̆̿̄͗̆̅̀̓̌͑̀̈̚͘ó̵͍͈͆̇̑́͆w̸̫̼̯͖̰͍͚̯̘͙̪̼̍

  • This guy is so good at writing scripts and it was amazing to hear his writing at 8:10

  • 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ yay

  • England England!!!!

  • This is sicccccccck

  • You are going to brazil

  • i waited and i found the golden dino in 7:31

  • I love cats I wish I was Ralph, best life ever

  • 731

  • Me ready to shoot up cat hevaen for this cat

  • your cats are not scared of the dark because they have night vison so they think is the same but it looks like evening from cats eyes