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7:11I Missed It
I Missed Itvisningar 431tn2 dagar sedan
17:29We Gave Twitch Chat An IQ Test
We Gave Twitch Chat An IQ Testvisningar 293tn2 dagar sedan
14:41God Made Me Buy This Game
God Made Me Buy This Gamevisningar 707tnDag sedan
1:13:47The Official Podcast #228: Farewell, Prince Phillip
11:41Cringe Dad Becomes Youtube Star
Cringe Dad Becomes Youtube Starvisningar 729tn2 dagar sedan
8:37He's Finally Free
He's Finally Freevisningar 1,7mn2 dagar sedan
4:13Hardest Knockout Ever
Hardest Knockout Evervisningar 824tn2 dagar sedan
5:23This Is Why I Don't Trust Anyone
This Is Why I Don't Trust Anyonevisningar 1,2mn2 dagar sedan
4:20Proof Demons Are Real
Proof Demons Are Realvisningar 786tn2 dagar sedan
9:56Dunkey Was Right This Sucks
Dunkey Was Right This Sucksvisningar 1,4mn2 dagar sedan
2:11Worst Robbery Attempt Ever
Worst Robbery Attempt Evervisningar 1,2mn2 dagar sedan
10:15Slapping Monster Just Can't Lose
Slapping Monster Just Can't Losevisningar 1mn2 dagar sedan
7:13Twitter User Loses NASA Job
Twitter User Loses NASA Jobvisningar 2mn2 dagar sedan
3:37Brutal Pillow Fighting Sport
Brutal Pillow Fighting Sportvisningar 666tn8 dagar sedan
8:49The Worst Plumber Ever
The Worst Plumber Evervisningar 1,7mn8 dagar sedan
5:39Goodbye Yahoo Answers
Goodbye Yahoo Answersvisningar 1,4mn8 dagar sedan
38:13Fruit Tier List
Fruit Tier Listvisningar 1,1mn8 dagar sedan
7:38Just Giving Away Money
Just Giving Away Moneyvisningar 773tn8 dagar sedan
8:55I Hate Lettuce
I Hate Lettucevisningar 869tn8 dagar sedan
12:28I Went Back In Time
I Went Back In Timevisningar 1,1mn8 dagar sedan
10:08Hot Tub Streams Have Changed Forever
Hot Tub Streams Have Changed Forevervisningar 679tn8 dagar sedan
10:20Youtuber Cures Social Anxiety
Youtuber Cures Social Anxietyvisningar 1,1mn8 dagar sedan
15:59Next Generation Tesla
Next Generation Teslavisningar 610tn8 dagar sedan
Stopvisningar 2,9mn8 dagar sedan
9:35Moist Meter | It Takes Two
Moist Meter | It Takes Twovisningar 586tn8 dagar sedan
14:19This Is The Worst Subreddit
This Is The Worst Subredditvisningar 2,1mn15 dagar sedan
4:56Very Angry Bowler
Very Angry Bowlervisningar 1,2mn15 dagar sedan


  • It's like a bad warframe mod

  • The words “Sea hentai dog” will never get old

  • Make your guesses on how long these max stans will continue circlejerking in public places

  • This is the greatest cryptocurrency losing simulator of all time

  • I'm so pissed cause literally a month or 2 ago I went " I should like Chuck some money I to dogecoin for the meme... meh money is tight as it is"

  • Grapes should be knocked down a tier, mainly because if they're not firm they taste like shit. And they can turn squishy rather fast.

  • i got an A in macroecon 101- money actually has an intrinsic value as a transfer of value but it isnt very much- as i recall it is something like .0004 of 1percent- so the intrinsic value of all the coins and bills compared to the money value of what they represent is .000004- so then as i watch people create and bid up the intrinsic value of some kind of substitute money i think it is very bullshit- i wonder if i am wrong i havent bot any- isnt it just another form of money like a pound or a lira or a bot or a ruble?- so... bullshit

  • i dont know why im laughing so hard at him struggling at milf when i cant even beat dadbattle lmao

  • “Wanna watch a movie” “Nah” “It has penguinz0 ” “Say no more”

  • "Fim"

  • Well Charlie I missed it because I couldn't give a shit

  • Also dont feel bad. The creator of doge thinks it all ridiculous and if he didnt have founders shares he wouldnt be in it. He said it was a joke. It's a meme. When it hit a 2 billion market cap he was like "y'all are fucked it's a meme.".

  • This is your job Larry............................

  • I turned a stimulus check into $11,000 on doge, even since it's dropped from $0.44. I was flying high for a bit but I'm still okay at 11. Gonna HODL friend

  • I don’t think you need any coins with the amount of views u get off of a 7 minute video.

  • What did Greg do to you

  • Omg I’ve been waiting for you to do this one 😂😂😂😂

  • holy shit i actually struggled to watch some of those clips wtf is wrong with this guy

  • lol you can see the wire above the last girl he "levitated".

  • 12:34

  • I didn't know how to find doge. I got other Cryptos though and as a percentage I'm at 1900% gains. Also it appears the market moves in a 4 to 5 year cycle so in about 2 years if you get in and sit on it for 3 to 4 years you can maybe be a crypto millionaire. Also I'm not a financial advisor. This isn't advice.

  • mom can we have doomslayer we have doomslayer at home doomslayer at home:

  • why are you gey ?

  • Young James looks like a white Jay Z 😂

  • Sorry to say this to you but... Dan Schneider had this idea first.

  • I’m Latino, so yeah. Sorry about your pants 😩😳😍🥰😘🆘🌮

  • 1:07 Literally lol

  • This is why I decided to get on pi network. It's not costing me anything to collect my coins, and theres always that chance that it'll blow up and I'll be rich

  • Great I now wanna kms 😂😂😂

  • did you miss bang bang con?

  • 7:18 it would have put a genuine smile on my face to see that dude with those girls, beat up this guy on live stream

    • yeah he would beat the fuck out of him

  • I’m convinced the people who funded this movie are either pedophiles or giant trolls either way it’s awful

  • The present is so bizarre, think about it, it's a coin with the face of a funny dog, what a time to be alive

  • Moral of this video: Invest in any crypto currency Charlie does not like.

  • Your opinion is irrelevant

  • These match ups are gold

  • can we just simp over that blonde woman for a second? been a while since I saw someone that pretty

  • These descriptions are pure gold.

    • This is the greatest description of the description of All Time

  • "He's killing for sport. He's like the Jimmy John's founder." This is probably the best quote I've heard

  • Doge coin is going to get to dollar status soon just watch

  • You're better off smoking meth than k2.


  • I've seen a handful of these lol, it's been a long time watching

  • Got in at 9 cent I'm boolin

  • Hmm let’s do the math if Charlie bought two bitcoins at 2015 at around 1000 dollars he would make around 100000 now... damn

  • End of Criss Angelion

  • I only made 1k

  • This is 3rd person outlast 2

  • I didn't invest in dogecoin either.. Kinda hating myself right now.

  • Anybody else wait for all the episodes to be released to binge watch

  • buy it now while it's not 40k

  • no it's 6 not 3

  • I feel bad for this guys parents

  • The amount of things I've considered but not done because of fear or analysis paralysis could have made my life so much different. Sigh.

  • 5:17 jeez how could you have done that

  • Literally the beginning of all his videos he starts off amazing. I’m so glad I discovered you

  • We are witnessing a falling GOD.

  • Didn't Dhar Man teach you anything? Never judge a book by its cover

  • 3:05 lol Charlie sucks

  • "Is tumbleweed a problem for you? It's not for the smart mop." Tell the Department of Agriculture about this.

  • That physically hurt to watch

  • Ha 420k views

  • I profited around 10k off of doge coin and I’m so happy. I’m using that money for when I become a welder in trade school 👨‍🏭

  • Rug every 2 seconds: ShUt Up ShUt Up ShUt Up

  • oh .... i remember having a ten thousand dragon ..... when i was 10 .... ummm 2 days later used as a dirt bike noise thingy on my tail fork poking in between the spokes

  • I almost bout a bitcoin when it was at 75 bucks because I wanted to buy LSD on the silk road

  • These toxic stans think they hard just by doxxing and sending death threats even tho they make themselves look like crybabies

  • "Knock it off with the sell shaming. It makes people sound like bullies on a playground. People should do what they want. But hey, protip: Every buy has a sell. No sellers means no movement of currency. Don’t turn Dogecoin into a circlejerk. Let people do what’s best for them. That being said, I understand why “hodl” mentality is there - it’s a way to weather the ups and downs of crypto. This isn’t GME though, there’s no big bad hedge funds, it’s just people. People have reasons to buy and sell. Respect and empathy creates a more healthy community." Words from the creator of Dogecoin, made $200 bucks when Dogecoin hit $38. And I still have dogecoins, that was only a small amount that I sold. Going to leave the rest there and hope that this goes up to a dollar.

  • get you some safemoon

  • Reddcoin is the new Doge, calling it now

  • I missed Bitcoin and Dogecoin. What hurts is I was absolutely going to invest $1000, but chickened out. Knowing damn well my gut feeling is never wrong,

  • dont b fooled doge is a pump and dump...its just mid pump

  • You think you're missing out? I'm too dumb to even understand how the whole crypto/investing game works in the first place, while people around me are making bank off of it. Feels bad man, lol.

  • What sucks about this is the fact that my brother had about 100 dollers, but needed to pull it out for an emergency *THE DAY BEFORE IT HAPPENED*

  • Charlie Throwing : Matt Throws Back Matt Throwing: Matt Runs and Gets Them lol

  • We know.

  • 3:03 Pelo in a nutshell

  • Im ashamed to have the same name as this piece of garbage

  • Gamestop is ruined