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16:01"A Puck In the Pants!" | Weird NHL Vol. 53
"A Puck In the Pants!" | Weird NHL Vol. 53visningar 126tn8 dagar sedan
5:12Top 10 Saves from Week 12 | 2021 NHL Season
5:03Top 10 Goals from Week 12 | 2021 NHL Season
5:23Super Slow Mo: Best of March
Super Slow Mo: Best of Marchvisningar 25tn8 dagar sedan
31:11Best Saves of March | 2021 NHL Season
Best Saves of March | 2021 NHL Seasonvisningar 46tn15 dagar sedan
32:56Filthiest Goals of March | 2021 NHL Season
Filthiest Goals of March | 2021 NHL Seasonvisningar 155tn15 dagar sedan
4:31Top 10 Saves from Week 11 | 2021 NHL Season
4:42Top 10 Goals from Week 11 | 2021 NHL Season
3:55Nečas nasbíral ve dvou zápasech 6 bodů
Nečas nasbíral ve dvou zápasech 6 bodůvisningar 2,6tn15 dagar sedan
15:29"A Little Unorthodox!" | Weird NHL Vol. 52
"A Little Unorthodox!" | Weird NHL Vol. 52visningar 158tn22 dagar sedan
4:51Top 10 Saves from Week 10 | 2021 NHL Season
4:38Top 10 Goals from Week 10 | 2021 NHL Season
8:57Ducks @ Wild 3/22/21 | NHL Highlights
Ducks @ Wild 3/22/21 | NHL Highlightsvisningar 34tn22 dagar sedan
2:55Collision Course: Volume 14
Collision Course: Volume 14visningar 11tnMånad sedan
1:23Videoklasika: Jágrovy březnové milníky
5:34Top 10 Saves from Week 9 | 2021 NHL Season


  • Loved seeing the emotion build in him throughout the video . What a career and he still has more to go

  • They should trade Fleury against Glenn Hall. Fleury is too old.

  • If they can sell high on Eichel and get some good pieces back, they're a serious team now that Krueger is gone. And honestly Hall was never the player they needed. Hall is a pass first player, so is Eichel. They were great early on but then they both just got messy and started fumbling the puck trying to pass is too much. If they can get a new top centerman, a decent all around winger/second line centerman (what Staal was supposed to be but did awful), work on Dahlin's game a bit so they can give him 1st pairing minutes, and progress their prospects, they can be a serious contender. They've been so close yet so far for years now. It's gotta work soon or else they'll be relocated

  • How amazing would it be if he can help the Lightning go back-to-back?

  • The old in out. No time to read the meter

  • Always great solid hockey games when these two teams battle it out...

  • This must be number 1 sport where luck is a factor

  • Crosby deserves better than royalty free music an 8 year old could make.

  • Can we get 1080p uploads? its 2021

  • Toute une machine à scorer des buts ! WOWWWW !!! Le record de Gretzky aurait été facilement vaincu n'eut été des 2 lock out et de la pandémie qui auront été des vicieux bâtons dans ses roues !!!

  • Thank the fellow who said: let's put steel blades on our feet and go hit a rubber disc with sticks on ice!!! Lol. I love hockey.

  • Oh oh at 6.30 coaches challenge... That puck had completely crossed the line before the goalie pulled it out!

  • Amazing that they can win after all that happened hopefully they stay safe Great job

  • Great game by Vasilevskiy, without him and with Rask the score would’ve been 4-3 Bruins but Nick Ritchie, you gotta stop taking those terrible penalties bruh

  • Heh I was at this game


  • Kreider bowls over goalies too much

  • Well all top level athletes have skill hockey and figure skating are by far the hardest, the other sports are not even close

  • Doug Armstrong’s biggest mistake was not resigning The Big Rig. He brought an energy no one else can match.

  • All these damn ads are making my blood clot....

  • Just gotta laugh

  • Not a sabre's fan. Just came to see if they won.

  • The only Leaf interested in winning this game was Mathews. Robertson sucks Thornton & Simmonds haven't scored since Christ was a cowboy they refuse to bodycheck or fight while their team received cheap shots and got pushed around. If you can't beat them on the ice beat them into the ice.

  • Hathaways a B*tch

  • am i the only one who saw high sticking 1: 23

  • Holtby with some great saves this game. Also I love Horvat.

  • The BETTER team won despite the league cheating for the leaves as usual.

  • Two Leafs in the top six in scoring, a wealth of team talent, and the power play looks like a high school team. WTH is wrong with these guys? The Leafs better smarten up because the way they are playing now I see another first round playoff loss coming.

    • ego. they don't realize you have to work hard, no matter the skill.

  • Cunucks win

  • Not bad after 3 weeks off


  • Someone in the Flyers locker room has pissed off the Hockey gods and the Curse of Buffalo hath been bestowed upon them.

  • Da flower doing flower things

  • Blackwood is an elite goalie. And u can’t change my mind

  • Holtby had the game of his life. That cartwheel save was incredible

  • He's so good at taking a small rubber disk and using a bent stick to put it into a large net.

  • jack eichel should have been watching 10 ways to get traded

  • My favorite player

  • I was there for the Matthews-Kane back and forth

  • Not sure how Hammond came in and pulled that comeback off but man.. he fell off the map the next season. Was a great run and surely one to remember though!

  • Cannot wait to the Isles to make another deep run and this time we got Sorokin to lock it all down for us!!! Varly is great don't get me wrong but the sheer form and dynamic flexibility of Sorokin is on another level!!

  • One day leaf fans will look back and regret the signing of John Travares. And to make it even worse, they made him the captain. Huge mistake. He isn't worth half his bloated salary and he is a horrible captain.

  • Kind of Ironic, He is #8 to do it.

  • Logan Couture was unable due to his broken ankles from Pavel Datsyuk

  • Chubby but effective! Love you big rig!

  • In class rn but gotta keep up with NHL lol

  • I mean come on, we all be watching the leafs long enough to know that they were going to find a way to lose this game. Not to take anything away from the Canucks, the courage they showed after what they been through was nothing less than legendary, but come on, a real cup contender would not have found a way to lose, they would have simply just won.

  • Devils are so bad they lost all 4 games😆😆

  • Carlson and Ovi were a combined -9! Superstar efforts!

  • Hi

  • Cool

  • Early

  • Luke

  • Like

  • First like

  • Bruh why pasta lookin like the crackhead behind my dumpster.

  • havn't seen anything from Petey for a while. what's up?

  • lets goo Teddy

  • A strong game by ex Capital Braden Holtby won this game for Vancouver. Washington's loss of a great goaltender. Vancouvers gain.

  • Imagine Ovi and Gartner on opposite wings. Good luck defending that.

  • Kratsov kinda reminds me of Artemi a little bit

  • what were the Vegas odds for that game? someone made a lot of money, I'd guess.

  • Maple Leafs couldn't even beat a weakened covid stricken Canucks team. Their power play is pathetic. How in the hell are they going to get out of the first round. Answer: their NOT !!!!

  • I think Fleury might be my new favourite player. He never stops making me laugh.

  • GG Oilers. You guys are the Jets kryptonite right now. (That's right, Jets are the good guy in this analogy)

  • Beautiful video. The greatest game on earth.

  • Need to make deal with Anaheim and bring John Gibson to his hometown team just the way John Taveres went to play with his hometown team in Toronto. Would love to see Gibson in goal where I'm sure he'll shine.

  • If not for Sorokin this easily could have been a 4-0 or 5-0 Philly victory. Much of the game, especially early, looked like a Flyers power play, even with the sides five on five. Sorokin and Varlarmov have kept the Islanders in games they had no right to be in. But no matter how well Sorokin and Varlarmov play, you're not going to win many games if you can't score. The Isles have not played well since the trade. If they don't turn it around, and soon, they might not even make the playoffs. And even if they do, it most likely will be a short playoffs for them.

  • YAHOO! Chicago wins again! Take that Detroit! Well even though Detroit is my 2nd favorite team.

  • Leafs got robbed at the end. The puck was clearly in the net after Holtby lifted his goalie pad.

    • except it wasn't clearly in

    • @Joel Hunter Mitch Marner said he saw the puck go in though, lol.

    • @Joel Hunter I agree that it was probably in the net. The rule is you need definitive video proof that the puck was fully over the line. I feel that is a good rule. The officials are privy to all video footage and deemed it no goal. I personally saw no footage that showed the puck fully over the line. I wish I did.

    • And how do you know it didn't go in from when he was shifting to get up. They are on ice you know. Just because it's in the net after gets up doesn't prove anything.

    • @Bill Bowman I saw it last night's broadcast of the game, but didn't see it on this video.

  • Bruh

  • yeah we won but we never really got to our game, need to be better

  • Beautiful timbre.

  • JC : Lastnights game did not affect thr standings . Looks like every one else lost also ( very lucky ) Tonights game will for sure . Good Luck tonight

  • Everyone's in the comments saying leafs blew it but they had like a LOT of chances that Holtby robbed.

  • Hope all the Canucks bought Holtby a drink after that performance.

  • Hockey Players are Hockey players .. borders mean very little if you can play and have the passion to make it to the big league .. 18 difference countries are represented by having players in the NHL .. Soccer premiere league 4 countries. Bundesliga 56 countries .

  • Go leafs go

  • The reason why i wanted to play goalie

  • I only heard Brendan lol the other guy could have just been quiet the whole time!