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2:27Deno ft. JAY1 - Lauren (Official Video)
3:40Deno - Enemies (Audio)
Deno - Enemies (Audio)visningar 115tnÅr sedan
2:54Deno - 999 (Audio)
Deno - 999 (Audio)visningar 104tnÅr sedan
2:11Deno - Badder Than Bad (Audio)
Deno - Badder Than Bad (Audio)visningar 104tnÅr sedan
2:29Deno - Lauren (Audio) ft. JAY1
Deno - Lauren (Audio) ft. JAY1visningar 122tnÅr sedan
3:15Deno - Heathrow (Audio)
Deno - Heathrow (Audio)visningar 292tnÅr sedan
2:36Deno - Walking On (Audio) ft. Krept
Deno - Walking On (Audio) ft. Kreptvisningar 452tnÅr sedan
3:23Deno ft. DigDat - Change (Official Video)
4:05Deno - First Days (Cadet Tribute)
Deno - First Days (Cadet Tribute)visningar 7mn2 år sedan
3:24AJ x Deno - Coming for You (Official Video)
3:33AJ x Deno - Chase (Official Video)
AJ x Deno - Chase (Official Video)visningar 2mn3 år sedan
3:20AJ x Deno - Ride or Die (Official Video)


  • Chunkz last song 😭😭😭

  • you dont need to ask whos fucking here after chunkz annoucnment

  • Deno, I beg you drop a video for this. Watch it blow up! Nuffin big, even something in endz will do!

  • The amount of people that I've heard are retiring from music because of one reason or another. Give it 6 months or so and they're back making music. Wanna know why? Cos life without music, creativity & expression is boring. God gave us ears and hands, to listen to, & to make music. As long as it's not negative, God is OK with it

  • Fair play to Chunkz collaborating with Curtis Jones before he retires from music 👏🏾👏🏾😂

  • 👏👏👏

  • Chunkz went out like a legend


  • Dam I am going to miss chunkz’s voice but mashAllah bro 😎

  • Didn't know Dappy had a son

  • Are you Muslim deno

  • Are you brothers deno and chunks

  • Are you brothers deno and chunks

    • They are not

    • 😂😂😂😂 they both east african most east african look a like

  • 2:00 is my fav part

  • Best and last for chunkz 🏆 big respect

  • If this is chunkz last song he went out with a bang fr

  • Lets gooo

  • Come onnnnnn big t

  • Chunkz is the goat!

  • The last ever chunkz song

  • You guys are rich ngl THIS IS A BANGERRR

  • Chunkz maaaaaddddd i cantttt i jus weeeeaaaakkkk here omggg


  • me realising that this is chunkz’s last song😢😢

  • Who came here after chunks said he quit music

  • Take this video down for chunkz if you love the brudda

    • This is chunkz last song. Ain’t getting taken down

  • haram

    • Then why u here

  • Take this down for chunkz

  • Who’s coming here after chunkz quitting music

  • Who’s here after chunkz announced that he left the music scene


  • Chunkz last song

  • Last chunkz song

  • last chunkz song:(

  • Who’s here when chunkz quit music

  • Who’s here after chunkz announced that he’s not making music anymore

    • @Mathias Menelik what’s your thoughts on krept and konan still making music?

    • @chxna.editz_ He wants to focus on his religion because in Islam music is haram so he wants to stop making it.

    • @Mathias Menelik what's his reason for quitting

    • @Mathias Menelik Fr😔

    • Devastated, he had no misses so far. I fully understand and respect his choice but it still hurts.

  • Chunkz quit so make a version without him in anyway he ruined it

    • 😧rude

  • such a shame chunkz quit music especially when he finally got poppin.

    • @YMTC never said I didn’t.

    • It was a religious decision u should respect it

  • Chunkz I skipped your part I promise bro 😂❤️

  • Bro who’s here after chunkz quit making music

  • Just watched the vid where chunkz said he's quiting music shame that as I thought this is one of his best songs and he just stops like that after making this banger shame like!

  • who's here now Chunkz quit music

  • Whose here after chunkz quitting music

  • YALL really pulled this together big up👏👏👑👑also imma say this Chunkz was on a whole level big up all of you👏❤😪

  • Anyone here after Chunkz quit music?

  • whos here after chunkz said hes qutting music

  • whose here after chunkz said he quit music?

    • Since when was he a music artist anyway the guys just a fat SEnewss with a massive forehead

  • I’m hear after Chunkz announcement. Respect the decision but you’d be missed. ❤️

  • ITS OKAY CHUNKZ, GOD UNDERSTANDS 🙏🏾🧎🏽🤲🏾 Subscribe to my SEnewss channel if you can guys 🙏🏾❤️❤️

    • Allah knows what thy conceal in thy hearts. Keep playing.

    • true

  • He needs more subs

  • Who is here after Chunkz quit music :((

  • who's here after chunks has quit music

  • Do a collab with russ you would blow up!

  • This is so good but when i heard chunkz i was like letss go this song is a proper banger

  • Why david bummi der doe 😅😅

  • Oooooh


  • Imagine aj on this

    • @EddEK yh but still him and deno always make a sick tune

    • he is irrelevant

  • chunkz verse is everything !!!!!

  • 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷

  • Siidokey wallakay

  • Walkaya manshalaha hormar fiican huno wanku jecelnahay

  • Is this on spotify???

  • Did anyone else notice swarmz

  • 💥

  • Is that swamp sitting next to chunkz

  • J.i bodies everything

  • Man like JI

  • chunks ruined it

    • No he didn't tf

  • I wot to be in a song whit u deno

  • Lowkey J.I Ruined the song

  • Amazing 😉 Love the steps

  • fat guy

  • Deno and chunkz never disappoint!!!!!

  • We need a remix with Aitch 🔥

  • Came For Chunkz. Stayed For Chunkz.

  • Smashed the video👀💥

  • boys,you smashed

  • Rip ☹️