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Hey! My name is TG aka Typical Gamer and I'm a gaming SEnewssr! Make sure to Subscribe for daily videos on all different games like Fortnite, GTA 5, Minecraft, Roblox and more!


10:24The TAC SHOTGUN is BACK! (Fortnite)
The TAC SHOTGUN is BACK! (Fortnite)visningar 858tn20 timmar sedan
11:43The BEST Update in Fortnite! (7 New Changes)
The BEST Update in Fortnite! (7 New Changes)visningar 748tn20 timmar sedan
10:09Fortnite Gave Me HARLEY QUINN Early...
Fortnite Gave Me HARLEY QUINN Early...visningar 1mn20 timmar sedan
12:32New OFF-ROAD UPDATE in FORTNITE! (Crazy Car Mods)
14:01100 LEVEL DEFAULT DEATHRUN! (Fortnite)
100 LEVEL DEFAULT DEATHRUN! (Fortnite)visningar 1,1mn20 timmar sedan
9:53The *SECRET* RAVEN Challenge in Fortnite!
The *SECRET* RAVEN Challenge in Fortnite!visningar 830tn20 timmar sedan
10:56The *RANDOM* ANIME BOSS Challenge in Fortnite!
16:20The FISHING LOOT *ONLY* Challenge in Fortnite!
New FORTNITE Update CHANGES EVERYTHING!!visningar 720tn7 dagar sedan
9:58The BUNKER CHEST *ONLY* Challenge in Fortnite!
12:42The *FREE* ROBOT DUCK in Fortnite! (Very Rare)
8:28The NEW Crew Skin! (Lynx's Sister)
The NEW Crew Skin! (Lynx's Sister)visningar 585tn14 dagar sedan
15:19The SECRET *EASTER* UPDATE in Fortnite!
The SECRET *EASTER* UPDATE in Fortnite!visningar 996tn14 dagar sedan
11:28THE PURGE Challenge in Fortnite!
THE PURGE Challenge in Fortnite!visningar 1,2mn14 dagar sedan
13:58New RAPTOR UPDATE in Fortnite!
New RAPTOR UPDATE in Fortnite!visningar 906tn14 dagar sedan
12:02The *COPY CAT* Challenge in Fortnite!
The *COPY CAT* Challenge in Fortnite!visningar 865tn14 dagar sedan
10:40The TIME MACHINE Challenge in Fortnite!
The TIME MACHINE Challenge in Fortnite!visningar 817tn21 dag sedan
13:13The BEST Landing Spot in Fortnite! (Overpowered)
10:03The *SURPRISE* BIRTHDAY Challenge in Fortnite!
16:28BOW ONLY Challenge in Fortnite! (Impossible)
9:57The *MONEY WARS* Game Mode in Fortnite!
The *MONEY WARS* Game Mode in Fortnite!visningar 914tn21 dag sedan
11:27New PRIMAL GUNS *ONLY* Challenge in Fortnite!
10:51The *RANDOM* SEASON 6 Challenge in Fortnite!