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10:55Google Pixel 6 - THIS is it!
Google Pixel 6 - THIS is it!visningar 14tnDag sedan
15:042021 iMac - 22 Things You NEED to KNOW!
12:39AirTags Impressions - NOT What I Expected!
12:23AirTags - 20 Things You NEED to KNOW!
AirTags - 20 Things You NEED to KNOW!visningar 85tn7 dagar sedan
11:23NEW iMac 2021 - My Thoughts!
NEW iMac 2021 - My Thoughts!visningar 121tn7 dagar sedan
16:11iPad Pro (2021) - 21 Things You NEED to KNOW!
10:53iPhone Flip - Apple's NEXT-GEN iPhone!
iPhone Flip - Apple's NEXT-GEN iPhone!visningar 41tn14 dagar sedan
12:59Apple April 2021 Event - 6 Things to Expect!
12:00iPhone SE 3 LEAKED - Better than iPhone 13?
13:23Apple vs Intel - What You DIDN'T Know!
Apple vs Intel - What You DIDN'T Know!visningar 84tn21 dag sedan
11:13iPhone 13 Leaks - Moving Up a Notch!
iPhone 13 Leaks - Moving Up a Notch!visningar 115tn21 dag sedan
14:05iPhone Fold - NEW Design Leaks!
iPhone Fold - NEW Design Leaks!visningar 93tnMånad sedan
10:51Apple WWDC 2021 - 7 Things to Expect!
Apple WWDC 2021 - 7 Things to Expect!visningar 237tnMånad sedan
11:52Apple Watch Series 7 (2021) - NEW Design Leaks!
14:42I bought a NEW iPod Nano from 2006!
I bought a NEW iPod Nano from 2006!visningar 25tnMånad sedan
15:48Apple VR Headset - The NEXT PS5!
Apple VR Headset - The NEXT PS5!visningar 57tnMånad sedan
11:11OnePlus 9 Pro: The Truth
OnePlus 9 Pro: The Truthvisningar 53tnMånad sedan
19:41PS5 vs Xbox Series X - After 5 Months of Use!
11:32The FUTURE of the iPhone!
The FUTURE of the iPhone!visningar 75tnMånad sedan
9:48Why Apple’s HomePod Failed.
Why Apple’s HomePod Failed.visningar 35tnMånad sedan
13:54MacBook Pro 14” (2021) - This is It!
MacBook Pro 14” (2021) - This is It!visningar 458tnMånad sedan
11:59Apple March 2021 Event - 8 Things to Expect!
8:59AirPods 3 - The AirPods Pro Killer is coming!
13:222021 iPads - MASSIVE New Leaks!
2021 iPads - MASSIVE New Leaks!visningar 506tn2 månader sedan
12:17THIS is the FUTURE of Apple!
THIS is the FUTURE of Apple!visningar 194tn2 månader sedan


  • I’d rather the online service and UI be updated for 2021 not stuck in 2005

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  • I would use it on my luggage, backpack, keys, car, wallet. @divo888

  • They will launch the pixel 6 with 18 watt charger . Google has some kind sickness they need to give other companies the pixel to build it

  • If this just came out you would you rather have the switch 2 but only have two games with it or have the normal switch but with lots of games on it?

  • Finally

  • so, this pixel 6 cant yet beat Apple in term of processor, but slightly a better version than the average of the android phones? If we do compare Pixel 6 with the iPhone 12, which one is much better? @ZONEofTECH

  • I think google is gonna sell its GS to other manufacturers and thus be able to give more years of updates

  • The new nest Hub is already using a Google own chip

  • Apple with their mind of business...

  • The first video that I watched from ZONEofTECH is the about the iPad, and until now, I love all of your videos!

  • My controllers have drift already

  • Imagine Daniel heart this comment, it will absolutely make my day!☺️

  • Bro do not make me CRY. 😭😭

  • CarKey, Wallet, Backpack, my GF wallet 🚨

  • I can finally play ark

  • Once other companies start moving away from Android, google's in trouble. Because without Android, those other companies have so much more than Google. Different product categories, commercial equipment, manufacturing facilities, etc.

  • There is absolutely no reason at all that the older magic keyboard shouldn’t be able to fit the 2021 iPad. 0.5 mm is hardly noticeable. It’s apple absolutely shafting their customers yet again. I don’t care what anyone says 0.5mm wouldn’t stop it from fitting it’s to small it’s hardly precision engineering . This is just money making and apple should be totally ashamed for ripping us off again. Shame on you apple

  • Man, I just bought the Switch yesterday.

  • Some one pls hit me up when this gets out dated 18767847968

  • Google chip let's go

  • In the future we might have an OS like mac os from Google and windows should also start making their own laptops then that would be cool.

  • What the hell im just getting a nintendo switch and they tell me theres is going to be a new nintendo switch

  • I hope the pixel 6 has a headphone jack. And I'm more than sold!

  • Well made video Daniel, but way off on the actual design of the new Pixel phone.

    • Guess we’ll see when the Pixel actually launches :)

  • Sounds like your just clumsy I never had any problems with psvr wire maybe tracking but the wire

  • Ugh get to the point

  • I hope apple to removes touchbars...

  • Better have the flagship chip or else it's trash.....

    • I don't care who makes it but it's sad when the pixel 5 had a damn midrange chip

  • I skipped the Pixel 5 because of the small screen and cheap SoC and I have a feeling I won't be buying a Pixel 6 either, but we'll see.

  • I have strong feelings they going to disappoint

  • Always pushing "snacks" I'm trying to get in shape for summer!!

  • A sign That the MBAs have taken over instead of the engineers once run Intel. Never a good sign for a technology company

  • Don't forget that at the end of the day this is still Google, They have never delivered on the pixel phones. Google killed their own phone lineup by just being bad and making phones

  • It should be called the; Nintendo Switch Pro To Go


  • I would love the galaxy s models to use the android silicone too.

  • Is it maybe possible that other android phone makers will also use googles silicon chips for their phones?

  • I think the reason apple is bringing the ports back is because they really want to steal some market from windows while they can, the windows ARM chips are very very very behind Apple, so Apple can use this opportunity to get a huge rise in their sales of Mac products, and lock those people in their ecosystem, especially that many windows users are also iOS and iPadOS users. It’s very rare for apple to bring features back or to admit that they rushed something, so this is a very rare thing we’re seeing.

  • Do you think the new MacBook Pros with the HDMI port might allow HDMI IN instead of just OUT to capture video from a DSLR or Mirrorless cameras for live-streaming, etc???? That would be game changing, no dongle needed.

  • Dear Apple, please upgrade the camera to at least 1080p!

  • Apple should make 14 inch MacBook like your render and with physical buttons

  • My car :D

  • I love Google phones and have been using them for a long time. But my hands are like bear paws and a bigger model would be Amazing!

  • I really wonder what the statistics are that people actually return lost items… here in Germany I just don’t see it happening often

  • Just want to say I've been subscribed since the popcorn days....and I miss getting popcorn! 😭. It's about time google decided make their own silicone mainly because Qualcomm causes so many problems especially with wear os and updates after 3 years in Android phones.

  • Which month pixel 6 launch

    • October

  • I don't believe it'll look that sexy. Google always messes up designs with stupid decisions

  • my belly grew because of grabbing snacks🙆‍♂️

  • 7:34 in my preference both the iPhone 12 Pro and Samsung S20 Ultra looks better than the Pixel 5

  • Your face is just a copy of Timo Werner... Not even kidding

  • 5:50 man the minimal chin on pixel 5 always gets me

  • I would track my keys and/or my new kayak! My ig is @martinbkildal :)

  • Naw I’ll stick with apple, I was with Android for 10 years and then left to apple in late 2019. Not going back

  • If joycon drift stops, I’ll buy it

  • Google is making a move to sell more pixel phones and have Android run more fluid. Google is doing to Qualcomm what AMD and Apple are currently doing to intel. Samsung will just find a way to put this chip on their galaxy devices.

  • *microsoft bought bethesda means only SKyrim 6 will be on xbox*

  • The dictionary analogy cracked my brain.

  • Just to clarify, Pixel 2 used the IMX362, Pixel 3 used the IMX363.

  • I'm looking forward to buy the 5A.. but seeing these Pixel 6 leaks... I sincerely hope google surprises us all and gets their custom chip inside the 5A as well 🥺

  • I don't see ps5 or xbox being worried. At least not by a handheld device.

  • Lol it’s a Samsung Exynos chip modded for Google and nothing special. Ffs

    • Your logic is like saying iphone is just foxconn phone and apple soc is just tsmc "modded" soc

  • I think somehow history repeating. Before in 80's and 90's we had many different chips manufacturers, then Intel and AMD era, now we have closed Chips and OSes ecosystems like Apple have. But what I see even from this video is that both (Apple and Google) branded chips companies, made like "Basic model" of their chip to test everything about it and then after that, their "1st CPU release", they will start to make new chips with real differences and improvements. Today the Specs of their tech products, are not much high at the moment, but they needed to communicate well with actual 3rd parties hardware manufacturers. Real future awaits after this "1st phase" of their brand chips.

  • That looks like a big change. Image their software processing capabilities combined with a better camera module 🤯🤯🤯🤩🤩🤩

  • Xbox is so cool

  • As long as it plays porn and music, it is a good phone.

  • I can't actually wait they need to up there cameras, it's a must at this point of not then I'm jumping the pixel ship

  • Can you do what you doing

  • Currently on a Pixel 4 XL, hoping to upgrade to a 6 XL, if it really is an upgrade. Not a Sammy fan, and I don't like Google sleeping with the competition. But I will wait to see the launch presentation and reviews from people I trust, not the "influencers."

  • 37 minutes

  • It certainly will be interesting to watch this space and see if any other company’s create their own OS. I would assume some have already started…

    • With a lot of consumers hooked up to android, would it be in a way benefiting the Pixel line up?

  • Google needed to get their shit together. I feel like they’re doing that more and more

  • Android is open source and is up to manufacturers to optimise for their own device and no one will want to lose the play store

  • Why do you believe the new Google chip won't be as good as the apple chip? Apple fanboy?

    • @Nam Tran Don't talk out of your arse! They're years behind. All they have is a stupid chip and they're late to the game for that. Apple chip? Re-badged Qualcomm! No folding phone, no NFC, not even a bloody number row on the keyboard. And why does this stupid phone turn on when I turn it off and then charge it - did I ask it to? Dual SIM - no. 8k video recording? No. Expandable memory? IR? Jeez, the list never ends. And don't even start on the laptops. iPads, they're king of their tech, but only because nobody cares anymore about tablets. You called me stupid. Really?

    • Are you stupid? Everyone knows apple is mobile hardware king

    • Apple has advanced far beyond any other mobile chip, and Google is limited by using the same third-party-manufacturers that are behind. Simple as that.

    • It's Google's first in-house processor. Google is also a software company with very little hardware experience.

  • Had the pixel 5. They grey out the CA Certificate so I couldn't use my work place enterprise internet wifi anymore... So I won't get the new google phone

  • 3:39 why don't youtubers say siri? is it because it will trigger their devices?

  • 5:48 Pixel : fine back in the day Pixel 2 : better back in the day Pixel 3 : wtf is wrong with you! Your forehead notch is unstoppable! And with that bottom beard, just ridiculous! Pixel 4 : well, bit better than pixel 3,even tho the notch is gone, the forehead tho 🤣 Pixel 5 : Fckin finally! So damn handsome! Best design so far, but you dumb weak!🤣 Pixel 6 : please pixel 5 screen design, better chipset, and better camera hardware (my hope)

  • Thank you for covering this brother! Excellent content! Just wish I could afford one lol but here goes nothing ! @allkinds23 and I loveeeee assassin’s creed Valhalla!

  • It’s exactly what you said , if Google can just learn to get out of their own way they could be the leaders of cell phones smart watches and computers , but the problem is they don’t see that they’re in their own way.. like Apple half the time

    • Just cell phones not smart watches or computers

    • Leaders of cell phones, smart watches, and computers? Lmfao dude whatever you’re smoking please pass it over here.