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Just building some awesome cars and sharing it with the world!


WE'RE MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!visningar 53tnDag sedan
10:01Building a 700HP Super Sleeper in 10 Minutes!
17:31BIG TURBO LS Volvo Sleeper Gets MORE BOOST!
The MAZDAS ARE BACK!visningar 48tn21 dag sedan
13:08Taking my 650WHP SLEEPER To The DRAGSTRIP!
11:58TAVARISH Rips the BIG TURBO LS6 VOLVO Sleeper!
18:31FIRST DRIVE In the BIG TURBO LS6 Volvo Sleeper!
14:15Manual-Swapping my Turbo LS6 VOLVO WAGON SLEEPER!
13:58Finishing My LS6 SWAPPED Volvo Wagon's TURBO KIT!


  • Wow just imagine you see so many things you would like to buy .... and then u realize you live basically on the other side of the earth so u can’t come ........ damn

  • Still wanting to buy the bus..

  • You inspire me to work on my car man! But the costs!😩

  • Lock that diff and tighter suspension plus that launch control handled.....terrorize that drag strip!

  • Bruh i wanna buy that ls400 and some tools. So glad im movung from PA to Wisconsin on may 1st

  • I can’t wait to see the shop and buy shit

  • damed, I‘m from Germany. I would have come to see the shop and buy some tools.

  • I just got a promotion a month ago, and resubscribed. I remember watching you play bo2 when I was a kid, and now I can at least buy some merch to help you liquidate and move :)

  • how much the cat?

  • Can I try to convince you to trade me your volvo for one of my cars? Or is that an instant no?

  • I hope everything goes ok with the sale and move. Take care.

  • you see the thumbs down? 23 weirdos are going to show up unannounced. Should've gave the address evening before lol

  • Hey man i think its great that your moving. Illinois sucks because taxes alone. And i find it kinda neat your shop isnt too far away from me lol. Ill definitely be sliding by for miata parts.✌

  • Good luck my man. Maybe get the stuff out of there that you’re keeping. I would.....

  • Man ! I can just see people showing up like every day from now

  • I respect the amount of trust he just put into every single viewer now let’s hope they give him that respect back🤔

  • That's my birthday!! Too bad I'm in Canada... and am a brokeass.

  • I love that you are your own model for the merch, it makes it so much better!

  • radiator table

  • Will u be driving in the bus to GA? If so, what car will u tow?

  • You need to watch out though homie there’s scum that will rob people

  • I'd put up some security cams immediately, cause I would bet money someone is gonna vandalize the shop/your cars since you posted the address

  • Eh it's only a 12 hour drive

  • Well dang, if it wouldn't cost me $200 in fuel to go there and back in my truck I'd go. Maybe I still will I donno lol.

  • If you would ship I'm pretty interested in some things

    • I would pay for shipping

  • Love your wagon mate. Just bought my 2nd 04 Wrx Wagon. I'm in love again

  • If only I could go😩😔

  • I wanna go so baddd

  • Same day as IFO in Rockford .. damn

  • Hook me up with the scrap metal I’ll be there then

  • Oh god, he already released the address. Super fans are gonna be stalking the shop like druggies with potential dealers lol

  • I want to buy the lexus but I live in AZ

  • I remember watching the drag racing forza builds. Man you are inspirational. much love

  • Adam LZ has a sick compound, with some housing. Maybe a viable option.

  • Can I get a T-shirt with cat hair on it ;).

  • Rent a U haul big enough to fit everything in it. Most the money your gonna make off selling items you'll be spending on gas just to get to Georgia.

  • I would come but I live in California lol

  • Come on down to Georgia

  • Im interested in the ls 400. I'm not trying to catch the covid though.

  • Not gonna lie, Im kinda sad that you have to sell the Lexus. I saw when you bought it how happy you were to have a nice daily.

  • It’s over 7000km for me i’ll think i pass this time caleb :D dont think the plane company isn’t going to be happy when i check in with a weleer table

  • can i buy the tube bender? i'm not from the USA

  • Yo, how are you gonna get all the cars down to Georgia?

    • Probably a trailer and a couple friends


  • I wish it wasn't an 18 hr drive from Florida to go there and buy stuff, otherwise I'd definitely be up to go over and get a cool radiator table and show you my Mazda. Any chance I could help you unload when you get down to Georgia? I'm going through a break up and I have wayy too many reasons not to be home.

  • It’s a 5 and a half hour drive for me, I would 100% do it if I wasn’t moving that weekend

  • 8 hr drive lol

  • I’d move everything into the area where you work on the cars and tell Pasha and John etc to keep an eye out for thieves. Putting everything in one place makes it easier to monitor ✌🏽

  • Can u sell stuff and ship it????

  • Damn I wish lived closer I would totally come

  • The Monroe water tower 4:36 I climbed that about the same time this was uploaded that’s where I used to live

  • How much for the welding table I can come by sooner to avoid the traffic and I work Sundays.

  • Looking forward to the moving and shop setup videos

  • ill take...everything

  • how can i buy a turbo from you! i live in Georgia!

  • I just called off of work to make it up there from Ohio

  • Why are you selling the ls400:(

  • He didn’t say no drifting😈

  • Hey Gingium, I’m thinking about making the trip out there to snag a few parts and some furniture but I’m just curious as to what all you have? I’m coming from Saint Louis so I was going to come check out Chicago for the weekend and see your shop on Sunday!

  • I just ordered a couple shirts and a poster. We are gonna clean you out lol

  • Someone is definitely gonna leave a bag full of poo at your shop door before May 2nd.

  • You selling shirts at the garage sale?

  • Damn son 17 hours away. Think I'll wait for the georgia meet up instead 😂

  • Only 40 minutes from me

  • I mean 7.5 hours there and back in one day isn't too bad (cries)

  • Love you man but showing everything you have in the shop and giving out the address is literally asking to be robbed.

  • I was about to say, do not sell your cars 🙏🏻 Molly is cool and all, but the mini truck is special to me haha

  • Holy Mackerel !!! i was by your place today neat York Ave!!!!!

  • How much for the turbos

  • Sweet. Take Molly to AMP, CMP, VIR, Road Atlanta, etc.. Lots of racetracks within reasonable towing distance in the SouthEast. Downside?? E85 is harder to come by. Get used to tuning on 93.

  • mas gundul seng pinter

  • The Volvo is rusty I thought it was clean

  • Fuck dude you’re so far away from me though

  • Are you quitting ?

  • Well I already bought your rally Miata motor and trans, I want some turbo stuff so hopefully I’ll be there.

  • Damn dude, so hyped to see u move but at the same time I'ma miss being able to drive by and see u out shooting a thumbnail or ripping past the dealerships... Gonna be weird without you around but I can't wait to see what comes next, I'ma be sure to take work off that day and I'll see u there dude, one last time

  • "Saying dont show up to the shop until this day" is like giving drugs to a drug addict, telling them not to use any until 4/20...

  • Wish i could be there, but i live in Georgia.

  • Congrats!

  • If I can pull off coming out from West Michigan I will try. Otherwise I will wish you all the best in the meantime. Please everyone respect Caleb's wishes. Peace out!