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Here you'll find Magic, Puzzles, Vlogs and a combination of all three.


22:24The IMPOSSIBLE Ugly Jigsaw Puzzle!! (Level 10)
19:18Could THIS Be The GREATEST Magician??!
Could THIS Be The GREATEST Magician??!visningar 262tn15 dagar sedan
6:10My Very Own Puzzle!!!
My Very Own Puzzle!!!visningar 233tn21 dag sedan
MECHANICAL CLAWSvisningar 263tn25 dagar sedan
11:54No ordinary keys..
No ordinary keys..visningar 189tn27 dagar sedan
14:23I Bought a VORTEX Rug!! (is it worth it?)
A PIRATE ESCAPE PUZZLE!!visningar 279tnMånad sedan
THE RUNE CUBEvisningar 239tnMånad sedan
11:13My FAVORITE Vlog
My FAVORITE Vlogvisningar 113tnMånad sedan
12:15The Biggest Project Of My Career!!
The Biggest Project Of My Career!!visningar 150tnMånad sedan
2:44This Cheating Device is Almost 100 Years Old!!
13:53Solving The Most CONFUSING Lock Puzzle?!
Solving The Most CONFUSING Lock Puzzle?!visningar 245tnMånad sedan
13:56This 10 Year old is a Sleight of Hand MASTER!!
This 10 Year old is a Sleight of Hand MASTER!!visningar 293tn2 månader sedan
2:33This ROBOTIC Human Eye Looks SO REAL!!
This ROBOTIC Human Eye Looks SO REAL!!visningar 373tn2 månader sedan
11:32Solving The CHESS BOX Puzzle!!
Solving The CHESS BOX Puzzle!!visningar 307tn2 månader sedan
14:25The Future of This Channel...
The Future of This Channel...visningar 186tn2 månader sedan
23:03Solving a Lost PIRATE TREASURE Puzzle!!
Solving a Lost PIRATE TREASURE Puzzle!!visningar 425tn2 månader sedan
REDDIT MAGICvisningar 267tn2 månader sedan
9:37Solving The SKYSCRAPER Puzzle!! (Genius Solution)
16:38Can These Tricks FOOL Two Magicians?!!
Can These Tricks FOOL Two Magicians?!!visningar 204tn2 månader sedan
1:01:28Chill Beats To Relax and Solve Puzzles To
Chill Beats To Relax and Solve Puzzles Tovisningar 180tn3 månader sedan
59:52Solving the EQUA Puzzle!! (LIVE SOLVE)
Solving the EQUA Puzzle!! (LIVE SOLVE)visningar 256tn3 månader sedan
14:56Solving the OLDEST Puzzle Known to Man!
Solving the OLDEST Puzzle Known to Man!visningar 655tn3 månader sedan
16:38Magician Reacts To ACTUAL Sorcery!!
Magician Reacts To ACTUAL Sorcery!!visningar 670tn3 månader sedan
7:11He FOOLED Penn & Teller!!
He FOOLED Penn & Teller!!visningar 272tn3 månader sedan
13:57Can My BEST Friends Solve SIMPLE Puzzles?!
Can My BEST Friends Solve SIMPLE Puzzles?!visningar 489tn3 månader sedan
11:18The Missing Pinkie illusion!!
The Missing Pinkie illusion!!visningar 207tn3 månader sedan
15:59Solving a Delicious DONUT Puzzle!!
Solving a Delicious DONUT Puzzle!!visningar 510tn3 månader sedan
15:58Magician Reacts To UNEXPLAINABLE Magic!!
Magician Reacts To UNEXPLAINABLE Magic!!visningar 713tn4 månader sedan
19:27Uncovering a HIDDEN Puzzle Challenge!! (NPH Cards)
13:21Why The WEEKND'S Playing Cards are ALMOST Perfect..
9:18The Karakuri GO Box Puzzle!!
The Karakuri GO Box Puzzle!!visningar 273tn4 månader sedan
15:51The EPIC Snow Block Puzzle Box SOLVED!!
The EPIC Snow Block Puzzle Box SOLVED!!visningar 872tn4 månader sedan
19:20These “Psychics” Are Using Magic Tricks
These “Psychics” Are Using Magic Tricksvisningar 399tn4 månader sedan
16:55Solving The IRIDESCENT Jigsaw Puzzle!! (See-Through)
11:26Thanks for reminding me...
Thanks for reminding me...visningar 152tn4 månader sedan
24:43What a BRILLIANT Lock Puzzle!!
What a BRILLIANT Lock Puzzle!!visningar 546tn4 månader sedan
9:34Solving The KEG Puzzle!!
Solving The KEG Puzzle!!visningar 524tn4 månader sedan
10:43Solving a GENIUS LEGO Puzzle Box!! Level 9
Solving a GENIUS LEGO Puzzle Box!! Level 9visningar 605tn5 månader sedan
16:31This COIN Puzzle is Supposed to be HARD!!
This COIN Puzzle is Supposed to be HARD!!visningar 1,9mn5 månader sedan
18:12Being FOOLED By Quarantine Magic Tricks!!
Being FOOLED By Quarantine Magic Tricks!!visningar 339tn5 månader sedan
16:43Solving The Most Difficult LEGO Puzzle!!
Solving The Most Difficult LEGO Puzzle!!visningar 1mn5 månader sedan
11:01My Secret Room is lame
My Secret Room is lamevisningar 168tn5 månader sedan
12:21This Coin Vanish is UNEXPLAINABLE!!
This Coin Vanish is UNEXPLAINABLE!!visningar 235tn5 månader sedan
14:25The Card Vanish That BROKE The Internet!!
The Card Vanish That BROKE The Internet!!visningar 945tn5 månader sedan
11:30This Mechanical Puzzle Box Holds a SECRET!!
This Mechanical Puzzle Box Holds a SECRET!!visningar 467tn5 månader sedan
10:21A Magician's EDC (Every Day Carry)
A Magician's EDC (Every Day Carry)visningar 291tn6 månader sedan
23:44The BRILLIANT T-12 Lock Puzzle!!
The BRILLIANT T-12 Lock Puzzle!!visningar 818tn6 månader sedan
26:39A $20,000 Puzzle Box! (One of a kind)
A $20,000 Puzzle Box! (One of a kind)visningar 4,8mn6 månader sedan
10:08What it’s like Staring into a True Mirror!!
What it’s like Staring into a True Mirror!!visningar 535tn6 månader sedan
15:43Is This ACTUAL Magic?! - NO CAMERA TRICKS!
Is This ACTUAL Magic?! - NO CAMERA TRICKS!visningar 408tn6 månader sedan
20:29Solving The Mysterious SCRIPTUM CUBE Puzzle Box!!
3:27Things You'll NEVER Hear A Magician Say!
Things You'll NEVER Hear A Magician Say!visningar 119tn6 månader sedan
15:40How Can he Handle Cards Like That?!
How Can he Handle Cards Like That?!visningar 796tn6 månader sedan
21:07Solving a $3000 Lock Puzzle!! Level 10
Solving a $3000 Lock Puzzle!! Level 10visningar 802tn6 månader sedan
13:14SLIPSHIFT Color Change Tutorial
SLIPSHIFT Color Change Tutorialvisningar 342tn7 månader sedan
13:00The BIGGEST Investment of my Life!! (Don't Panic)
Solving The PARKING METER PUZZLE!!visningar 390tn7 månader sedan
12:06Solving the FIRECRACKER Puzzle!! 🧨
Solving the FIRECRACKER Puzzle!! 🧨visningar 359tn7 månader sedan
21:01Solving The WHISKEY FLASK Puzzle!!
Solving The WHISKEY FLASK Puzzle!!visningar 564tn7 månader sedan
12:40EXPERT Sleight of Hand in SLOW MOTION!!
EXPERT Sleight of Hand in SLOW MOTION!!visningar 459tn7 månader sedan
11:17Solving The Japanese STREETCAR Puzzle Box!!
Solving The Japanese STREETCAR Puzzle Box!!visningar 405tn7 månader sedan
12:46One of The RAREST LOCK PUZZLES in The World!!
One of The RAREST LOCK PUZZLES in The World!!visningar 386tn7 månader sedan
14:45I Can’t Explain this SORCERY!! (Reacting to Magic)
16:08Solving The Perfect HYDRANT Puzzle!!
Solving The Perfect HYDRANT Puzzle!!visningar 664tn7 månader sedan
13:21Secretly PEEK at ANY Playing Card!!
Secretly PEEK at ANY Playing Card!!visningar 159tn8 månader sedan
16:02Is THIS The GREATEST Magic Trick in The World?!!
21:58Solving The SUPER Puzzle Box - 241 STEPS!!
Solving The SUPER Puzzle Box - 241 STEPS!!visningar 445tn8 månader sedan
22:40Solving The PANDEMIC ESCAPE Puzzle!!
Solving The PANDEMIC ESCAPE Puzzle!!visningar 1,2mn8 månader sedan
10:40Solving The Japanese MOON BEAR Puzzle!!
Solving The Japanese MOON BEAR Puzzle!!visningar 467tn8 månader sedan
10:07Solving The MIGHTY THOR'S Hammer Puzzle Box!!
Solving The MIGHTY THOR'S Hammer Puzzle Box!!visningar 1,2mn8 månader sedan
26:07Solving Puzzles in THE ROOM: OLD SINS!!
Solving Puzzles in THE ROOM: OLD SINS!!visningar 469tn9 månader sedan
12:45Solving an ESCAPE ROOM Puzzle!!
Solving an ESCAPE ROOM Puzzle!!visningar 496tn9 månader sedan
12:39Solving The TOASTER Puzzle?!
Solving The TOASTER Puzzle?!visningar 1,2mn9 månader sedan
19:38Solving The MASTERPIECE Steampunk Puzzle Box!!
Solving The MASTERPIECE Steampunk Puzzle Box!!visningar 992tn9 månader sedan
17:11Solving The HEXA Torture Cell Puzzle!!
Solving The HEXA Torture Cell Puzzle!!visningar 2mn9 månader sedan
15:26Solving The YIN-YANG Puzzle!!
Solving The YIN-YANG Puzzle!!visningar 626tn10 månader sedan
13:37He SOLVED Rubik's Cubes While JUGGLING?!!
He SOLVED Rubik's Cubes While JUGGLING?!!visningar 177tn10 månader sedan
12:54The Most EXPENSIVE and COMPLEX Puzzle on the Planet!!
15:51Solving The ENCHANTED House Puzzle!!
Solving The ENCHANTED House Puzzle!!visningar 781tn10 månader sedan


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