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28:14the entire history of ireland, i guess
14:54It's over.
It's over.visningar 854tnDag sedan
21:34The Greatest Comeback in Geoguessr History!
18:42The End of the Subathon
The End of the Subathonvisningar 774tnDag sedan
21:12I Beat a Child in Chess.
I Beat a Child in Chess.visningar 294tnDag sedan
13:29I Bought the WORST Fake Ludwig Merch
I Bought the WORST Fake Ludwig Merchvisningar 303tnDag sedan
20:33Super Monkey Ball 3.
Super Monkey Ball 3.visningar 366tn8 dagar sedan
16:22It's almost over...
It's almost over...visningar 784tn8 dagar sedan
11:07Crazy new AFK impostor strat on Airship
Crazy new AFK impostor strat on Airshipvisningar 300tn8 dagar sedan
20:22Who is the Most Googled Person of all Time?
15:49Trolling OfflineTV in Among Us
Trolling OfflineTV in Among Usvisningar 480tn8 dagar sedan
24:24Whoever Wins Becomes His Best Man
Whoever Wins Becomes His Best Manvisningar 377tn15 dagar sedan
15:25Give It Up for Day 15
Give It Up for Day 15visningar 451tn15 dagar sedan
2:28:04Hivemind Season Finale
Hivemind Season Finalevisningar 281tn15 dagar sedan
15:54Dream is in this video.
Dream is in this video.visningar 415tn15 dagar sedan
18:15I banned Dream.
I banned Dream.visningar 644tn15 dagar sedan
29:00I Cheated and Still Lost...
I Cheated and Still Lost...visningar 558tn15 dagar sedan
10:18When Ludwig is sus...
When Ludwig is sus...visningar 395tn22 dagar sedan
17:02How Old Are My Viewers?
How Old Are My Viewers?visningar 448tn22 dagar sedan
13:30Viewers came to my address and gave me this...
26:57Can a European Name More States Than an American?
25:52I forced 20,000 viewers to make me a playlist.
15:15Can You Beat Me in Geoguessr? [PLAY ALONG]
Can You Beat Me in Geoguessr? [PLAY ALONG]visningar 256tn22 dagar sedan
24:22This Video Proves Who is Smarter.
This Video Proves Who is Smarter.visningar 405tn29 dagar sedan


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  • At this point it doesnt even surprise me what he is achieving. It just seems like im watching a show

  • Hey man, no parasocial relationship, but you have legitimately changed my life. Your streams got me actually actively watching Twitch, which I had staunchly never done before, and got me into watching Hasan during your Rust streams which I absolutely would have never done before either - and he completely changed my politics and perception of the world. Now I want to completely change the direction of my career path because I realized what I was truly passionate about, and without you, I wouldn't have done that. So thank you Ludwig, and congratulations! Best of luck to you, and I'll be watching!

  • He does look pretty good

  • czech republik is in azia, 5head

  • Omg I’m so happy for you friend

  • Lol imagine crying

  • o7

  • Massive respect to you man

  • Love from Northern Ireland

  • ludwig7

  • I think the only thing that lud wishes he could’ve done to finish the subathon was to raid some rando small time streamer to help them get started. But twitch doesn’t allow you to raid after like 100K+ Also based lud for using Sonic adventure 2 music. Hopefully one day he’ll play it on stream

  • ludwig7

  • england invades ireland. ireland revelout in the 1900s. someone goes over to england to sign a document in a rush without reading it. the dicument said england keeps the six thats it really

  • Ludwig7

  • Who else decided to sub after it ended so we could help him with the charity money

  • lets go lud, mogul moves

  • Bruh space cowboy is my nickname, that cut fucked me up

  • ludwig7

  • This almost feels like a smallant style video

  • <3

  • 20:16 music?

  • I want all kfc menu 😩

  • 5:54 when ur 1 turn from the rubics cube being solved

  • Damn you really are good at streaming you should do a thing where you stream for a month straight

  • Technoblade is streaming today with 200k viewers. And more subs. But Ludwig has the content.

  • "dont call me a rapper" call me a raper

  • Who is this guy he looks like he has a Wikipedia article.

  • I cried.

  • When is subathon 2 coming out

  • ludwig7

  • ludwig7

  • ludwig7

  • 200k viewers on the last minute of the stream

  • Bigger number, better person Biggest number, best person

  • That video was fantastic

  • His first guess, oh god knowing this i was fairly confident i blow this guy away with my score

  • I mean I know my mans got to make money but like... 9 MIDROLLS!

  • o7


  • I watched the stream like almost 24/7 and still didn’t get gifted a sub🤣👌🏼😣

  • you're not the biggest

  • I think this the biggest cap to ever air this guy is a business man he treats his viewers like a tv show host this was all part of the simple plan

  • Slime yelling at the yeast fucking killed me

  • “accidentally” yeah i too hate it when i accidentally start streaming for 30 days and tell everyone to subscribe with twitch prime

  • he literally just gave away $700,000

  • Perfect title

  • If this subathon taught me anything, it’s that time really *DOES* equal money

  • nice touch adding Ludwig's theme from bloodborne at 11:47

  • This will go down in history ludwig7

  • accidentally? lel

  • Our streamer Ludwig7

  • been watching since you had 15k subs here and were a 600 viewer andy, crazy to see how he actually became the fastest growing streamer on twitch dot television

  • Who’s the man in the lil peep shirt with slime I must give him my appreciation

  • The smallant voiceover vibes are strong.

  • lud i shouldve talked there. i know the answers

  • he was so young and naive

  • not that's a man right there

  • 2,000,000 iq play

  • They chose Deku VS Muscular over All-Might VS All For One? And where was Jotaro VS Dio?

  • Mods unionize ✊

  • My boy Speezy

  • Did Ninja give away lots of money? well yes but thats not the point. good job ludbud

  • can't believe I started watching this schmuck back in october 2019 and here he is now. ludwig7

  • Me at the start of the subathon - 3k channel points Me at the end of the subathon - 97k channel points Thanks for the stream. It was fun to always know that I could just hop on twitch at any point in the day and you would be live.

    • Go all in on my next chess match I win easy

  • Cool format :)

  • thank you lud for this amazing subathon o7

  • Damn

  • each little “heh-heh” makes my heart warm

  • I know this will probably disappear in the comments, but this was a great recap of the past month. I know you’re not my friend but you still make me smile. Well done on the record, bigger number, better person.

  • The mogulest move

  • scamming us straight to the end with 5 seconds left on that timer ludwig7

  • ludwig7

  • This is such a good video. No cap, just great summary, great commentary, great editing, bravo. And way to go using the whole "yeah, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here" bit kind of unironically

  • Now it's weird going into Twitch and not seeing Ludwig on stream

  • Æ

  • Watching the Subathon ending actually made me cry 😺😺

  • LUDWIG 7

  • I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7 I was there ludwig7