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11:02How Ty (AFTV) Became Friends with Arsene Wenger!
9:25Robbie From AFTV Addresses The Thogden Beef
Robbie From AFTV Addresses The Thogden Beefvisningar 189tn20 timmar sedan
8:04What Celebrity Parties Are REALLY Like
What Celebrity Parties Are REALLY Likevisningar 79tn20 timmar sedan
9:12How JaackMaate Made £6,000 in 60 SECONDS!
How JaackMaate Made £6,000 in 60 SECONDS!visningar 134tn7 dagar sedan
10:55Why Stevie Is BANNED From A Video Game Store
10:52Former McDonalds Employee Shares Inside Secrets!
14:18The Horrible Truth About Gambling Addiction...
14:06Reading NAUGHTY Happy Hour Fan Fiction...
Reading NAUGHTY Happy Hour Fan Fiction...visningar 42tn14 dagar sedan
8:03Tobjizzle Calls Out Cancel Culture
Tobjizzle Calls Out Cancel Culturevisningar 320tn14 dagar sedan
8:56Tobi Has A Message For KSI...
Tobi Has A Message For KSI...visningar 438tn21 dag sedan
10:37The REAL Reason Tobjizzle Doesn't Drink Alcohol
9:46JaackMaate's HORRIBLE Festival Confession...
8:02JaackMaate's CRAZY Miami Mansion
JaackMaate's CRAZY Miami Mansionvisningar 68tn28 dagar sedan
6:56Is Gogglebox Fake? Roman Kemp Reveals!
Is Gogglebox Fake? Roman Kemp Reveals!visningar 244tn28 dagar sedan
13:21Roman Kemp Reveals "I'm A Celeb" Secrets!
9:06Ben Foster on Why Fabio Capello Is The Worst
8:04What Would YOU Look At Through X-Ray Goggles?
8:02Which Pokemon Is The Sexiest?
Which Pokemon Is The Sexiest?visningar 31tnMånad sedan
10:09The Scary Story Of The Goat Man Creepypasta
13:09TommyInnit Talks YouTube Money 🤑
TommyInnit Talks YouTube Money 🤑visningar 1,5mnMånad sedan


  • we've seen this already, noM

  • Hello

  • Nice

  • Should get Chris md on the pod

  • Had to pause the video and comment to show my appreciation for this dub

  • Robbie saying he is a chill guy. He verbally abused Lawrence out of nowhere calling him a rat. Bit of a hypocrite.

  • If you think aftv are fake you’re stupid

  • 3:02 Well that was a mistake

  • He would be minced beef if the DON gets his hands on him lol

  • Seems like a decent, reasonable guy, not gonna lie

  • Robbie is a top geezer, shame Arsenal have tried to distance themselves from AFTV

  • CoOl ViD..! 👍

  • Its simple...kid made a mistake.shpuldnt have said what he said. But not the end of the world. Robbie comes across as a well liked decent guy.

  • Irrrooonnns

  • What a guy love him

  • I think Thogden speaks the truth

  • "Dose he think I've just floated up the Thames on a water biscuit" best quote ever.

  • my guy

  • Picked a really shit vid to eat dinner to

  • Who’s watching this after the Don Robbie podcast

  • My favorite moment was when ty was complaining to the stewards about a decision the ref made 😂

  • When kids get the SEnewss ego

  • constructive criticism here, no hate: but in my opinion you knew way too little about the case to have it on the podcast.

  • Well done to Robbie for saying ‘character’ even more than Brendan Rodgers

  • Wait. You’re a West Ham fan?

  • Anyone else Robbie changed shirts halfway through

  • I think he is capping 🧢🧢🧢

  • Yayyy

  • 700 comment

  • This is the funniest think I’ve sine for a long time

  • What’s Billy like?

  • Don Robbie is simply an amazing and humble guy 👍🏾👍🏾 Also, you need to interview Ty one day and make sure it's minimum 30 mins long 👍🏾

  • The Paul’s are evil. Pieces of shit.

  • Portsmouth miss jamal Lowe

  • I can see this dub with my eyes closed

  • Thogden vs Don Robbie UFC 2022

  • Samir Nasri

  • Fair play to Wenger for that

  • blew the fucker up XD

  • Cocaine is bad kids.

  • Jackmate true legend

  • So nice to hear the Spencer has now had a child with Alex

  • Is she famous or is it her father

  • We all knew it would be a Karen to complain 😂

  • How people defend that thogden clown calling Robbie a prick for no reason is beyond me - guys 19 & people say “he’s only a kid”, absolute joke + even if he did want to get paid, so what? Guy has no clue who he is, why should he come for free?

  • The problem is, he can stand in-front of the camera and call you names, but when it comes to apologising, he sends a private message. I don't know the guy, never heard of him, but if someone is disrespecting me on video for the world to see, he needs to also tell the truth, and make his apology on video for the world to see....

  • Don Robbie brings in the views!!!

  • I like helping people but I could never have someone appear on my channel as you know what fans are like etc and it could turn out to be more damaging than helping

  • The idea of Happy Half hour mentioned needs to happen please. This is such a missed opportunity for both the creator and community

  • WTF get over it robbie some kid called u a prick, so what? Also that kid supports black people, against racism.

  • If Wenger burnt Ty’s house down he’d thank him for the warmth

  • I’ll never get that 10 mins back... why did i give this any of my time.

  • It’s obviously the reply that said ‘Robbie has a lot of paid work on at the moment’. The kid took it as he wont do it if he’s not paid.

  • One is a prick and the other is the DON..

  • wearing a west ham shirt because robbie comes in pretty weird

  • W so big I had to tune into the Happy Hour podcast bossman

  • Please get Matty Healy on the podcast!

  • I m a united fan since i guess 1992 or 93. I m 41 now. Growing up at times I used to feel sprtg utd so heartedly is time wasting and stupidity since the players earn millions and we fans work hard to make a living. Do ppl like aftv od the united stand felt the same when growing up or even now ????

  • you get £600 every 1million

  • She looks like she hit the wall before she hit 30!

  • Thats Ronnie kray on the thumbnail

  • The don got the road mans by his side if needed😂


  • I think he's just chillin

  • Not that so called boring

  • Done

  • Thogden will die in “mysterious circumstances” in the next few months..

  • I didn't think i would enjoy this podcast because I have always hated AFTV because I thought they were protentious. I ended up absolutely loving it. So much interesting insight.

  • St. Helen's! Fucking wool 🤣🤣

  • I just want to see the video of Tom teaching them to sing 🤞🏼

  • 5:49 Harry Potter shit right there

  • This podcast is definitely the one I’ve been looking for

  • we dont joke about philza HGHWHWAHAWHAW

  • Robbie on the Happy hour podcast😂😂😂 how do you do it...how do you manage to get the guest everyone wants to see soo consistently 😂

  • Sent DT after him...? Geezers a melt 🤣🤣🤣

  • In the western world they don’t teach respecting elders, they teach respecting people above you in social status

  • Robbie is literally shining

  • Jack get cal the dragon on the podcast!

  • Big up Robbie seems like a sound guy