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1:05:42Mortal Kombat (1995) - Movie REACTION!!
23:16Berserk #16 REACTION!! "The Conqueror"
33:06RWBY 8x10 REACTION!! "Ultimatum"
RWBY 8x10 REACTION!! "Ultimatum"visningar 11tn21 timme sedan
33:17The Flash 7x7 REACTION!! "Growing Pains"
The Flash 7x7 REACTION!! "Growing Pains"visningar 18tn21 timme sedan
35:11Supergirl 6x3 REACTION!! "Phantom Menaces"
Supergirl 6x3 REACTION!! "Phantom Menaces"visningar 4,3tn21 timme sedan
34:30Lucifer 3x10 REACTION!! "The Sin Bin"
Lucifer 3x10 REACTION!! "The Sin Bin"visningar 34tn21 timme sedan
12:00Fruits Basket 2x13 REACTION!! "Sure Thing"
Fruits Basket 2x13 REACTION!! "Sure Thing"visningar 1,9tn21 timme sedan
53:36Blind Wave Mailbag #230
Blind Wave Mailbag #230visningar 6tnDag sedan
27:53Barry 1x2 REACTION!! "Chapter Two: Use It"
1:57:35Blind Wave Podcast #162 "The Road So Far"
32:54LOST 2x3 REACTION!! "Orientation"
LOST 2x3 REACTION!! "Orientation"visningar 13tnDag sedan


  • so is the flash in the T's and not F's

  • Contessa was Nick Fury's lover in the comics.

  • Sharon has become a lot more cynical but I think, at her core, she still wants to abide by the ideals of her family, particularly Peggy. And, even though she was a SHIELD agent and even after the fact, one of the people she was most loyal too other than Steve was Nick Fury and we all know where Fury is at this stage. I don't think Sharon's gone dark side- there's probably more to this than her simply sending Batroc to help Karli and kill Sam. This reeks of a set-up.

  • Really wanna see Rick and Calvin react to shield

  • The 2nd major misstep is the asinine Arya/Sansa subplot. It's just so transparent and stupid.

  • Earth 73 is the same universe where all the Doom and Wolfenstein games take place by the way!I just checked it!I had no idea.

  • I don't think that Valentina is going to be Madame Hydra in the MCU at least not straight away. She's also going to be in Black Widow as well. I really wonder what her story is going to be

  • Liu Kang says "Flawless Victory" in the final fight because the fight actually consisted of 3 rounds, Lou Kang won the 1st after making Shang Tsung bleed, Shang Tsung won the 2nd after knocking Liu Kang down and Liu wins the 3rd without getting hit throwing Shang Tsung through the stage

  • I'd argue this episode is the first MAJOR misstep of the show. The plan to bring a wight to Cersei, which serves as the main narrative for the rest of the season and the start of next, is so incredibly idiotic that it hollows out the show and turns it into visual spectacle and nothing more. The fact that Tyrion is the one who comes up with it is just salt in the wound. No character can ever be smarter than it's writer. GRRM is a smart guy, D&D are definitely not.

  • I wouldn't take the Shield but I would love to have some time with it,

  • Demon slayer is on the same level as wack ass agent carter!? And below arrow???

  • Will you guys continue watching Black Mirror?

  • At a glance Calvin looks like he has a cowboy hat on with the way his headrest sits behind him.

  • Unfortunately, uncle sam is a dc hero already.

  • 8:36 that remind me of Volgin from MGS3

  • They legitimately completely forgot Mob going 1000% and giving Reigen his energy😂😂 they forgot when they asked "have we ever seen Mob go over 100 before" and they forgot now asking "have we ever seen him lend energy before" 💀💀 come on guys it was the biggest action set piece of season 1 how did you forget that

  • I'm not even American. I'm British. But even I know that "Uncle Sam" was based on a man from the 18th Century called... Samuel Wilson. Someone wanna remind Aaron of this, and then tell us again why Uncle Sam isn't THE perfect name for Sam? 😆

  • Pls watch Invincible

  • Angels in the Outfield! I get it 8 )

  • Julia Louis Dreyfuss plays Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine aka Madame Hydra

  • With their full bodies Ed and Am don't look like martial-artists anymore

  • You're the only one that caught the kids calling him Uncle Sam. I thought it was perfect.

  • Watch Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

  • Madame hydra cameo

  • so far my shows are on S breaking bad and aot lets see were will one punch man and naruto and up❤❤

  • As a black man, when I saw Sam looking at what's in that suitcase, I got chills and goosebumps. This finally beat my excitement over Wanda Vision. Still very different show. But with everything going on in the world. This made me tear up with tear of hopes.

  • "I want to see Dragon Ball Z Abridged Abridged" that's called Dragon Ball Kai Abridged.

  • The movie was Blue Lagoon 1980

  • Nah, logically story wise it's his own cap suit

  • Please react to Invincible

  • In my honest opinión, if we are giving UBW Brave Shine, then Zero has to have To The Beginning. Also, Zero has one of the most epic soundtracks of all time, specially The Battle is to the Strong.

  • First time I watched Teen Wolf I was like OMG it's Johnny Cage!

  • Why wouldn’t the serum give you abs It did for Steve. He was a small kid then. And I don’t get how they can just take the shield back. They donated it

  • Maybe Sam got vibranium suit and wings, cuz hi dont have S. S. S - super soldier serum. But this series might be just a setup for movie FALCON AND WINTER SOLDIER, now we know the background story for every character,exept Sheron Carter, or they might make s2 then movie, like both to happen. Nice reviw gys.. Like always 👍🍻

  • Sam leaving Joaquin Torres the wings references the comics where he took on the mantle of Falcon after Sam.

  • I really enjoy the show but I also think the whole "a black man can never be captain america" is a bit too forced

  • I wonder who was the “nurse” that hid and saved Isaiah? Could that have been Peggy Carter?

  • I really appreciate Calvin's subtle "Yippee Kai Yay" DIE HARD joke, referencing the TV edit which changes McClane's line to "Mister Falcon." 😂

  • Okay, I must be getting so old, because literally no reactors I've seen so far recognize the significance of the name Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. These hardcore comic guys were my last hope. 😔

  • Episode 5 honed in perfectly on the meaning behind the symbol of a bloody shield. At that moment, that was what Captain America had become. As an Avenger, Steve did as his moral code guided. As a soldier, Walker was America's bloody shield. He fought for interests he never believed in, even telling Lemar that being Cap was the first thing that felt right. Steve became Cap because he took the serum and made the power his own. For Walker, he is Captain America because America took him and made him their own. Now Sam is taking the shield and fighting for something that is part of his own struggle, and that's why he's the better choice for Captain America.

  • If you are wandering who the woman Julia Louis-Dreyfus is playing that would be Madame Hydra more than likely..

  • He's getting a wakanda suit to go along with the shield

  • I'm afraid where hxh ranks

  • Somehow, this episode of the series reminded me of Extraction with Chris Hemsworth. You guys should definitely make a reaction to this piece of art. Also, waiting for those vibranium wings and shield.

  • You guys need to check out the live action 1990s series Mortal Kombat Conquest that follows the Great Kung Lao, it was similar to Hercules and Xena, had a number of WWF/WCW wrestlers in it, miles better than Annihilation

  • damian wayne is her son don't even know comics or movies

  • Walker is low key psycho. He was power hungry and delusional before, even more after the serum. He has no overall moral compass. The lie that is motivating him will be his overall down fall.

  • Too bad, it is dubbed into English what a disappointment but hey at least I appreciate that they are reacting to it <3

  • Bob Loblaw Law Blog

  • I hope it is a set of wings and a single purple flower...

  • I don't think it's wings, I think it's a vibranium Cap suit in the box. Of course it would be dope if wings were built into it.

  • Calvin, if you put ubw in d then rin is going to kick your ass, just saying

  • bro sam goes from trash to incredible with the sheild

  • sam going to get eagle wings as cap

  • 💜💜💜

  • I feel the whole point of this episode was that Sam's outfit will not be Red, White and Blue. I think it will be something different.

  • bro my man buck got a crush on sams sister

  • zemo def escaping he can escape from the raft or thad ross will let him out but he would not be able to escape from wakanda so he getting out

  • Their sheer enthusiasm for Black Sails is legit making me consider watching it now.

  • When I look at Homelander...all I see is Reverse-Flash.

  • An isah Bradley limited series would be very good

  • really funny how a lot of people didn't think this show was about race

  • "Damn it Jerry"...Aaron said it at the end of each episode.

  • Speaking of Paul WS Anderson, the guy who played Johnny Cage, Linden Ashby here was in Resident Evil Extinction. And I just found out that Linden does the vocal performance for Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat XI. Great to see both he and Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa reprised their roles as Johnny Cage and Shang Tsung, respectively. Bridgette Wilson's martial arts moves looked more convincing in the brawl with the masked thugs than the fight with Kano.

  • lowkey i miss eric and shanes chemistry. how is he?

    • Pretty sure Eric doesn't give two shits about Shane now and couldn't care less if Shane were to rot in the gutter.

  • Sam and Sarah had the community help rebuild the boat, but with all new parts, is it even the same boat their parents handed down to them in the first place?

    • Ha, I see what you did there Archimedes...

  • What’s in the box!!!

  • Did they rank star wars shows?

    • Not yet, I think they're following a strictly alphabetical system, so besides The Mandalorian, almost all other star wars shows will be featured when they get to the letter "S"

  • Don’t like guy in the middle. His reaction doesn’t seem genuine like the other two. I’ll just cover him up in the rest of the videos lol

  • I think vibranium suit and wings like iron man with nanotechnology. No super soldier serum needed.

  • Sharon is either the Power Broker, or working for the Power Broker, so whatever she sent Batroc to do had to be to get revenge on the Flag Smashers.

  • One of the worst season finale

  • 2:02:11 Jujutsu Kaisen reveal?

  • The discussion for FMAB S Tier or A Tier was very tense so glad yall made the right choice 😁. Also I wouldn’t of hated if DBZA was S tier lol my first time finding yalls channel. Also Fate Zero > UBW was a great ranking imo too.

  • As a black (north) American, this episode hit me hard. I'm glad that it was a reaction from four white boys that made me enjoy it even more. Keep it up guys.

  • You guys should definitely watch mortal kombat legends scorpion's revenge next

  • I REALLY WANNA SEE WHAT'S INSIDE THAT CASE, IS IT CAPTAIN AMERICA SUIT FOR SAM FROM WAKANDA?! OR JUST AN UPGRADED FALCON SUIT WITH DIFFERENT DESIGN?! I ever saw a marvel legend figure of sam wearing a cap suit, hope that happens in episode 6.