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10:31among us 100 PLAYERS on the NEW AIRSHIP MAP
10:31among us NEW DABABY ROLE (mods)
among us NEW DABABY ROLE (mods)visningar 1,8mn7 dagar sedan
10:16among us NEW GODZILLA role (mods)
among us NEW GODZILLA role (mods)visningar 2mn14 dagar sedan
12:38among us NEW BRAWL STAR MAP (new roles)
among us NEW BRAWL STAR MAP (new roles)visningar 1,3mn14 dagar sedan
12:40among us NEW STORE mod (BUY NUKES)
among us NEW STORE mod (BUY NUKES)visningar 2mn14 dagar sedan
16:35I found a SECRET ROOM in minecraft on the SOCK SMP
11:50among us NEW HULK MODE (mods)
among us NEW HULK MODE (mods)visningar 1,3mn21 dag sedan
10:19among us NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA ROLE (mods)
among us NEW CAPTAIN AMERICA ROLE (mods)visningar 1,1mn21 dag sedan
11:01among us NEW BABY YODA and DARTH VADER role (mods)
10:32among us THANOS BATTLE ROYALE (mods)
among us THANOS BATTLE ROYALE (mods)visningar 1,2mnMånad sedan
13:38among us 9 DOCTORS VS TITAN GOD (mods)
among us 9 DOCTORS VS TITAN GOD (mods)visningar 1,3mnMånad sedan
I BOXED LAFF ON THE MINECRAFT SOCK SMPvisningar 1,2mnMånad sedan
12:52among us NEW ATTACK ON TITAN role (mods)
among us NEW ATTACK ON TITAN role (mods)visningar 2,6mnMånad sedan
14:43among us NEW RC-XD (mods)
among us NEW RC-XD (mods)visningar 2,2mnMånad sedan
12:05among us NEW WIZARD ROLE (mods)
among us NEW WIZARD ROLE (mods)visningar 1,8mnMånad sedan
14:02among us NEW VAMPIRE ROLE (mod)
among us NEW VAMPIRE ROLE (mod)visningar 2,2mnMånad sedan
3:10IMPOSTOR GOD - Among us Song Animation
IMPOSTOR GOD - Among us Song Animationvisningar 2,8mnMånad sedan
12:33among us NEW SPIDER ROLE (mods)
among us NEW SPIDER ROLE (mods)visningar 4mnMånad sedan
12:14among us NEW SPIDERMAN ROLE (mods)
among us NEW SPIDERMAN ROLE (mods)visningar 2,1mnMånad sedan
13:34among us NEW ASSASSIN ROLE (mods)
among us NEW ASSASSIN ROLE (mods)visningar 2,5mnMånad sedan


  • 7:08 simbolizing hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Stop doing among us and do more hundred days

  • E P I C L I G H T S A B E R V S G A N G S T E R

  • ;-;

  • A legend was born today

  • What's your favorite alien fish

  • dababy

  • People have bin waiting

  • Love the outro!

  • Bring back sky block every single mod

  • I have 24 gold ⭐️stars🤩!!! UwU

  • les gooo

  • I was just watching fanf

  • I’m going to be real I’m from the US and I immediately started panicking when you said oil because for some reason the United States is obsessed with oil

  • Make a channel called sockfor4

  • We should have nadwe play fnaf 6 pizza sim because it's not survive until 6 am

  • Did anyone notice the flex seal in the back of socks' room

  • Socks: “Did you know that all the animatronics are dead 14 year olds-“ Me: “Their ages varied form only 6 to 11”


  • has anyone had the swap places glitch for the reaper leviathan on the first island?

  • Socks do a rec room paintball video

  • 9:33 WHY AM I BLUE

  • Rip Orange Man 💀🥺😭

  • me when i see no boss up on the floating island if i was socks: i see no god up here ... exept me!

  • yo, if you dislike this, you have no heart or well-being. <3

  • NGL, I would watch this.

  • No no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • imagine waiting about 11 and a half years for some idiots to stroll up on a planet and pick you

  • Its weird how his voice has changed

  • LETS GOOOO. haha u know like dababy. pls laugh. pls

  • 1:45 Me: well he ded

  • Wait does that mean the doctor can revive the dead sheriff

  • Modded Minecraft???

  • He 100% knows nothing about the films or novels

  • Your good

  • Well I don't wanted medical degree

  • 6:18 whoever made that one is at the lowest form of comedy. And also at 11:53.

  • I'm just curious when did this game come out?

  • so the minecraft youtuber abandons minecraft for among us huh?

  • My birthday was on martch 29 im 8 you look good :) I like yor videows

  • 69


  • Among us but Friday night funkin

  • Try to replace senpai into the anime girl on rosses

  • it was a axe then it changed into a pick

  • what is your nome on discord

  • is it me or does it sound like meme took his wisdom teeth out

  • Alternative title: sock-tama

  • will you play chapter 3 if it comes out?

  • I love his i couldn't watch him for while now

  • Nadwe welcome to the spammer club

  • Tbh

  • Socks: kills 20 citizens Police: i sleep Socks: injures 1 policeman Police: WAKE

  • Socksfor1. Wait is it nadwe me. Yes it is nadwe

  • what have we come to.

  • First video lol

  • Make a 24 hour raft again

  • A better name for the shark is sock eater

  • Oh there’s a mod Pokémon

  • "See you guys next episode" Its no big deal, your only 2 years late.

  • WHAT IS OPERA GX? It's a gang of chinese men who steal your info

  • Bro when is the 1 million days but with every mod come

  • 1:15 I have rewatched this at least 20 times so far

  • Socks: they are dead 14 year Olds Me: NO they are dead kids

  • *dababy convertibile with dababy wheels*

  • Wth

  • Kevolution Energy/Steamy Stacks: No U Gamer Girl Bath Water Factory: *Haha Yes*

  • Wow these video song its sooooooo coool hope all people love this and I subscribe youuu

  • "Friday night...... funkin" -sock

  • Can we talk

  • Wow

  • He played socks for one Saitama

  • Hi

  • Dream

  • I love how Mimi says is that sans

  • Minecraft but wood is better than diamond and gold is better than iron

  • He has an infinite supply of perfect imposter runs