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Why do I have to write something here ?


10:10Major Modifications To My Audi R8!
Major Modifications To My Audi R8!visningar 51tnDag sedan
15:58Taking Delivery Of A New Supercar!!
Taking Delivery Of A New Supercar!!visningar 121tn29 dagar sedan
21:27Shopping For A New Supercar!
Shopping For A New Supercar!visningar 104tnMånad sedan
10:46Last Video Of My Ferrari F12..
Last Video Of My Ferrari F12..visningar 92tnMånad sedan
15:19Banks Won't Finance Me For Another Supercar..
20:48Can't Afford The Ferrari Anymore.. I Have To Sell It..
11:523RD! Set Of Wheels (In 5 Weeks) For My 2021 F150!
12:34The Most Important F150 "Mod" Yet!
The Most Important F150 "Mod" Yet!visningar 179tn3 månader sedan
12:42Things You Should Know BEFORE Lifting Your Truck..
11:50The TRUTH About My Monthly Income On Youtube..
The TRUTH About My Monthly Income On Youtube..visningar 181tn3 månader sedan
13:56The Absurd Price Of My 2021 F150..
The Absurd Price Of My 2021 F150..visningar 584tn4 månader sedan
9:56I Finally Own My 2021 F150! (Sort Of Clickbait)
11:57I'm Being Forced To Buy A Dodge..
I'm Being Forced To Buy A Dodge..visningar 154tn4 månader sedan
8:332021 Ford F150 STX (The Affordable Version)
2021 Ford F150 STX (The Affordable Version)visningar 219tn5 månader sedan
8:11I Bought An UNBREAKABLE Truck! We Fixed It! (Again)


  • Not everyone can afford to have supercars like you

  • You are a very lucky person there's not to many people in this world especially right now that own 2 cars and a truck . Some people are lucky to have one let alone 3 . All I am trying to say is just be respectful and realize that there are people out there that are not as fortunate as you to own 3 cars . And there are going to some people that like your mods and don't like your mods like I said before who cares . Please don't be smart about the people who don't its so immature.

  • The wing will never grow on me one of the worst mods you ever did to one of your cars . You could have gotten one a little larger than the stock one . This one looks like it should be on the back of an indy race car . Just ridiculous

  • You should get a vorsteiner splitter

  • Cagadota !!

  • IMO too big for the car. Liked stock better but your car

  • What would be the point of doing this. i cant see a time that this would be of any use.

  • Diffuser looks awesome but for the wing not so much .

  • It was definitely out of laziness. I believe it is a pain in the ass to replace it. No excuse, it's their job. That would absolutely piss me off too.

  • @autovlog Audi care is extra cost, the original owner purchased it when ordering/buying the car.

  • put ONLY brake fluid

  • What happend to views on this channel ?

  • Nice mods . Just make sure to get all the tools ,jack etc that is stock with the car so you don't have to borrow them ...

  • I use me leaf blower to dry my harley after washing it

  • Carbon fibre roof wrap would look soo sick...

  • The first modification on any of your car was window tinting....

  • Looks very aggressive!!

  • Let me know if you want to sell the OEM diffuser and spoiler.

  • Watch f150 crawling 👍🏻

  • I loved watching him do donuts in the dirt lot after adding the vodka: I used to drive night patrol at municipal water sites in a nearby city 16 years ago... they gave us Ford Rangers of that same vintage with very powerful V6 engines and short beds, they had SO much torque and it was so easy to spin the wheels on loose dirt. Most of the water sites had large dirt lots between buildings, so at 2 or 3 in the morning I'd pull donuts in the Ranger and send these huge clouds of dust up into the air. Then, of course, I'd have to wash them before the end of the shift. One time my patrol sup asked why the maintenance people found so much dirt in the air filters....:D

  • Every SEnewssr should be like him. Little talk and more of what we want to see. Perfect video brother !

  • Looks fine, I was skeptic at first but I kind of like it.

  • I bought my 2018 Audi A4 in 2019 (at a Mazda dealership $1000s cheaper by the way). I was able to buy the Audi Care for about $900 at the Pittsburgh location - first owner didn't purchase it. Check out the rooftop on your next visit.

  • of corse it starts there is only gasoline in the lines first the fuel pump needs to pump it to the engine it will take a minute to reach the engine. that is wy an engine does not start first try after a rebuild.same as an empty garden hose of 100 feet first the water needs to get to the other end.

  • Nope, don't like it.

  • 3:12 Ooooh Mike killed someone. Just joking The previous owner must have accidentally kill the animal or something or it was just paint

  • 1,000% approve of the tunnel blast 🤙🏼 As a man you can’t not do it😂 and dude move down to Texas. I don’t know the rules on it down here but it seems like The cops here in Galveston at least couldn’t give a shit less lol. I feel like if anything they enjoy seeing offset😎

  • Two incidents in the video of complete disrespect of customer care. This dealership needs to be outed to deter other customers being treated in the same way. Doubt if the Ferrari F12 dealers you used were so indifferent to their cars, perhaps to be expected as the R8 is not in the supercar league, but part of the large VAG group, could be wrong.

  • Dear Cochran Audi, do you have a solution for the other customers that your service department mis-treats that don't have youtube followings to call you out? Honest question.

  • Looking forward to your next purchase, back into the 'supercar' league, rather then the R8/F Type cars.

  • "if its your first time stopping by, hit the subscribe button." no no no. you have take me to dinner first. at least 3 more interesting videos/dinners such as this (for a non car enthusiast such as myself) and then ill consider it :)

  • Satt som en smäck 💪 Gubben med smak hehe 😉👍 // MVH Sefik audi lover

  • seeing that full voluptuous bottle of vodka being wasted in a gas tank makes me shiver. I have an alcohol problem. No... i have a vodka problem. mmmmmm vodka

  • I think the spolier and diffuser look killer but certainly dont consider them major modifications lol

  • What camera system to you use? It had very good video and sound I would like to get the same, and they should sponsor you if they don't already!

  • Please stop saying frunk it's not like you call a rear trunk a runk. It's just a trunk no matter if it's in the front or the back.

  • Oooooohhhh I know those parts costed a pretty penny, cant wait to be able to own a Ferrari a throw carbon all over.

  • Ehhh 😬🥴 Stock wing looked better 🤷‍♂️

  • Nice car nice video

  • Stock wing looks silly after seeing the new one.

  • Diffuser looks great. Not feeling the wing. Too large for me and seems out of proportion to me. Love the color of the car. Enjoy your ride.

  • Might be just me, but smoked taillights would finish the look.

  • Sweet mod. The dealer story reminds me of my dealer incident. Took my F-250 for a service with tire rotation drove off about 5 blocks and something didnt feel right in the steering. Pulled over and only 2 lugnuts were barely holding the tire on woops shit happens....

  • I got my 2015 base gt monday

  • Diffuser yup/wing nope.

  • Looks amazing! I have to say I like this car better than the Ferrari. That window tint is playing with fire. The Troopers are gonna get you eventually. Stay safe....

  • try eating food on the wing

  • to see if it is a clutch issue, try putting it in lowrange?

  • Why tune an M8? Is 600ish HP not enough? I don’t get it 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • a racecar could probably do 60 in 1st

    • maybe f1 car with rpm in the 15000+?

  • Diffuser is alright, not a big fan of the wing. I think OEM wing goes better with the rear body panels and makes the rear seem wider, more supercarish. BTW i have the same color R8 V10+ and here are some small things you might like to refine the look: Paint the X bar orange, huge wow factor to the engine bay. Get R8 decals for the fuel cap, mine came with one, not sure if US cars have it or if the previous owner did that. Also get black side V10 badges, they really pop. Black optics grille is a must, but i'm fairly certain you are going for it. Orange name tag/AutoVlog tag on the drivers door window frame (the black horizontal part) will look great. Small things really have the biggest impact. If you want i can send you some pics, i have all these mods on mine ;)!

  • Jesus, it looks like total garbage. A cheap-ass ricer. Transformation would have been much better if you took the parts out of the box, and smashed them with a sledgehammer. One month into ownership, the car is ruined.

  • If you wanted it to truly be cool the first mod should have been a manual gearbox. Flappy paddles are ghey.

  • Audi-care is a paid service. Audi and -free- _included_ doesn't go together. Audi is related to Porsche, i.e. the quintessential nickel & dime auto-company.

  • Thank god for Mehico!

  • 👍👍👍🇦🇲🇺🇲🇦🇲🇺🇲🇦🇲🇺🇲🇦🇲👍👍👍

  • The orange on the car is unreal. Really pops with all that carbon fiber. When are we gonna see this next to Streetspeed717's yellow Aventador. That would be epic!

  • Love the wang

  • Loved the video and your way of putting things in perspective.

  • Always take 0 time ricing out expensive cars

  • You honestly handled this like a true gentleman, you’re are one of the reasons why I own an F150. Great channel and I’m glad you have success so far and wish you more in the future. You deserve it.

  • No way/ you ruin the R8

  • So many disrespectful people. The dude was just doing his job

  • Wait you're Pittsburgh local that's awesome

  • The R8 is infinitely better than the F12 change my mind 😂

  • 70kph in reverse on gravel before I chickened out with a 07 Toyota sienna but still had more rpms before the red line. I'll have to try on asphalt some time...

  • Beautiful car, happy for ya!

  • WOW ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • That wing my God, are you going to tint the taillights

  • Nice diffuser but the wing 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • I bought a used f150 from a dealer ship in waynesburg pa. It had a 190 point inspection. Witch was a joke. A smart person will never buy a used vehicle on line and have it shipped to you site unseen. I trust no dealer ship.

  • I want to see 🍊 juice in it

  • I think it went from an R-8 to R-8 on Steroids for sure! Now it's starting to show what's gonna happen! Keep it goin' !!

  • I think you needed a side by side..... I don’t see the difference....

  • Badass ride Mike

  • Mike I love the mods!! Can't wait to see more.

  • Tbh its not that bad. But since its the most expensive model audi makes, service should be perfect. On a regular i could understand the laziness to some extent. Not to be rude but this seems like an american thing

  • this is exactly the kindof stupid shit i want to watch on this website, top notch

  • Gotta love all the Mopar Morons out there talking about "American Muscle" with a car built in Mexico and Canada, then IMPORTED INTO the United States!!! LO(f)L!!!! And from a POS company that took a bailout from US taxpayers and is now owned by FIAT (Italy).... SWEET!!! MEXICAN MUSCLE ! ! ! !

  • Love the new look! Can't wait for what's coming next!