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Videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism.

We are a small team who want to make science look beautiful. Because it is beautiful.

Currently we make one animation video per month. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook to get notified when a new one comes out.


- We do the videos with After Effects and Illustrator.


12:15The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes
The Ultimate Guide to Black Holesvisningar 4,1mn7 dagar sedan
8:41What if We Nuke the Moon?
What if We Nuke the Moon?visningar 9mn4 månader sedan
13:58Can You Upload Your Mind \u0026 Live Forever?
11:05How Large Can a Bacteria get? Life \u0026 Size 3
1:24The 12,021 Human Era Calendar
The 12,021 Human Era Calendarvisningar 1,6mn6 månader sedan
10:41When Time Became History - The Human Era
When Time Became History - The Human Eravisningar 6mn7 månader sedan
11:59The Largest Star in the Universe - Size Comparison
9:04The Warrior Kingdoms of the Weaver Ant
The Warrior Kingdoms of the Weaver Antvisningar 6mn8 månader sedan
7:56Unlimited Resources From Space - Asteroid Mining
9:45What Is Intelligence? Where Does it Begin?
What Is Intelligence? Where Does it Begin?visningar 7mn9 månader sedan
11:31Why Are You Alive - Life, Energy \u0026 ATP
Why Are You Alive - Life, Energy \u0026 ATPvisningar 7mn11 månader sedan
9:34Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?
9:00How to Move the Sun: Stellar Engines
7:43Overpopulation \u0026 Africa
Overpopulation \u0026 Africavisningar 6mnÅr sedan
10:01An Antidote to Dissatisfaction
An Antidote to Dissatisfactionvisningar 9mnÅr sedan


  • #1:electing joe biden as president

  • time to wait for elon to watch some kurzgesagt.

  • Hey this Video is about me niiiice

  • Ants are warhammer 40k in real life

  • I like to think that the more we learn about how the universe works, and the more we develop our technology and awareness, we'll find that our limits will continue to be broken. It could be only a matter of time before we discover interstellar travel that will make traveling vast distances possible even if there are very sound reasons to think it's impossible.

  • 핵에너지는 잘 사용하면 온 인류를 이롭게 할 수 있지만 나쁜 마음만 먹으면 온 인류를 지옥에 데려갈 수 있죠. 이런 무서운 에너지원을 잘 사용해서 세상에 해가 되지 않도록 해야겠어요, 경각심을 일깨워주는 영상 감사합니다.

  • 세상이 금으로 변한다니 정말 흥미로운 생각이네요. 이런걸 보면 아직 제가 배울 내용이 많다는 것을 느낍니다. 그래도 세상이 황금으로 바뀌어서 제가 황금오리 하나 가진다면 정말 좋을것같네요. 재밌는 영상 감사합니다.

  • I wonder how many people began watching and started crying almost immediately, as easy as the wind blows. Because damn it, I’m crying.’

  • 3:26 Who else thought their phone was moving?

  • This must be taught & shared to everyone.

  • Iran’s not doing much and I’m Irish I’m epic ::

  • Remember that war isn't all bad. War leads to scientific break throughs, as suddenly there's a need for it.

  • nice animation!

  • I love your videos , could you please make a video on the second wave of covid

  • I though that if you increase gravity, the air gets more dence and flying objects will fly easier.

  • my house is a colony im even getting bitten but its not atgentina ants im from the philipines i dont know what species it is but i call it red ants

  • Oh no. I'm a sjw.

  • One thing we can do as an invidual. Is to stop buying processed food, dairy and meat. They are filled with bad stuff, and its bad karma in the end. Buy natural sources and your cells Will be more stable.

  • I’ve always felt line a singularly is a moment rather than a thing, just not scalable within our own time measures. And anything that approaches it starts to “spaghettify” before they actually make it past the event horizon.🧐 But that’s just me.

  • Homeopathy makes far more sense than stupid chinese medicine. Idiots who believe in chinese medicine is worse than flat earthers coz they literally believe their heart is in their mouth, their lungs are in their nose, their kidneys are in their finger tips. As an international medical student in Vachina, I was forced (typical china) to study chinese medicine and bed time stories about Cinderella, Aladdin, Snow white makes more sense to me now.

  • Nothing inspires me to be a better human being than this video.

  • Bro the music at the end.

  • # my favourite vids and I love ur starter song

  • I also love ur starter song

  • I watched almost all of ur vids

  • Me patiently waiting for an Interstellar reference 👁👄👁

  • Among Us! 3:19 and Spongebob's house 5:00

  • Secret way: *be pucci*

  • This is my favourite channel on SEnewss ♥️

  • I've seen so many memes of ''A great place for our nuclear test!''' XD

  • " Fast pandemic " Meanwhile India in 2021 -Hold my cases .

  • Are you an astrophysisist

  • 6:41 Where's the Philippines?

  • ok but why doe

  • 1985 : minimum 3 friends 2011 : minimum 2 friends Me : *googling "What kind of food is a friends ?"

  • yeah it's impressive to know that our sun is gonna swallow us whole

  • Did you know, your Data is WORTH more than $5648

  • But if there are Earth-like planets billions of years ahead of us, can't finding civilisation then mean that the great filter is behind us both? I.e. there is just a billion-year gap between these civilisations.

  • Anyone watching this video in 100^100 years from now.... What's inside the event horizon?

    • I noticed something the intro to the black hole is a reference to apex season 7 trailer

  • Sounds Good. Understanding NIL.

  • 기계의 발전, 자동화 시스템의 발전에 따라 증가되는 인간의 편의, 하지만 그와 동시에 줄어드는 인간의 필요성.. 현재 발생할 수 있는 미래의 문제점을 모두 담고있는 것 같아 인상깊은 내용이었습니다.

  • The rubber band theory

  • Isn’t this just the everybody plot?

  • Best animation on the egg theory

  • Is this Stellaris megastructures in a nutshell?

  • 4:47 Even animated but wrenches my heart to see birdie evaporate 😢

  • This is like Mortalitet engines but with solar systems instead of city’s

  • Love this channel

  • No, you can't... it would be a copy. Go ahead tho' -make my day!

  • If you believe this video you got a problem, in the description it says it’s funded by bill and Melinda gates, who also fund the covid vaccine.

    • @Rudy Jean .......

    • Bill Gates openly admitted they use vaccines for genocide and these sheep still blindly follow him lmao

    • I found it sus that this came out a year ago, pretty much near the same time of covid

  • But climate change isn't real.. we all know the climate isn't constant, well the smart ones that can think for themselves do anyway

  • The stigma around nuclear energy is arguably doing more damage to the environment than fossil fuel, if most of the rich countries decided to go nuclear in 2010 we wouldn't have most of the issues we have now

  • Dit jou see the alien in dis vid

  • beautifully transitioning into an ad! 👏

  • In a nutshell 2121: well we overused Phages and experimented too much on their dna and binding mechanisms. Now they are able to attack Human Cells as well. On the bright side of life: overpopulation isn’t a problem anymore 😬🎉

  • The universe cannot be escaped

  • Thank you so much! there is this beautiful woman called Eggy who is just so amazing and I just struggled so much to wrap my head around why I felt this way about her, well this video only partially explained why I felt this way as she has an amazing personality.

  • Here's my hot take. Black holes suck in anything that gets trapped in their gravitaional pull yeah? And then compresses it down into a single point right? The big bang was a bunch of gas and energy compressed down into a singularity before exploding, scattering everything into the universe today right? What if black holes just create more singularities elsewhere in existance, keeping the wheels of existance turning by creating new universes from the remains of old ones.

  • Wow, you take being incorrect or wrong very well. By simply acknowledging and fixing the mistake, you have shown yourself to be a very compassionate to your community. Thank you a lot for the intriguing content as well.

  • I hope that when I die the story is this cool

  • How was that 12 minutes? Best videos on the internet

  • The fact that this is possible, makes me question humanity

  • This would definitely crash your PC

  • Thank you

  • "Shorter its life is" man the sun has lived since the start of humans

  • I left facebook as it always blocks my comments reply to the extremist . They don't delete their comments. That's the reason , I left Facebook. F you facebook

  • Another pokemon, but this time it is a legendary!

  • I really do think this would/could be a good idea if the "free" income we'd get only just reaches the amount that we need to live then the point of working would move to being a way to fund things you want or want to do or even to go places instead of it being needed to live that way people who cant work or dont feel like they need anything more then just being alive can not work or have rest/care at home but to anyone who would ever want something (most people) would work so they could fund there free time hobbies and travel and for anyone who wants to start a business or hold an event could by just working and not needing to think about paying it to food or bills it would all be yours to do anything with

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  • Space is cool.

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  • ok great , not enough things to worry about... now its time to worry about ant colonies

  • 3:00 oh so that's how the furbies died out

  • Stoped drinking milk years ago, i felt alot more healthy

  • Holy shit its hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

  • atomic assimilation. wow

  • no i'm a neural net processor, a learning computer.