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Budget builds, rescues, and how to's for the common folk. Classic cars \u0026 trucks, muscle cars, rat rods, motorcycles, and even Tractors.

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  • run the old grille until something happens which i hope dnt happen. but u will have a spare

  • I have a suggestion for it... you could sell it to me. ;-) I've had a 67 & 68 before and I definitely miss one of them.

  • Derek you should read yourcomments on the 1968 blue firebird with the chev. Small block... .

  • Bentley does not seem impressed with his mannerisms. 😂

  • IMO, the black grill will look better.

  • Thats a Good one with the torch to help the Ice&snow on the window's,Love your show and Have a Great Day

  • Hey Derek, doesn't a fellers wife need a good classic piece of Americana for a going to town car? I think this one may be the perfect cool chick car!

  • Also another thing you should consider is putting the trim and signal lights and all that back on this car.. It's nice and you should have it standing proud.

  • How come the heating never works in those car's

  • Maybe it would be a good idea to have the ECU and Fuel Pump on separate fuses.

  • Right there is you a power tour car.. A little work.. It would be perfect

  • That ending was so good!! Thank you!

  • Derek I watched your channel and got ideas for my old but nice boat with old gas in it she runs great maybe do a old boat film thanks for the info

  • Snowbird

  • New grille looks great! Do it!

  • Never ever use the term "mansplain".. It's like affirming that you do that. Fact is, you can say anything you want to say. First Amendment rights.

  • Leave the old grill it ties into the look of the car.

  • 🤎🧅🛸🧅🇨🇮🛸🛸🧅🧡🧅🛸🇨🇮🧅😎🤎🇨🇮😎🧡😎🛸🤎🧅🤎🛸🧡😎😎😎🧅🛸🧅🧅😎🧡😎🧅🧅🇨🇳📝📝🖌🖌🖌

  • Black grill I think.

  • Snow Chicken would work for a name.

  • The rear tires may have rubbed the side walls on the rear fenders on the body roll while doing the rolling burnout in the burn out contest because that girl was leaning lol

  • TAKE that Chevy engine out and put a Pontiac 400 in it ! oh that car was a A/C car fire wall has block off , PUT PONTIAC V8 IN IT don't wast your time on the Chevy put it in something ell's.that's "sack religious" Chevys belong in Chevys & Pontiac's belong in Pontiacs DON'T get me wrong i love ALL GM's,That tach location is a tree crasher -into'er (hit a tree why trying to look for the tach), love your videos !

  • I bet they started up the car without checking the trans fluid and that's what worn the clutches out

  • Derek the song right after the mouse fire was great.. Who is that?

  • Suppose a guy could find a wheel barrow, paint it to match them stars spangled, flip it upside down, make a hole in the rear part and weld it to the hood for a higher clearance cow induction hood piece o matic... IDK

  • Derrick out the new grill on and sign the original grill and send it to the original owner and I love your show

  • Spray the new grille grey or silver.

  • Shouldn't the name be BlueBird????

  • That one grit sandpaper part made the mtn dew I was drinking go right into my least a guy got his sinuses cleaned out now

  • Mother really sound great as is. Can't wait to hear it after the upgrades!!

  • I want it! what a nice looking car. Also that was the most genuine "Oh No" I've ever heard from you when you spotted that freeze plug, you could feel a guys heart just sink.

  • You’re so genuinely happy driving this. Glad you got this beast together

  • Derek I stumbled across you're page all I have to say is keep up the great entertainment and I myself build cars for a hobby next build I'm thinking about is a 55 or 67 c10 but always looking for a chevy vega but really hard to find on these cars that are not trash cans I ben looking for years might have to look to east of the rocky mountains

  • Put the new grill on then throw a baseball through it.... Perfect!

  • Good you can put a pontiac 400 in it that it deserves!!

  • My gawd what I wouldn't give to own this car, a 70 ss 454 is my absolute all time dream car and has been since I was like 9yrs old but id settle for a 70 nova with a 454 in it 😝

  • Old grill is best.

  • 27:20. Meat Mits? I always called them Sandwich Clamps.

  • I look out for RED WASPS OMG I HATE THEM

  • got dayum

  • Bluebird

  • WHY not go for a full restore?.......if I had the scratch I sure would!

  • The black grill really popped when you held it in front of the car. I’d use the black one.

  • I think a resto-mod would be great for this car. Keep the outside looking as stock as possible, but make it into a nice modern daily driver.

  • That is a rare bird I would put a Pontiac 455 in it

  • lol Madder than steal in a manikin store!