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i do minecraft stuff.


20:48Minecraft, But Chests Give OP Items...
Minecraft, But Chests Give OP Items...visningar 2,7mn14 dagar sedan
16:12Minecraft, But Crafts Are Random...
Minecraft, But Crafts Are Random...visningar 3,7mn21 dag sedan
34:53Minecraft Manhunt in the NEW 1.17 Cave Update...
22:22Minecraft, But Every Mob is HOSTILE...
Minecraft, But Every Mob is HOSTILE...visningar 1,6mnMånad sedan
21:19Minecraft, But Advancements Give OP Items...
34:34Minecraft Manhunt but I added Proximity Chat...
18:55Minecraft, But Piglins Trade OP Items...
Minecraft, But Piglins Trade OP Items...visningar 2,8mn2 månader sedan
29:31Minecraft Manhunt but we start in the END... (REMATCH)
33:00Minecraft but the World Progressively Updates...
25:39Minecraft Manhunt but we start in the END...
Minecraft Manhunt but we start in the END...visningar 1,2mn3 månader sedan
21:38Minecraft But We Can't Leave The END...
Minecraft But We Can't Leave The END...visningar 1,1mn3 månader sedan
24:28Minecraft Manhunt but the Hunter is Invisible...


  • why tf is there no end update like this?

  • I’m really late but you can trade with the ore

  • You could have just done it last time build up and then put water at the bridge...

  • There is almost 1.5 % chance to find enchanted golden apple in mineshaft and i think it makes inpossible to find prot IV projectile prot III and enchanted golden apple together, plus "we need to go deeper" and "hot stuff" achievement didnt show up. That means the seed is set and manhunt is staged

  • 13:14 cassualy ignores golden apple

  • I was here at 2k subs

  • Bruhh yesterday he is 100k now 500k

  • You throw the totem of undieng !!!?!??!??!!!!!????

  • Look at 23.00 there two wisp

  • Lol he said if we can get 5k likes _gets 66k likes_

  • 17:30 lol

  • Oh wisp has a new channel eh?

  • 😉

  • at the end i literally saw his hands shaking

  • Man I like this guy I am not subscribe but now I am

  • THE BATS! The bats. They’re here -silver 2021

  • Remember me when your famous

  • Sliver got netherite chestplate and helmet before getting stone

  • He's in the mincraft I have lol 😂😂😂 23:46

  • Dream's twin brother i silver 😂

  • How are your videos sooo good

  • Me who doesn't see timer above hotbar because of caption Me: where timer?

  • Lol i only just realised your xp level at the begining is 69

  • Plsss

  • And comment

  • EXR_GAMING pls check it out

  • Capable

  • It’s all capable

  • Awwwww kit

  • I have the book!

  • Can we get the pack thing or code or mod that does this?


  • Say this to logdotzip make a video so it works just as how you carft blocks so you can make potato blocks

  • *silver picks up purple bed* Me:*purple guy flashbacks*

  • (Me) wow i found a diamond!!!!!!! gg (1m later i hate my life.

  • what is thí mod

  • pog wisp's friend stolen :v

  • 4:47. When you have an axe but still chooses to break the bookshelves with an iron pickaxe. 😂

  • You died!!

  • Gud spon

  • Finds efficiency 5 pick Has efficiency 10 pick

  • I know the hard challenge was hostile mobs and knock back 1000

  • I see a green axolotl

  • Video Suggestion: Minecraft but Mobs spawn randomly in front of your face.

  • hey wisp

  • wise final words: "bang, bang"

  • This is a copy of of wisp he be like WHAAAAASSST that’s only what wisp says

  • woah u grow so fast

  • No one is gonna talk about how he left a diamond pick at 8:25

  • Baby zombie join the chat

  • every time you scream when your low gives my anxiety

  • Imagine a stronghold spawns in the end Edit:Well

  • 10:00 before it... lays _eggs?_ cats are... mammals....

  • What mods does this use other than Better End? That mod alone doesnt add everything like the cool endcities

  • u are so cute

  • He copied wisp

  • Silver should have more subs

  • watching him skip that enchanted diamond pickaxe when he only had an iron one was so triggering

  • I’m proud to be a first sub of this guy

  • How are you so good at yt I am a SEnewssr and I am so bad

  • I thought you had 1milion videos how are you so good

  • I <3 piglins 🙂

  • I didn't see a single sheep

  • hey did you get the mod with tapl

  • Wait do you play on a laptop or a pc?

  • the dream music vibes at the begining.


  • I hate your videos do you hate him

  • Congrats for reaching 500K subs :)

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  • Worst youtuber ever honestly

  • i didnt realize how much was in this update

  • 😀+:)=🤯

  • Wait why was the curse of vanishing diamond sword in the treasure bastion chest taken durability already...

  • I was before three hundred k

  • Lol

  • That house at the beginning was so good tho

  • Nbhjjwj

  • Them forgetting that blaze will knock them off

  • The endermen are not a problem because water buckets are a thing